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    D&D 5E The Bard is...

    Just had time to sit down and have a quick look at the new packet. I have to say that at the moment, especially in comparison to everything else, the Bard (one of my favourite classes) seems utterly bland. It doesn't really do anything to effectively evoke the flavour of the bard. The...
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    D&D 5E Monsters of Many Names - Wandering Monsters (Yugoloth!)

    The problem I find with most of these articles, is that while they give us descriptions of the monsters, they tell us very little about them. As Shemeska has said, there's a vast body of lore surrounding the Yugoloths and Gereleths that seldom appears because of this tendency to simply show us...
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    Necromancer feels too slow

    Using an action seems to be the standard means for gaining advantage thus far. I think it's working as intended.
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    Pax Prime seminar 2012 juicy news!

    While I sympathise with your opinion, I can't help but disagree with it. The background flavour is an important part of a class. It allows us to distinguish, say, a Fighter with an Archery path, the sniper specialisation, and some form of wilderness background from a Ranger. As a GM, it is...
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    [Playtest 2] Any Deaths?

    My PCs tended to win against the monsters easily enough. (It took 4 Giant centipede's backed up by 8 kobolds to challenge them). I did, however, have a death due to Purple Worm.
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    DDN and Campaign settings

    I believe that they've said that they're going to try avoiding being tied down to any particular setting this time around.
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    The Human Race has no Culture!

    Certainly, but which of the many, many cultures is appropriate for core? And which of them will allow any individual player to say "yup, that's a human alright. I'd recognise it anywhere." The problem isn't that humans don't have a culture, it's that they have too many.
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    DDN and Campaign settings

    I would suggest a small tub of glitter on Strahd's dressing table. I think that it's important that each(/old) new setting introduced in to next bring something new to the table. The Realms is good for generic High Fantasy, which is the genre that many gamers, both old and new, associate with...
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    The Human Race has no Culture!

    I suppose the difficulty here is that human culture tends to be inherantly tied in to the setting of a game. The moment that they say that humans are one thing, I can guarantee that there would be an outcry saying it should be the other because the human culture as written won't work in their...
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    D&D 5E Thoughts on D&D Next playtest adventure

    Ran through the first parts of the adventure with a small group of players. They liked the Pechs, as I was able to give them a nice mystical air, and a slightly threatening vibe after they saw one walk backwards in to a wall. The Wormwrithings were enjoyable, and the traps that the kobolds set...
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    D&D 5E Backstage at D&D Next Keynote...

    True, and I suppose I'll be able to enjoy myself with the sorc and lock while I wait for new info.
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    D&D 5E Backstage at D&D Next Keynote...

    Not nearly as much info given as I had hoped, but I suppose that there's not much to tell right after releasing a playtest packet.
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    D&D 5E D&D Next Art Column: June! And July!

    The quadruped was my favourite of all those presented. I'd be interested in seeing what it looked like rearing up on to its hind legs.
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    First time I played B2 we allied with the Kobolds, and worked to establish kobold supremacy through the caves before negotiating an extremely good trade deal between the caves and the Keep on the Borderlands. Play up how the different monster types interact, not just with the PCs, but also with...
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    First Impressions?

    Technically you could do that in all the previous editions as well. They just used different terms for it: 5-foot step, shift, etc.
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    D&D 5E D&D next playtest info ( with video)

    Not quite. Making a ranged attack while in melee range of an enemy causes you to be at a disadvantage for the attack. Mostly due to it being hard to aim while dodging attacks.
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    First Impressions?

    Only if the DM decides to call for a contest, and this situation pretty much falls under the circumstances laid out in the DM guidelines that says "Don't bother". My first impression was that of a streamlined 3rd edition. My second thoughts was that it was closer to 2nd edition. Now I'm looking...
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    D&D 5E Notes from the underground: a few opening thoughts about D&D Next or 5e.

    It is indeed what I was saying. Thank you for putting it more clearly.
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    D&D 5E Armor in D&DNext

    I'm wondering if, perhaps, there may be armour abilities, such as some form of damage reduction involved with regards to the Heavy armours. We don't actually have any information on the armours, other than what we can derive from the names, and Adamantine has traditionally been a source of DR...
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    First Impressions?

    I suspect that the information for this playtest packet was compiled a couple of weeks ago. The articles we've been seeing have in all probability been discussing more recent ideas the design team have had and thus are yet to be properly incorporated in to the test packet. Give it a couple more...