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    PBP Interest Check Player's Pick the Game

    Is this still active?
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    PBP Interest Check Player's Pick the Game

    I too like the royal charter thing. As a starting level I suggest 4. This allows for a first ASI or feat (assuming we all want feats, I know I do). Also the first levelup will mean a significant power jump, which is always fun.
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    PBP Interest Check Player's Pick the Game

    I've been looking for a place to play a Psion by Kibblestasty. If you're open to this, I would love to join a dungeon crawl. I am used to standard array or point buy. But any stat generation method is Ok by me, if others have a different preference.
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    Priest's Shield redesign

    I guess you're right, weakened is too much. I hadn't done any playtesting but was just wondering if this were an option. If I ever play (with) a strength cleric this might come up, but until then this thought experiment is done.
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    Priest's Shield redesign

    In the discussions on this board and the WotC forums about the recent changes to the cleric (templar), I have often seen mention of the Priest's Shield power being among the worst at-wills in the game. For the most part as a thought experiment, I redesigned it. Would you think the following...
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    D&D 4E Three Moves to Fix/Change 4E

    OK I'll take a shot at this. As I think most overpowered/broken optimization exercises stem from unexpected rules mixes, all interactions between different rules sections are removed. Say through these three things: 1) All powers a character has are determined by their class/path/destiny, race...
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    D&D 4E My Dark Sun 4e Game Experience Updated 01/22/2013

    Cool, thanks! I would also like to point out that the 'disease' track, as I proposed, is also rather debilitating to non-psionic characters. At least if you count not having power points at all as equal to zero power points. If so, stage 2 and 3 would have such a PC permanently grant combat...
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    D&D 4E My Dark Sun 4e Game Experience Updated 01/22/2013

    First off, thanks for the write-up. Sounds like a really fun game! I would also like to propose a slight change to the Cerebral Parasites track. I don't know your players, but I would really hate losing almost all class abilities and becoming reduced to at-will and hoping the next endurance...
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    Obsolete Feats

    If these feats get an update, perhaps it should also be along the lines of the new expertise feats: simple numerical bonus with an added twist. Just to make them a little more interesting. For example: Astral Fire Benefit: You gain a +1 per tier bonus to damage rolls when you use a power that...
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    Ray of Frost, Scorching Burst and Phantom Bolt are Dead

    Perhaps a more unusual addition to Ray of Frost: Effect: If an enemy provides cover to the target from this attack make a secondary attack. Make this attack only once if more enemies provide cover. Secondary Target: The first enemy to provide cover to the primary target. Secondary Attack...
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    Dark Sun: Weapon Breakage Custom

    How's this: Whenever one of more [W] dice of a damage roll with a non-metal weapon are rolled 1, the player may reroll those dice but must keep the second result (even if it is a 1 again). If he does so, all weapon attacks using this weapon suffer a -1 breakage penalty to damage. Each attack for...
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    Question about Critical Hits

    Say a power has a damaging side effect as part of the 'Hit' paragraph, such as Explosive Pyre. Would this damage roll also be maximized? In a one shot with a dragon sorcerer he scored a crit and I was puzzled for a moment if enemies adjacent to the original target would get 1d6 or 6 damage. We...
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    [4e] Campaign Ideas...

    This campaing sounds like fun, but it would be a hassle to force the experiences of the characters to lead up to the end result they know they'll eventually reach. Railroading seems inevitable. Perhaps it would be easier to put this burden on their shoulders instead, so how about this: The PC's...
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    Multiclassing as a Paragon Path

    How about, rather than having the second class compensate for the first, make them complement each other. Multiclass Followup: (11th level) When you hit with an Encounter or Daily attack -from either your main or multi-class - used as the extra action gained from spending an Action Point, you...
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    Using weapons as implements

    It may be a good idea to explicitely state that the proficiency bonus to attacks does not apply when the weapon is used as an implement. This is probably stated somewhere already anyway, but it never hurts to be clear.
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    Large White Dragon (Young)

    The double attack lacks the 'Reach 2', so would be usable only against adjacent targets I guess. Unless of course the referral to the claw attacks includes that attack forms reach automatically. I dunno if it is at all significant, it just jumped out at me.
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    Help Build Cleric of Healing...

    If your DM allows PHB 2, check out the cleric alternative class feature 'Spontaneous Domain Casting' on page 37. It lets you choose one of your domains and instead of converting spells to cure spells of equal level, you can now convert to the domain spell of the selected domain of the same spell...
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    call lightning

    </lurking> These kind of discussions are always interesting. Let me just chime in by explaining why I agree with the 'AM blocks line of effect for magic' ruling. As I see it, an anti-magic field does not actually block magic from entering, rather it keeps magic from existing within its area...
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    Warlocks Flee the Scene solo?

    "The image reacts appropriately to attacks as if you were concentrating on it." So it need not run away per se. It also states the image is left behind in your place, which need not mean it has to stay there - but I'm playing it as such anyway.
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    Warlocks Flee the Scene solo?

    Just to clear things up: my DM did not intentionally impose this rule as such, I thought it was correct. I just couldn't remember where we got the notion from, and couldn't find any reference to such a rule either... So it would appear we were suffering from identical brain-farts. Anyway...