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    Non-iPod compatible with iTunes?

    The Apple-logo premium (i.e. the 50% markup for the same features), plus I've heard that non-Apple mp3 players tend to have more features. Hence, I want to get my cake (i.e. a more cost-effective mp3 player with better features) and eat it too (i.e. have it be compatible with the 223 (!!!)...
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    Non-iPod compatible with iTunes?

    I've got a 1.7GB iPod, purchased four months ago. I've found out that it is way too small to run all of my songs. I want to buy an mp3 player (and, occasionally, a music video player) that's at LEAST four times as large. I want it to have more bells-n-whistles than an iPod does. But I also...
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    What is your fave alien race?

    Slavers (thrintum): bipedal, needle teeth, single faceted eye, mouth seems to serve as both feeding receptacle and waste disposal (i.e., it's an anus and a mouth). Not very bright, but powerful telepaths. Read "Asteroid Queen" from Man-Kzin Wars 3. Tnuctipun: raccoon sized. That's all I can...
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    Talon Comics: Any word?

    I paid by PayPal, but that was six months ago, or longer. The woman from the district attorney's office suggested filing mail fraud charges with the post office, as this would fall under the federal criminal laws. I've filed a claim with the US Postal Service. Sure, it's only about $50 (and...
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    Talon Comics: Any word?

    Blast. The Denton TX district attorney website doesn't have an email address. :( However, the head of the investigative services department DOES have an email address... http://www.dentoncounty.com/email_form.htm?Sue+Wooldridge So I sent an email asking about how to file a mail fraud claim...
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    Talon Comics: Any word?

    To update: On 9/27, he said he'd ship it out within a few days. On 10/15, he responded to my email, and said he'd ship it out within a few days. I sent him an email on 10/22, asking if he'd shipped it out yet. No reply as of today. Latest word is the books are boxed up, and only have to be...
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    Apparently, a Swedish porno. :)
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    Talon Comics: Any word?

    Word from Talon (on his forum) is that he'll ship out the order tomorrow. I had to visit his local-friends portion of his forums (no longer available to the public, after my visit) to get his attention. I'll let people know when it gets here...
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    Talon Comics: Any word?

    I don't think the BBB would work too well for me, given that I live two time zones away. :) I just want my last shipment. And I'll keep bugging him until I get it. :(
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    <sigh> *Another* week off.

    Before you envy Mystery Man, first you should ask if he can afford to go anywhere. Being forced to stay at home, while the pile of paper on your desk grows bigger (since no-one else will do your job...), and not having the cash to even be able to visit local tourist attractions, that's not the...
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    Talon Comics: Any word?

    Isn't he from Texas? Could he have been caught up in the whole evacuation thing? I've managed to get a LOT of stuff from him, but getting emails from him is like pulling teeth, sometimes... :(
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    Talon Comics: Any word?

    I've been waiting 10 weeks for an order, and I'm frankly getting a little worried. I ordered Castles & Crusades, the first two books, using prepaid store credit. Every month or so, I email him, and he responds to every second or third email. Is there some crisis going on at his store? Is...
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    Avast ye Landlubbers! What be your bestest Pirate Movies!

    No one seems to have mentioned one of my (barely remembered) favorite pirate movies: Scalawag, with Kirk Douglas as the peg-legged pirate in a Western treasure hunt. Of course, just try finding the movie. It hasn't come out on DVD yet, and there is some stupid kids' movie called Scalawag the...
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    Need suggestions on a boombox

    Some of you may know that my father is mostly blind. His sole sources of entertainment (outside of his extensive socializing--he goes out even more than me :) ) are listening to TV, and playing audio books and audio CDs. We've had bad luck with tape players and CD players, however. We've had...
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    Electric backpack

    I'd post this to NTL, but it's experiencing troubles at the moment. So here goes:
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    Is piracy a serious issue for game developers?

    I would have more objection to pirating music and videos if every effort wasn't made by the publishers to limit my useage of something I just spent a lot of money on. All their efforts at copy protection are less about stopping piracy and more about restricting the options of the honest...
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    If you have an older TV or HDTV or monitor you are screwed!

    Oh crud. I hope they release movies both in the new HD discs, and regular DVDs, at least until the format war is settled. I'd hate to have some favorite movies released in the losing format, and never being able to watch them. :(
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    Country Music Pumpin' My Blood

    Rustler's Rhapsody. Possibly the uncensored version, if you're into that.
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    If you have an older TV or HDTV or monitor you are screwed!

    [off topic] As good a thread as any to ask: Is there any validity to the story that DVDs have a lifespan of about 10 years, then they've degraded too far to be useful? [/off topic] Back on topic, a lot of stuff that I buy (Discovery-channel documentaries, for instance) barely come with...
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    Jolie to play evil Queen in Beowulf movie.

    Haven't seen Christopher Lambert's "Beowulf," have you? Grendel's mother, when showing her illusory form, is quite yummy...