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    Check Out The One Ring 2E’s Cover Art!

    Ah MERP, the only game system besides ICE Rolemaster that caused my players to prefer to parlay before combat due to the crit charts.
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    Let's Take Another Look At That One Ring 2E Cover

    Love the cover art, hope the game sells well.
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    Bethesda Comments On Accusations Of Plagiarizing D&D Adventure

    Just pay the original creator of the content to re-skin their work for them and be done with it..
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    Bethesda Pulls Promotional Elder Scrolls D&D Module Following Plagiarism Accusations

    Just hire the original writer of the copied module and have them adapt it. All will be happy and paid fairly.
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    F. Wesley Schneider Is D&D's New Editor

    Seriously, congrats and good luck Mr. Wesley Schneider !!!
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    Remember these MERP/Rolemaster critical hit tables?

    The only system where you tried to parlay with orcs first...
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    Top Games Played On FG In 2018: D&D, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds

    As a Hobby we need to get DM's (GM or Story Teller) wanting to run other games. The cost to buying all the rules print and digital is a major friction point and certainty makes it harder for story tellers to want to invest in another games. Then throw in other expenses in life and well there...
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    Most frustrating quirk of 5E?

    That is why I moved to PDF and online tools... Sigh
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    Fantasy Grounds Toolset Usage Report

    With the current spat roll20 is having with a few youtube and twitch broadcasters I wonder if there has been an increase in FG user base...?
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    Blowing it All Up and Starting Over

    I have moved away from the setting for the most part. I run a few online games (roll20) which use the FR setting - basically we don't worry about the cannon all that much. I do hate that the political boundaries of the city states and etc are ill defined... A world I like is Hârn because it...
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    Xanathar's Guide To Everything Reviewed

    I second the old eyes point.
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    What The World Needs Now Is More Gaming Conventions

    I agree with the idea of more local conventions, a resource guide on kicking one off one with who to call at various companies to get whatever support they can send your way would help a new organizer. You know, an example how to doc...
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    D&D 5E Why is WoTc still pushing AP's when the majority of gamers want something else?

    I think you will find with 3rd party publishers now producing products you might just find what you are looking for. ** crossing fingers **
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    D&D 5E Starter Set: Lost Mines Resources

    My setup is as follows for the game I run at my house... 1. I use roll20 to replace my traditional map and such on the table. 2. I use 1 monitor to run the game via the roll20 application and another LCD TV so the player can see the digital map Before the digital tools, I found maps online for...
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    Read The First Chapter Of Sagiros' Published Novel, THE VENTIFACT COLOSSUS

    Read it on my kindle. Great read and I am looking forward to the next book... Of course I have to ask.. When is the game world and adventures going to show up for 5E or such... ;)
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    So This Just Arrived...

    You can get it at RPG Drive.. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/168149/Primeval-Thule-5e-Campaign-Setting?src=hottest_filtered Looks like Amazon has a version of it - Not sure it is the 5e version...
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    How 3D Printing is Upending the Miniature Industry

    Well, they can either go the way of the record companies or they can work with the many hobbyist and figure out a means to make few cents from each modelers 3d model. Then give them a place to officially sell their models and do something like Apple did with the app store.
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    Dungeon Raiders: The Wolf's Den

    ...Hiss, hisss hissss sigh... mooooaaaa....Thinking to herself - Well, that did not sound at all like I wanted it to sound like... What now...Swift jumps down from Tock's arm and makes her way over to the dirt again and scratches in it..... I am not sure what my capacity is to give clues to my...
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    Dungeon Raiders: The Wolf's Den

    Cautiously moving up the arm of the one called Tock, Swift pauses hoping she is not smashed like a common pest... After a momentary pause, she arches up and hisses in the direction of the ceiling...