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  1. Xorial

    What Happens If CODENAME: MORNINGSTAR Doesn't Fund?

    Personally, I think the target to fund is what setting people off. I realize that they likely actually need that much money, but that is a lot higher than comparable projects. The amount is more in line with raising cash for a full-blown video game. I would be willing to bet many people looked...
  2. Xorial

    So who’s received their 5e playtest packet? (April Fools Post)

    Thing is, it sounds like a fun system that has been made up, lol. Maybe somebody really need to create a game based on this thread.
  3. Xorial

    Undead Apocalypse - How to handle clerics and paladins?

    Clerics & Paladins are in their forte in an undead campaign. Why in the world would you even consider taking that away from them? That would be like telling somebody you are playing a High Magic campaign, only nobody is allowed to play a magic user. You NEVER look to limit the players, unless...
  4. Xorial

    Looking for a great sci-fi RPG

    The d6 Star Wars system is available for free. Not as Star Wars, but it is the West End rules.
  5. Xorial

    Playtesters required for Amethyst

    Sent a message to you, I hope it was to you, lol, on the forums at your site.
  6. Xorial

    Pathfinder 1E Amethyst - Renaissance (Pathfinder) UPDATE

    This product looks to have a great deal of use for me besides just playing in the Amethyst setting. Space Opera stuff, Dragonstar, old d20 Modern stuff. I am drooling over it already.
  7. Xorial

    Pathfinder 1E Eberron Pathfinder

    My conversions Here is a set of Eberron Conversion that I have done, or collected from the Paizo Boards.
  8. Xorial

    Shifters from Eberron

    Another version You can see another version of the Shifter at Eberron in Pathfinder.
  9. Xorial

    Shifters from Eberron

    I know that secondary traits don't usually grant bonuses to attributes, but in the case of the shifter it is really more along the lines of sub-species. That is why different shifters have different bonuses to one physical attribute. Whe looked at on the whole, it gives them +2, +2, -2. That is...
  10. Xorial

    Shifters from Eberron

    Str, Con , or Dex gets a PERMANENT +2 depending on your first shifter trait taken. Not just while shifting. I don't intend any traits gained through feats to give a physical bonus even while shifting. If you want to say that any trait gained through feats after the first is chosen only give THAT...
  11. Xorial

    Help : new to PF and must be GM

    Mistakes Let's talk about mistakes. You're going to make them. Everybody does. Don't panic. Just learn from them & go on. Sometimes you correct them at the time. Sometimes you continue as is, then don't make that mistake again. Whatever let's your game flow determines how you should handle it...
  12. Xorial

    Shifters from Eberron

    No, the shifter is limited to a number of rounds equal to 4 + the shifter’s Constitution modifier. I am not aware of any shifter that originally got a +2 to Wis. If there were, I would just convert to my racial stats. That is how a conversion works.
  13. Xorial

    Help : new to PF and must be GM

    Slow down....Now breathe, lol. Many of those things will be covered in the Beginner's Box. I would just follow the included Adventure and the free adventure on the Paizo site. After you get a little more comfortable with the game, then worry about the rest. The Box is very good at exposing you...
  14. Xorial

    Shifters from Eberron

    Mainly because shifters are not half-lycan. They are descended, but a couple of generations removed at times. The solution I posted allows for about the same as +2 to any by letting you pick your primary trait & getting the +2 to the corresponding physical attribute. Eberron canon already...
  15. Xorial

    Pathfinder 1E Is there any Pathfinder sci-fi/future stuff out there?

    Great! Can't wait to see the finished product.
  16. Xorial

    Pathfinder 1E Is there any Pathfinder sci-fi/future stuff out there?

    Thought as much. I would suggest using as much of d20 Modern/Future as possible, at least for equipment. The starship rules really suck, though. That Bulldogs! d20 link I put up earlier was a well thought of OGL SciFi system. It may be a good starting point, for not reinventing the wheel. You...
  17. Xorial

    Pathfinder 1E Is there any Pathfinder sci-fi/future stuff out there?

    Question Is this for a personal project? Or is it for something like Santiago being Pathfinder Compatible?
  18. Xorial

    Shifters from Eberron

    My campaign This is what I use for the shifters. I used the Playtest Advanced Race Builder over at Paizo when working on this. SHIFTER RACIAL TRAITS (PFRPG) +2 Wis, -2 Cha. One physical ability score gets a +2 bonus based on the primary shifter bloodline. Medium: As Medium creatures...
  19. Xorial

    Pathfinder 1E Is there any Pathfinder sci-fi/future stuff out there?

    Pathfinder SciFi Avalon Games made an attempt, but many reviewers at RPGNow & Paizo said it was disappointing & not worth buying. If you are going to convert something, I would suggest looking at Bulldogs! d20. They finally released the d20 version on PDF & it is only $2. It starts with 20...
  20. Xorial

    Looking for suggestions in a homebrew setting

    Get a copy of Goodman Game's Xcrawl RPG. Then steal the history of that alternate fantasy Earth for your own.