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  1. tyoda

    What do you want to see in a new magazine?

    Fiction in Dragon I *never* read the fiction in DRAGON. They were wasted pages. I liked what DRAGON was doing toward the end with small sections about the different major settings (Forgotten Realms, Eberron, etc.)
  2. tyoda

    A DnD Circus

    Several circus performers were included in an old thread about random NPCs: MINSTREL Bard 4th level; PHB 3.5 The minstrel is a true artist who lives for her music. She most probably belongs to a bardic college and learned her magic as part of its traditions. When belonging to a troupe of...
  3. tyoda

    Codes for electronic Forgotten Realms Archives?

    I recently purchased the Forgotten Realm Archives,a collection of four CDS from Interplay, at a used book sale. When I tried to run them, it is asking for code words from a "translation wheel" which was NOT included with the sale item. Does anyone know how I can get into the games? tyoda
  4. tyoda

    A good age to start...

    8 year olds and D&D I recently returned to DMing after my 8-year-old son expressed an interest in playing D&D. I've discovered that he and his friends really get into the role-playing, are incredibly creative problem solvers, and are the most enthusiastic players I've ever had the privilege of...