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    Dungeon Crawl... how do you do it?

    I will only make a "flow chart" of the dungeon for the players. Or they make it themselves. I find that giving the players an accurate map with 1' tolerance is a bit silly. For combat, we map what we need for playing it on a big battlemat. But for navigating, the map will be simple and roughly...
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    What's wrong with Stealth?

    Using the system mechanics-wise is easy. I just find that the problem is that specialized stealth characters have obscenely high stealth skill compared to anything the monsters have on the perception side - disregarding stuff like blindsight and tremorsense. So, the only characters that use...
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    Mark of Healing

    If you go with "use what is the most fun for you": I will go with not using astral seal in play at all. And even if I wound use it, I would minimize any bonuses granted for it. Healing has become absurdly powerful in 4e. Anything that is at-will surgeless healing is not the thing to make the...
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    Dark Sun info from DDXP

    Well, swordmages are kind of FR specific... Same as artificers in Eberron. I would not add them to Dark Sun as classes - unless you like every world to have the same flavours mixed in.
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    D&D 4E [4e] Why not savor the PHB3? Major spoilers on the new races and classes.

    I also dislike psionic PC characters for some odd reason (although not in DS). I wonder how the psionic power source concept with power points and more at-wills will mesh with multiclassing and power swap feats. It seems that switching out an at-will for an encounter power will either be...
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    D&D 4E What Doesn't 4E Do Well?

    Anyway, the system is dynamic in respect to how it models a specific enemy for the PC's. It changes the types down to minion at higher levels or perhaps makes several of these low level opponents into one "horde moster" swarm. Scale the type of enemy, and keep the level brackets the same (-2 -...
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    Multiclassing Questions

    Note that for the example character (Cleric multiclassing into druid) the multiclassing is not too useful compared to doing the reverse (Druid going into cleric). A druid multiclassing into cleric gets one healing word (really good ability) and can swap for some cleric goodies (utilities and...
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    D&D 4E The "Spine" of 4E - Am I missing anything?

    Yeah, the heavy shield might not even work with barbarian agility actually (can't check now). I guess it is then something between 52 and 54 depending on second skin.
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    D&D 4E What Doesn't 4E Do Well?

    If you have encounter powers that are too situational, nobody will take them. Even dailies that give you bonuses vs. something you are not too likely to encounter every day of adventuing are something that are not taken. You need to have "generic-use" powers so that they apply often enough to...
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    D&D 4E The "Spine" of 4E - Am I missing anything?

    I get 51 for max AC, although I am probably missing something. +11 Elderhide (+6) +10 ability mod (30 score = start with 20, +8 from levels, +2 from epic destiny) +2 heavy shield +3 barbarian agility +15 levels +10 base
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    D&D 4E New Campaign, New DM, New to 4E

    I think 4e allows you to easily convert the encounters to be valid for 4-5 characters even without lessening the enemy numbers. Be liberal with minions. You don't have to stick with 4 per standard monster XP equivalent. I recommend more like 6. Even more with high levels. With that I mean...
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    How many nipples does a shifter have ?

    I think it is 1d6 nipples at heroic, 2d6 at paragon tier and 3d6 at epic. There is also a feat to get 1d8 nipples per tier instead.
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    D&D 4E New Campaign, New DM, New to 4E

    You need to rest 6 hours for an extended rest. That is mostly just a night's sleep (4 sleep, one keeps guard = 8 hours total camping overnight). The rules also state that you can only benefit from an extended rest again when 12 hours have passed from the previous extended rest. So, anything...
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    Opportunity Attacks

    Note that if an enemy is adjacent to the fighter and marked, and it makes a ranged attack that does not include the fighter, the fighter gets an OA AND a combat challenge attack!
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    Defensive Healing Word Cheese

    I think this should probably be errated to last until end of encounter or even until end of next round. What is it with the cheese and bacon? You need to name something after lettuce and tomatoes to keep the game healthier.
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    D&D 4E New Campaign, New DM, New to 4E

    Assuming 1st level PC's. I would make part of the wolf raiders as minions and same with the orcs. So, the encounter could be: 2 x Orc (standard monster of level 1-2) 4 x Orc grunt (minion) 6 x goblin wolf raider (Minion, combining rider and mount, one hit drops both) 2 x goblin raider...
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    D&D 4E New Campaign, New DM, New to 4E

    Few pointers: 4e combat is centered around party vs. group of monsters, more than party vs. one monster. Old adventures used to have more encounters with just a couple of monsters vs. the party. You can still keep them almost as they are written (Flavor wise) but sometimes you need to...
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    Bacon of Hope

    Press Button Recieve Bacon :: Random Pictures
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    Refreshing Surges Con Mod per day instead of all

    This rule's real problem is that it favors constitution as an ability score way too much. Con is already a really nice stat. There is no reason to make it even more important. I'd rather make a rule that you only recover 3 surges per rest or something. That is it. Maybe add a feat that lets...
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    Bards - What Makes them Good?

    There are even songblades and songbows ready to be used as a weaplement without the feat.