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    IRON DM General Discussion

    Mmmmmmm. Thanks for bringing this back into view, CleverNickName - this thread (and more importantly the asspociated links) was a trip down memory lane.
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    Old timers?

    Everytime one of these threads pop up I get the warm fuzzies when I see familiar faces usernames.
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    D&D General Deities in D&D: Gods as Tulpas versus Gods as Progenitors

    I like a variation of the Progenitor category, tied up in cycles of destruction/creation. Gods are then expressions of deeper (unknowable?) forces that shape and are shaped by the current reality.
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    What is it that makes goblinoids different from non-goblinoids?

    I ended up making all the goblinoids into a single species - they're all plants. Goblins grow in patches (and sometime wild), looking somewhat like vegetables or fruits when they are "born." This accounts for a wide variety of coloring. As they age/grow their flesh hardens, and by the time they...
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    D&D 5E Cloud kingdoms....brainstorming

    I can neither confirm nor deny that there's a kingdom of elven ghouls/wights down there. Also, I can share no information whatsoever about the plot hooks I had scheduled for mid levels. :) EDIT: Spelling.
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    D&D 5E Cloud kingdoms....brainstorming

    Pre-coronapocalypse, I ran a campaign set on a floating island that had many of the characteristics mentioned so far in this thread. For the initial map, we took a topographical map of Hokkaido and marked it up with campaign specific features. The island itself was situated so that it was...
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    OD&D On the Origins of Classes (1e, OD&D)

    Was the 1e thief’s scroll use from Vance/Zelanzy, or from the Mouser?
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    What wouble be special about a Grave Robber [npc/subclass/background mechanics]

    My take: Criminal background. Cleric (grave domain?) Reason: The character is actually more concerned with how well the dead (stay) resting than with their valuables. Anything of value taken from the grave during those normal “quality checks” are considered posthumous donations.
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    On Presentation, Performance, and Style- Players and DMs

    Very little. With 5e’s ease of magic item identification, it’s fairly easy to put the description in one side, fold the card in half, and put the mechanics in the inside (and tape the edge). You can also do things like put little checkboxes for permanent charges, or cut little strips/tabs into...
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    On Presentation, Performance, and Style- Players and DMs

    I’ve started using envelopes and index cards for the contents of chests, bag, and other containers. If a player opens the envelope, then that PC is the one who gets the first peek at the contents. Also, it allows me to put in things like a card that says “a swarm of clockwork spiders - roll...
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    Critical Role Could Critical Role launch their own RPG?

    I’m in the “why would they?” camp. Shifting away from D&D to a self made RPG would be akin to a video game company abandoning Unreal to make their own engine. Sure, it can happen. But why would the business incur the additional cost if it could spend that money on additional IP?
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    How often do you use the Inspiration rules?

    Our table had been using inspiration-like mechanics since late 2nd edition, so 5e’s version was an easy sell for us. Currently, I hand out inspiration (tokens, to make them tangible) at the beginning of the session, and spent inspiration goes into a pool from which players can dole out...
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    Pistol and Rapier Wielding Kensei Monk

    I did something similar, in a rather tongue in cheek fashion, with a Kensai built on the idea that the pc had found a fechtbuch and was following it.
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    Arguments and assumptions against multi classing

    I'm surprised. I thought you'd be firmly against multiclassing given how many times its used specifically to take a few Paladin levels.
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    What do you find hardest when running RPGs?

    I was going to say "remembering all the crap I had to make up on the fly because the players threw me a curveball," but your take is probably more accurate for my situation, too.
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    New Fighting Style: Swift Striker

    Why not just simplify it and increase the damage die for each of the named weapons by one step?
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    How Much Damage does a supplex do in D&D?

    I'm pretty sure with that move you get advantage if you spend a round strutting first.
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    How Much Damage does a supplex do in D&D?

    Actually, wouldn't damage depend on whether or not it was a signature move?
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    D&D 5E A question for the 5e Experts about the Monk class

    Selectively reduce Ki costs for Four Elements powers by one, and make powers that already only cost 1 Ki bonus actions?
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    Will you make transsexual Elves canon in your games ?

    So has anyone made the "I'm considering using transsexual elf cannons," joke yet?