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    D&D 5E 5e isn't a Golden Age of D&D Lorewise, it's Silver at best.

    In a published "name" setting like the Realms or GH you shouldn't disagree. For a generic kitchen sink, no name setting that exists solely to showcase the game mechanics, you can. People lean on the published lore for a number of reasons - convenience, because some of it is really good, because...
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    D&D General WotC: Novels & Non-5E Lore Are Officially Not Canon

    Hats off to the WotC RPG designers for putting their hands up to declare that the Forgotten Realms has them beat. They have neither the time, appetite or ability to deal with the published Realms and have taken the Mulligan. You have to admire honesty like that.
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    D&D 5E Are you sick of the Swordcoast?

    No, stay with the Sword Coast. Leave the rest of the sandbox for the rest of us. Or better yet, re-do Greyhawk. Yeah, Greyhawk is where all the official 5E products should be set! Definitely.
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    D&D 5E 5th Edition and Cormyr: Flexing My Idea Muscle and Thinking Out Loud

    The reference to cats was originally in the 2E Cormyr sourcebook by Eric Haddock. The Swordsage
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    Chris Perkins: Reintroducing Settings in Ways that Surprise People

    And that's the rub. The gold standard for Adventure Paths are either the ones that Paizo did in Dungeon back in the day (which were somewhat limited by format) or the current Pathfinder APs. Paizo didn't obviously create the concept but refined and fleshed APs out into something more than linked...
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    Chris Perkins: Reintroducing Settings in Ways that Surprise People

    DEFCON has the right of it. There is no pleasing everybody. I think however, right now, WotC aren't even in the pleasing anybody realm. Pathfinder has seemingly found the right balance between "lore" and "crunch" with their Adventure Paths. Given WotC's superior IP why don't they mimic that...
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    Forgotten Realms "Canon Lawyers"

    That comment says more about the players than the DM. When FR campaigns "go bad" it's usually because of what the players bring to the table, not what the DM dishes up. The Swordsage
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    Holy Crap! It's Almost here! I've got to PACK!!

    For those of us not from the US, what are these temps in degrees celsius? The Swordsage
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    D&D Brand Manager of Fluff

    As a mainly FR fan, my "fluff" suggestions are for that campaign setting. Some of them have already been mentioned by other posters: - "The Demonlands": a regional sourcebook on Impiltur, Vaasa, Narfell and Damara; - "Cormyr: The Forest Kingdom": a regional sourcebook on Cormyr and its...
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    Rich Baker Comments on the lack of FR products in the 1st Trimester 08 Catalogue

    Comments at Candlekeep and on the WotC FR Boards tend to indicate that the published version of GHotR will be far superior to the web version. The Swordsage
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    Dragon #356

    I'd use mineraly-type descriptors: obsidian, malachite, jet, alabaster, jade etc. The Swordsage
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    Dungeon 146

    My view on the klurichir is that CRs and stuff shouldn't come into it. Balors can still be the pre-eminent non-unique tanar'ri whilst in power terms the klurichir out-muscle them. The reason why this is so and klurichir haven't usurped the balor pre-eminence can be as simple as saying something...
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    New listings on the WotC 2007 product page!

    I'm leaving this thread as I've said my piece and it serves no purpose to keep flogging a dead tarrasque. Thanks for tha chat. The Swordsage
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    New listings on the WotC 2007 product page!

    Possibly. But think on this. If I'm DM-ing my homebrew world of "Swordsagia" and go and buy D1-2 Descent into the Depths when it is first released and instantly realise what a great concept drow are and add them into "Swordsagia" straight away, does drow presence in the GH world "long predate"...
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    New listings on the WotC 2007 product page!

    I guess I was actually, to answer the slightly condescending connotations of your comment. If EVERYTHING came out months and years apart it may suggest one of a couple of things. One: Gygax was a lazy so-and-so who couldn't get his act together to get stuff in publishable form. Two: Gygax had...
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    New listings on the WotC 2007 product page!

    The creation of the "Demonweb Pits" (whose substance owe just as much to Dave Sutherland as they do to Gary Gygax, if not more) was stated to have occurred before the creation of the Realms. Faraer commented that this was not so if discussing the Realms as a campaign setting. The Realms existed...
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    New listings on the WotC 2007 product page!

    Riiiiight. So the fact that they were created for tourneys months, likely years, apart makes you think that Gygax had an over-arching plan for Lolth and the drow in GH. That theory doesn't gel with the reality of a DM style of furiously writing dungeon levels one step ahead of his players. In...
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    New listings on the WotC 2007 product page!

    Ah, c'mon Erik. You're not really saying that Gygax had a vision for Greyhawk and had all its details, history and bits and pieces sorted out before it was published, are you?! Gygax is the most ad-hoc designer ever. And given that the Gs & Ds were tournament adventures, there is no way that...
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    New listings on the WotC 2007 product page!

    You don't have to argue with it. Just look at most every campaign setting ever published under the D&D umbrella (and I'm guessing that others under different gaming systems also went the same way) - as soon as the original world creator's input became diluted by other designers/writers, the...