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  1. Scott McFarland

    May the Fourth Be with You during Lockdown

    Nothing for the RPG, for the second year running. I must admit, I was certain Edge Studios would get an announcement out today after interminable radio silence. To miss one May 4th may be regarded as a misfortune, to miss two looks like carelessness.
  2. Scott McFarland

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: Cleric, Druid, Wizard Options

    Onomancer before Universalist? Sigh...
  3. Scott McFarland

    D&D 5E Tyranny of Dragons Getting Republished in Combined Anniversary Volume

    Just for the sake of visual consistency of book spines I’d have preferred a regular, non-hydro 74 cover. Curious that it’s not even an option.
  4. Scott McFarland

    New Campaign Setting Hint Is Eberron?

    Historically – and I'm talking back in the TSR days – putting out too many settings and dividing up their customer base was a bad idea. WOTC is now, wisely, working on the basis that every product it puts out (the DM's Guide excepted) should be something everyone who plays/runs the game will get...
  5. Scott McFarland

    New Campaign Setting Hint Is Eberron?

    I don't think these new setting publications will be part of WOTC's publication schedule at all. I suspect they'll be third party content. Kobold Press publishing Planescape 5e under license for example. There remains the other possibility that what they mean by 'new settings stuff' is actually...
  6. Scott McFarland

    New Campaign Setting Hint Is Eberron?

    Keith Baker converting Eberron to 5e would make sense. I'd prefer Greyhawk but it's too functionally similar to FR. In other news, earlier this month Kobold Press retweeted an image of Queen Marie of Romania, in which her head is surrounded by a halo of what could be taken to be... blades...
  7. Scott McFarland

    What's This Mysterious D&D Book? [UPDATED!]

    'Just' a limited edition cover for the PHB IMHO. What I'm really hoping is forthcoming in the July announcement is a series of independently published setting guides for 5e. I'm hoping Keith Baker has indeed quietly been putting together an Eberron 5e book, that Wolfgang Baur has written a...
  8. Scott McFarland

    The New D&D Adventure Is - Tomb of Annihilation!

    So... we don't get the awesome black/red official dice they were using? And peeps there were wearing an array of nice shirts which we can't have either. Along with the mugs we can't have. *Facepalm*
  9. Scott McFarland

    The New D&D Adventure Storyline Will Be Announced On June 2nd-3rd

    So: Tales from the World Serpent Inn.<br><br>25 pages on each of the D&amp;D world settings, bringing folks up to speed on what's happening in these worlds right now. Unique classes or class options for each world, with world-specific spells, magic items, plot hooks etc. And the World Serpent...
  10. Scott McFarland

    New DM Screen Coming In September

    Dice and mugs would indeed be awesome. We've seen them around for a while now. It's time we had them. Oh and official D&D black t-shirts with the red dragon ampersand on them would be great too...
  11. Scott McFarland

    Shadows of Esteren: I'm highly interested in this!

    Hi. It's definitely worth getting Book 0: Prologue for Shadows of Esteren from drivethru as it gives you loads of introductory info about characters and the game world. And, brilliantly, it's free. SoE itself is a stunning game with loads going for it. The art direction and writing is top notch...
  12. Scott McFarland

    PAX 2012: Acquisitions Inc

    Thank you.
  13. Scott McFarland

    PAX 2012: Acquisitions Inc

    I'd like to see their character sheets...
  14. Scott McFarland

    PAX 2012: Acquisitions Inc

    What level were their PCs? Jim Darkmagic was casting lightning bolt and dispel magic, so I'm assuming around 5th?
  15. Scott McFarland

    Paizo New Product Announcements

    Awesome. 1st April is just round the corner...
  16. Scott McFarland

    What's Up With D&D? for Monday, 21 November 2011

    lol absolutely. compare also: "4th ed - what's up with that?"
  17. Scott McFarland

    D&D 5E Is Monte Cook working on D&D 5th Edition?

    The Best Case Scenario here is that they've brought in a proven game designer with the credentials to put D&D back on track, will consult with their customer base to establish the game they want to play, use open play testing to get the new rules right and build excitement, then make sure they...
  18. Scott McFarland

    Pathfinder Adventure Review: The Harrowing by Crystal Frasier

    Easily the best Pathfinder module. I haven't enjoyed a module so much since The Keep on the Borderlands.
  19. Scott McFarland

    Top 5 RPGs--Q2 2011

    Same here. Even more surprised it didn't get any Ennie nominations. Wasn't it entered or was it ineligible for some reason?
  20. Scott McFarland

    UK West London RPG group

    The Richmond Gaming Group meet every Tuesday from 8pm in The Hope pub in Richmond. We're a friendly, sociable group playing a range of games including Pathfinder, WoD, Star Wars Saga Edition, the Dresden Files RPG and Dragon Age RPG. New players and GMs are always welcome. Visit our website...