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    WOIN How does one apply a -1d6 penalty to shaking off a condition?

    Would it be possible to have a sticky FAQ thread, where we could collect those clarifications not listed in the official Errata/Faq list?
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    WOIN How does one apply a -1d6 penalty to shaking off a condition?

    Exactly what I meant. Considering that there is only one weapon in all three core books affected it might not be of significance. But would be nice to know for future/homebrew weapons, @Morrus . I like the idea of only a 6 on a 1d6 roll shaking of the condition very fitting.
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    WOIN How does one apply a -1d6 penalty to shaking off a condition?

    There is actually only one weapon in all the three books with the Vicious quality, the Flamberge. I would prefer the severe version, would make more sense from the description. Otherwise if a -1d6 is applied on the conditio roll, that condition would be extremely hard to shake of, you would have...
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    Level Up (A5E) My Level Up Campaign has Ended! Level Up Feedback

    In the end it's all about player preferences. I just wonder that of all the player who likes optimization the most had the most problems with the greater pool of customization options in LU as there is literally none in OG 5e. Each fighter/archetype is almost identical to each other with minor...
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    WOIN Severe Conditions definition discrepancy between NEW, NOW, and WRRD

    That means that the WRRD has always the last say if there are differences in the books like with this conditions topic? Btw, from which eons number on do eon articles supersede the versions 1.2 from the books?
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    Level Up (A5E) Convince me of A5E

    I did and though I really like it, it becomes bloated beyond 10th level. Especially the rogue.^^
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    Level Up (A5E) Convince me of A5E

    As I sold much of my 5E books (including all the core books), only having the A5E stuff suffices? The A5E core books are very affordable on drivethru at the moment, so I couldn't resist and purchased 5 of them. All the you mention applies to me and I can live with those 3 aspect that cannot...
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    WOIN Questions about spell usage in Starter Box adventure "Dilemma & Decay" [minor spoiler! players don't read!]

    On page 12 under "Edgy Experimentation" the last option is trying dispelling magic which helps cleansing a small area. The core book in the box does not mention any dispelling nor does any of the exploits of the pregens mention this. According to O.L.D. dispelling is abjuration and Marla has...
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    Level Up (A5E) Convince me of A5E

    A good question! 3.5 became very bloated and you had to plan your feats ahead in detail. It was very laborious to GM and fights could literally drag on for hours. Don't misunderstand me, I loved it and still do. But being a father of three, the spare time is more limited so for that 3.5 is not...
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    Level Up (A5E) Convince me of A5E

    For instance, you attack a target which is blinded, paralyzed and prone, all three grant an advantage each to the attacker. Say the attacker has the poisoned condition on the other hand which grants a disadvantage. So you would have 3 advantages vs 1 disadvantage. I would argue, the advantages...
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    Level Up (A5E) Convince me of A5E

    Let's say, you have three Advantages and only one disadvantage. I'd argue that by canceling on a 1:1 basis, two Advantages should remain (so 2D20 overall). @Pedantic mentioned there was a solution to that point so I wondered if I overlooked something because as written it's exactly the same as...
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    Level Up (A5E) Convince me of A5E

    I was curious and purchased the Adventurers Guide pdf but regarding advantage/disadvantage on page 11 both are still handled like in original 5E: Or do I miss something?
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    Level Up (A5E) Convince me of A5E

    Original 5E, though easy to grasp, became quickly boring to me, because of several reasons: not many options to customize a class beyond the choice of one of 3 archetypes, each with not so many trait combat options are very limited many advantages get cancelled by only one disadvantage (and...
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    WOIN Questions

    Maybe put the WOIN tag on your title, when somebody filters on WOIN only, your question won't be listed and so might fly under the radar. Other than that, you can publish pretty anything under the WCPS (WOIN Community Publishing Syndicate) as long as they are no stand alone core rulebooks, as...
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    WOIN [Question] Psionic exploits and scaling

    If I unterstand a post from Morrus in this thread correctly, the initial 6 PP already include the first +1 per 5 PP raise, thus: 6 PP = +5 MENTAL DEFENSE 11 PP = +6 MENTAL DEFENSE @Morrus , did I get your statement right?
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    WOIN Alternatives to Lifepath?

    Could you share your rule-light variant? I've also been on the constant hunt for a generic rule system to rule all genres. I delved in GURPS (which I dearly love, but preparation and world building is so time consuming). WEG D6, OpenD6, Mini Six are great systems to just start out of the box...
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    WOIN [WOIN] How to handle minion groups?

    Those are great ideas, pool the health, let them attack once as a mob with each contributing +1d6 beyond the first like with the Mob Attack exploit listed under civilian in N.O.W. or Pack Attack in O.L.D. How would you handle XP in this group case? And how in the case just giving each minion 1...
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    WOIN Which rulebook(s) for Napoleonic Wars?

    As I understand, O.L.D. covers everything up to the Age of Sails and N.O.W. starts with Western(?) The Napoleonic Wars are somewhat in between and both books cover muskets, though O.L.D. more than N.E.W.
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    WOIN (O.L.D.) Monster generation and creature types confusion

    Looking forward to my v1.3 print books, of those I don't have any older print versions so I will be safe! I wish I could make this embarrassing thread of mine disappear!😅
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    WOIN (O.L.D.) Monster generation and creature types confusion

    Okay, very big, big shame on me and big apology! I didn't notice that I was reading the old v1.1 all the while and when I looked at my v1.2 I saw everything was exactly as you said. Had been some time since the Starter Box Kickstarter reignited my love for WOIN and I delved into the material again.