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    What To Expect In Star Trek Adventures 2nd Edition

    STA already adds the Security rating as damage dice. So I could imaging that it is 2 + Security rating as Stress.
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    What To Expect In Star Trek Adventures 2nd Edition

    Probably that they are using that system from now on. It‘s also in the digest-sized rulebook from the Tricorder set.
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    RPG Evolution: Hasbro's AI Plans

    Thinks about Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine. Dungeon Magazine quite literally has hundreds of adventures. Some of quite stellar quality.
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    D&D (2024) This Dragon Art Is From The 2024 Player's Handbook

    Nope. It's a definitely a silver. Like it was mentioned above, D&D dragons are visually distinguished. Gold dragons have wings that run along the complete length of the body and most of the tail.
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    D&D (2024) This Dragon Art Is From The 2024 Player's Handbook

    There is nothing like a silver dragon to say 50th anniversary… except… they could have used a gold dragon instead? ;)
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    D&D 5E Kobold Press' Tome of Beasts Joins D&D Beyond

    Isn't the discount for owning the Legendary bundle? At least that's what Beyond keeps telling me...
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    D&D 5E Quest From The Infinite Staircase Adventures Revealed

    „When a Star Falls“ gets me excited for the book. I own most of the UK series, and haven‘t run that one yet, but several times thought about running the module with 3e back in the day. For 5e, I haven‘t looked at it yet. But obviously will soon. It‘s a really memorable module, I think. Also I...
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    D&D General US & Canada Gamers: Get D&D Books 2 Weeks Early At Local Game Stores

    So in essence, US and Canada will be able to get physical books at the same time as DnD Beyond preorders?
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    D&D (2024) D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide (2024)

    Greyhawk would feel like a fallback to D&D 3rd edition... also not sure if that would make sense considering 5e's initial focus on Forgotten Realms? On the other hand, nothing else would say 50th anniversary like Greyhawk. The Nentir Vale would be a nice callback to D&D 4e. So far, concepts and...
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    D&D (2024) D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide (2024)

    Is it just me, or does anyone else see the Nentir Vale in chapter 8 as surprise setting?
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    Dragonlance Dragons Of Eternity By Margaret Weis And Tracy Hickman Coming August 6, 2024

    Oh... the cover is bad, I didn't recognize Kitiara and Tanis at all. I think the heydays of Dragonlance are over. If I remember correctly, the line wasn't that popular during the AD&D 2nd Edition run either. For 3rd edition WotC even licensed it away to Margret Weis Games. I wouldn't be...
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    D&D (2024) WotC Reveals The Confirmed Release Dates of 2024's D&D Slate

    Late reply :) I would have expected a GenCon release.
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    D&D (2024) WotC Reveals The Confirmed Release Dates of 2024's D&D Slate

    I suspect that the PHB design took longer than expected. They weren't even keeping to the originally announced schedule of the playtests.
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    D&D Movie/TV Joe Manganiello: Dragonlance TV Show No Longer In Development

    I loved Dragonlance in the 1980s. I find it interesting that Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragonqueen and the board game didn't sell well. Which doesn't surprise me. They tried to pitch Dragonlance as "D&D at War". And I never saw Dragonlance that way. Dragonlance showed back then how special a...
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    WotC Hasbro selling D&D IP?

    So Hasbro has financial troubles and decides that the best way to deal with them is by selling one of the cash cows? On the fifties anniversary of that property no less? I highly doubt that. That makes sense in the very short term only, but in the long run.
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    Ben Riggs: 'The Golden Age of TTRPGs is Dead'

    "The frequency of million-dollar TTRPGs will decrease" - Those haven't relied on D&D in the past. Why should they decrease? The most successful TTRPG Crowdfundings were/are by completely separate systems from D&D 5e. This seems to be a highly subjective opinion piece. Honestly, the author lost...
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    Nominate your MOST ANTICIPATED RPG of 2024

    Also quick question: Shadowdark is out in PDF already, so it wouldn't qualify?
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    Nominate your MOST ANTICIPATED RPG of 2024

    Is Daggerheart really scheduled for next year and not 2025?
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    D&D (2024) Take A Closer Look At The 2024 Dungeon Master’s Guide

    Exactly my thoughts. It would make sense as a callback, and also the Nentir Vale has already proven that it can fit into a DMG. Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms or Blackmoor would just be too big to fit in a single chapter of the DMG.