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  1. Terwox

    Aeon (updated 10/9/14)

    This story is always a pleasure to read. Glad to catch up. Thanks for writing.
  2. Terwox

    Aeon (updated 10/9/14)

    As ever, I'm pleased to have caught up with everything. Great stuff.
  3. Terwox

    DM's: How much cheating do you have to do?

    I used to fudge occasionally, but not anymore. But, I rarely run games where death is permanent.
  4. Terwox

    Your Crowning Moments of Awesome

    Mostin discovering timestop, and what Murmurr said to Eadric in my signature. (Perhaps not the same, but that resonated as character and story defining for me.)
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    OK GenCOn ENWorlders, document your experiences here...

    My experience was fairly brief -- I only came on Saturday, and spent from about 9am til 5pm playing the Warcraft card game with a silly deck. Didn't know the hall closed at 6pm, so I ran down there frantically looking for the Forge booth at about 5:30. Eventually found it and picked up Spirit...
  6. Terwox

    Only Five Races in PHB2?

    Nah, won't be Desmondu. Races with innate flight are mess up the "no flight til paragon" thing. (Ok, except the doppelganger.) And besides... wow were those things stupid looking.
  7. Terwox

    My son is new to the hobby - which game to start him on?

    I'd say to go for 4E, as it's comparatively quite easy to learn. However, if he loves Star Wars, by all means play Star Wars! Saga is apparently similar to 4E, although I don't know how.
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    D&D 4E Needing a crash course in 4e to DM

    I recommend having your players print out power cards for their characters. It will save you a lot of time in the beginning if your players are new as well. I recently did this and it saved a LOT of books being passed around. :)
  9. Terwox

    WotC to Revise D&D 4th Edition GSL and SRD

    Excellent news! I've got high hopes for this.
  10. Terwox

    Building an encounter with a gelatinous cube (don't laugh!)

    You could adjust it down to a lower level monster fairly quickly as well. Solos are supposedly odd with extra monsters added...
  11. Terwox

    [KotS] Prison Breakout!

    Sounds rad, I hope it comes up in my game. For the skill challenge -- have you ran any yet? I've only run one myself, and I think it might be a good idea to come up with a small framework for the back and forth with Kalarel. That is, think of something that the PC's will likely say or do, or...
  12. Terwox

    My first 4E game with (half) noobies!

    Heck yeah. 4E is extra newbie friendly, I have found this too. Sounds like you're having a blast -- I'm curious how it ends up! Reading through Rivenroar now, might pull some elements.
  13. Terwox

    KotS DM Discussion Thread (spoilers)

    The differences in mine are fairly exaggerated due to the nature of the campaign, but perhaps they'll be useful to someone. In my game, Winterhaven and 100 of its inhabitants sprang into existence spontaneously one week ago. Inside the palace awoke Lord Padraig and his wife, along with a...
  14. Terwox

    Should I let my players kill each other?

    I very much dislike player killing. Generally, the characters have already saved each other's lives more than once... and then they do something that annoys each other... and they immediately leap to violence. It's generally "out of character" nonsense about player relationships, not character...
  15. Terwox

    Driders are opposite now: Discuss

    I like the change, although I've never used driders, and never seriously used drow anyway. No big deal to remove it though if it's important to you. Male medusae are ridiculous to me, and a poll I posted here said that I was much in the minority. No big deal at all that most people are cool...
  16. Terwox

    Alternative Monsters: Different Fluff, Same Crunch

    Woah. Ochre Jelly: Vomit Monster... wow, that IS creepy. I like it a lot! I'm totally going to steal that for Keep on the Shadowfell and the Jelly... maybe have it spew forth from the dead rats. So far I've also used Human Rabble as plant people, and Human Mages as druids of the plant...
  17. Terwox

    Got Hobbits?

    Hobbits are a big part of my True20 game, although they're post-apocalyptic berserkers who resist necromancy. But they were originally Tolkien style hobbits. :)
  18. Terwox

    Death in 4e - An Obituary Thread

    Gotta agree to a point -- most of my monsters don't issue CDGs. However, there's nothing wrong with doing so in your games, if that is the type of game you and your players are having fun with. :)
  19. Terwox

    My first 4E game...

    Treebore: My current experience has been that DM'ing 4E is remarkably easier than 3E. I haven't played C&C, but I've played quite a bit of True20. I find creating and balancing encounters, and creating new monsters, easier to do than in 3E for sure, and somewhat comparable to True20. You may...
  20. Terwox

    Don't need Strikers

    Heck, the DMG talks about it a bit -- it suggests losing a defender or a leader is the worst. If you're losing a striker or a controller, the other characters can pick up the slack of the missing role a bit easier. 4 defenders is interesting though... must be a lot of marks to keep track of. :)