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    D&D 5E Alternate ability generation rule

    Every player rolls 4d6 six times. Put everyone's results in a shared pile. Players take turns taking numbers out (clockwise until everyone has one, then counterclockwise until everyone has two, etc.) When everything is taken, players can trade. ("I'll give you two 14s for your 16 and 10.")
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    Seminar Transcript - Class Design: From Assassins to Wizards

    So when you see "per encounter", just replace it with "per 5 minutes". Because of fatigue. There, done; now everyone can stop complaining about encounter powers.
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    The Binder is fixed! publishing new powers and feats. Just like I said. Oh, and Dire Radiance can use either Cha or Con, which since it's a fixed power is a lot like the change they made to Blurred Step: I did say "in general." By which I mean, it's obviously their preferred method (new material=new sales)...
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    The Binder is fixed!

    And they've said as much. "Boosting"-type fixes are, in general, handled by publishing new material (new powers, new feats, etc.) Errata is, in general, for nerfs alone.
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    Design & Development: BoVD

    Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Book of Vile Darkness) If Schwalb thinks the Cancer Mage was the pinnacle of awesomeness for the 3e BoVD, I don't think his version is going to be something I'll like. Not that the 3e one was something I particular enjoyed...
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    Assassin, Battlemind, and Vampire

    This is not quite as powerful/good as "brutal 3" though; it's not a reroll, it's a flat 4, which means vorpal wouldn't trigger on a d4 (because you didn't roll the maximum value for the die).
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    What exactly is a D&D Warlock?

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    Assassin, Battlemind, and Vampire

    Vorpal is heavy blade or axe; so no need to worry about daggers, but you forgot glaive ;) (I'll note that the last combo of powers that allowed for a brutal 3 (an artificier paragon path if I recall) got erratted quite promptly.)
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    Assassin, Battlemind, and Vampire

    Maybe an easier fix is to change all powers to be 2 PP to augment, but don't ever give more PP unless you are gaining a new (not a replacement!) augmentable power.
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    What exactly is a D&D Warlock?

    That makes as much sense as saying "HotFK says they're called Dragonborn, so that's what they're called!" Which, of course, would be missing the entire point of the whole thread. (And, oh gee, thanks for explaining to me that drow are dark elves; I really didn't know that%) You look through...
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    What exactly is a D&D Warlock?

    The word "drow" is derived from "trow"; a small, troll-like, Shetland islands fairy creature. Although Gygax didn't take much of the _meaning_ of the word when he decided to use it for his dark elves, so that's not much help. What about directly translating "dark elf" or "black elf"? Would that...
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    What exactly is a D&D Warlock?

    According to Wiktionary, warlock is from the Old English for "promise" and "lie", AKA, a pact-breaker (while witch seems to come from the O.E. for "to divine" or "to choose"). So I also like pactuante (even though Wiktionary suggest bruxo/bruxa as the only translations for both.) warlock -...
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    Legends and Lore: Out of Bounds

    I think this thread has ignored a very important question, namely, what is the story-importance of the obstacle? If that pile of gold is behind a wall of force simply because I want the PCs to explore the vast dungeon, near the bottom of which they can find the switch, before they are rewarded...
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    Monster Power Creator... ?

    I think the best guidelines WotC has given for this (outside of "look at existing monsters and steal liberally") is from the Terrain Powers article: Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Tutorial: Terrain Powers) The kind of "notches" OnlineDM was talking about...
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    CB and MB on Ubuntu?

    I was going to say "be sure to file a bug report with the Moonlight authors," but it's been done. My guess is it's the same sort of problem they're having with Netflix: it's hard to get help from the developers of these websites so that the...
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    Frustration with KotSF and pacing

    KotSF is a terrible adventure, especially as an introductory adventure. There are far to many irrelevant combats, and with 8 PCs none of them will be even slightly challenging (except maybe the normally-TPKfull Ironfang encounter) although at least the slog-fest at the end will be less sloggyl...
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    D&D 5E My biggest hope for 5E

    Now THAT, I will agree with. Outside a few paragraphs buried in the back of DMG2, there's been scant advice.
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    D&D 5E My biggest hope for 5E

    Sounds like a bunch of post-hoc justification too me. Again, I found it easier/faster to prep 4e games _the moment_ 4e came out, than I did to prep 3e games after the game had been out for years. I'd be perfectly willing to accept that it's a style thing and 4e just clicks with me better. But...
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    D&D 5E My biggest hope for 5E

    What, what, huh? You're surely not referring to 3e. Based on timePreparing/timePlaying, 4e is twice as good as 3e. For a four-hour game session, I used to have to spend at least 8 hours in prep-time; now I can do it in 4. And it's not like I magically became a more-organized or more-efficient...
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    D&D 5E My biggest hope for 5E

    I've heard it said many times, that modules were never a good profit stream.