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    Colonial Gothic: An Interview with Richard G. Iorio

    The rule set was based on the Zweihander rules, which are themselves based off of the Warhammer 2nd edition rules, not the 12degree system. Much heavier ruleset and a totally different feel that made you wonder why they even bothered to have a license for the game. They could have simply just...
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    Colonial Gothic: An Interview with Richard G. Iorio

    I am so glad to hear that there is a new edition coming out. I love this game. I took a look at FoF, buuuut...yeah. It just seemed like a universe away from CG, so I passed on picking it up. It made me sad thinking that I'd never get any more CG with the d12 rules.
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    The Rise And Fall Of Evil Genius Games

    I'm not sure that there may be much left of the company to sue before too long.
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    Ultraviolet Grasslands 2E: An Interview with Luka Rejec

    I bought both editions and, wow, they really are amazing. Coffee table display worthy for the simple, whimsical, and colorful art. I prefer using OSE as the chassis, and the one-page rules to supplement.
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    RPG Print News – SoulMuppet, Exalted Funeral, and More

    I think I let out an involuntary (and very manly) squeak on Wednesday when I saw UVG 2e at my local game store. Could not dig my wallet out fast enough. A couple of years ago I bought the soft cover 1e after seeing it languish on the shelves for months, and I am so glad I picked it up. Both...
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    Dragon Reflections #68

    When this Dragon Reflections came out a few days ago, I was reading it at work and immediately went to NobleKnight and bought the last one they had. Then I came home and realized I had it already on my shelf. With postage I paid $11 for it. When it comes in I'll send it to you if you want.
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    RPG Evolution - D&D Tactics: Hikes

    This perspective is one that I've thought a lot about over the years when trying to picture what an average person's strength would be in a fantasy world. When I think of someone with 10 Strength in the modern world, I think of the average office worker or post office clerk. But in a fantasy...
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    Ya Basic! Trying To Understand the Perception of AD&D and the Sales of Basic

    I will say that my first intro to D&D was the basic set my parents bought Christmas 1979. I also had B2 and X1 in my first batch of adventures. But, almost immediately, I bought the 1e Monster Manual and Players Handbook and DMG the following year. Unless I bought a module that happened to be...
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    Basic D&D Was Selling 600,000+/Year At One Point

    True. I guess my surprise is the sales as compared to AD&D, which always seemed to dominate in presence, especially in Dragon magazine, which was probably one of the biggest communal experiences for players in the age before the internet.
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    Basic D&D Was Selling 600,000+/Year At One Point

    I have very little memory of how B/X was sold back in the early 80s. Was it primarily (or only) in the boxed sets? Was there any other form that it was sold in, rulebook-wise? I'm frankly stunned by the sales numbers compared with AD&D, because AD&D was probably 90% of what I remember seeing...
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    Dragon Reflections #58

    One of the more iconic covers for me during the heyday of my middle school/high school Dragon collection. The next issue is my favorite issue of all time with Exonidas Spaceport for Traveller.
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    D&D 5E Mythological Figures: William the Conqueror

    I cannot strongly recommend enough Parke Godwin's Sherwood and Robin and the King if you can find copies. They are the best takes on Robin Hood I've ever read and are (ingeniously, in my opinion) set during the William the Conqueror era during the 1066 invasion and afterwards. The Sheriff of...
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    Marvel Multiverse RPG Alternate Covers

    Captain Marvel on the first cover is very reminiscent of Jeff Dee's art, especially the sorceress on the cover of L1 Secret of Bone Hill or his art in Top Secret.
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    Pathfinder Guns & Gears: An In-Depth Review

    Golarion has had firearms from nearly the beginning of the setting.
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    Dragon Reflections #51

    This came out in the summer between my 8th grade year and high school. This was right in the middle of my main Dragon Magazine buying years. I absolutely loved the Traveler articles and it was these articles that prompted me to buy the box set for Traveler, my first non-D&D rpg game. The...
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    RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Kobold Press, Exalted Funeral, and More

    That's cool. Sometimes it's fun to try to be funny by making hot takes on things you have no knowledge about.
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    RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Kobold Press, Exalted Funeral, and More

    Clearly. Don't let that scare you from checking one out, though.
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    RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Kobold Press, Exalted Funeral, and More

    Have you seriously never seen a dice tray? You're pretty worked up about it, so I'm guessing no. I've got a nice hardwood table that I don't particularly like rattling and bouncing my metal dice on, so padded dice trays are pretty useful. I'd describe one for you, but you can't seem to get...
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    RPG Print News – Goodman, Legendary, CMON, Son of Oak, and More

    Saw a copy in my local game store the other day, and I wasn't too keen on the interior art, either. No offense to any of the artists that may be on this site.
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    Game Design Masterclass: Ars Magica

    I wouldn't consider Ars Magica as a pioneering game at starting characters at higher level. GURPS has been around for a long time and you started and built characters at whatever point level the GM set.