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  1. Digdude

    D&D General Greyhawk to Faerun and Beyond: A Multiversal D&D Lore Book Is Coming This Fall

    Under the current development team at WOTC, the longer they stay away from Birthright the longer it does not get destroyed or made into something strange.
  2. Digdude

    D&D (2024) How should the Swordmage be implemented in 1DnD?

    Because it's a iconic bad guy of that realm. Now it's just a subclass sadly.
  3. Digdude

    D&D (2024) How should the Swordmage be implemented in 1DnD?

    The only thing the Swordmage should be in is a Birthright remake,
  4. Digdude

    D&D General Styles of D&D Play

    At least Birthright was an attempt at doing rules for a political game within the framework of DnD. It wasnt perfect but it was there.
  5. Digdude

    What dead game would you resurrect?

    Going deep into the archives. Millenium's End. FasaTrek. Birthright. Earthdawn.
  6. Digdude

    D&D (2024) Is Counterspell less frustrating now?

    I really wish Counter spell had various versions of it my levels. So maybe a 3rd level version that counters 1-2nd level spells and so forth. Maybe even tack on a little ribbon effect if you make a roll (gain a spell slot of the spell countered). At least this would follow the flavor of MTG and...
  7. Digdude

    Would you play a TTRPG that used Meters instead of Feet?

    American archaeologists weirdly enough use metric for almost everything except for historic structure measurements. Our reports though still provide both metric and imperial. At almost two decades of working, I can say I can "see" 15-, 30-, 50-, and 100-meter distances.
  8. Digdude

    D&D General Has anyone run a PHB only table?

    I like to keep the species/races only from the PHB otherwise the game can end of like a SW cantina and I have to come up with reasons for all the furry/whatever weird amalgamation species someone came up with. But I dont mind using the other books for spells, feats, abilities or background...
  9. Digdude

    D&D General D&D Book Prices Are Going Up

    The price increase feels like a slimy way to get us all to go dnd beyond digital only with the intent to stop doing physical copies down the road. I wouldnt put it past wotc based on recent events.
  10. Digdude

    D&D General D&D Book Prices Are Going Up

    A lot less overhead in digital for them equals higher profit. If only the writing would get better, id pay the increased cost. Im on the fence.
  11. Digdude

    D&D General Spear: d8; versatile d10, and when used two-handed, can be lunged one-handed (d8) with reach.

    I mean there is long term wide spread archaeological evidence for the spear being the primary weapon of choice. So I have no issues with this.
  12. Digdude

    When the New Edition Doesn't Cut It

    I was fortunate enough to be one of the original playtesters for Shadowrun by Tom Dowd. It was just a collection of notes back then. The current sixth editon does not even look close to those rules. Sometimes evolution of things goes backwards before it can go forwards.
  13. Digdude

    D&D (2024) Why is wotc still aiming for PCs with 10 *real word* feet of range? W/o vision range penalty/limit rules for the GM?

    Right, I'd much rather see effective range rather than maximum range listed in the Players Handbook.
  14. Digdude

    D&D (2024) How to balance the shield spell?

    How does this interaction with arcane armor going to work? Two first level spells and now Im a tank wizard better than a dude in plate mail?
  15. Digdude

    D&D (2024) Why is wotc still aiming for PCs with 10 *real word* feet of range? W/o vision range penalty/limit rules for the GM?

    Maybe eliminate bow ranges and make the weapon ranges past short range (30-60 feet) limited to the max visible range of the encounter (Decided either randomly or by the dm). This was the DM can keep it fair for all and the bow peeps dont get hosed.
  16. Digdude

    D&D 5E Earning Levels In Game? (+)

    I let my pcs train themselves except for levels 5 10 15 and 20. They know up front they will need to seek out someone to show them the ropes. Plus it gives me a chance to intoduce allies or npcs that might be needed down the road.
  17. Digdude

    D&D (2024) Why is wotc still aiming for PCs with 10 *real word* feet of range? W/o vision range penalty/limit rules for the GM?

    Some of you have clearly never pissed off a party of Elves from Birthright and it clearly shows...
  18. Digdude

    D&D General Fighting Law and Order

    As a Dm its ok to say "Time Out" at the moment your PCs are about to do something that crosses the line. Explain to the players that their future actions are going to have negative consequences on their future play. Give them opportunity to think about it as a group, before it happens. If there...
  19. Digdude

    WotC Anyone Else Tired of the Wizards Bashing?

    Depends on the location.
  20. Digdude

    D&D 5E Keith Baker Presents Closing Doors On Eberron

    Or gift one to Chris Perkins for his interviews...