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    Who is excited about Design Finder 2018?

    Looking forward to seeing the submissions!!!
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    Owen KC Stephens did this once before but not like this... this is the Pathfinder bundle to end all Pathfinder bundles. This bundle includes EVERY SINGLE PATHFINDER product Rogue Genius Games has released up to October of this year. This bundle won't be available forever so if you've been...
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    There's A New Online Gaming Store In Town

    As we have friends located in the U.K. we may be able to arrange local U.K. warehousing and fulfillment. I'll be discussing this with Bill and Matt today.
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    There's A New Online Gaming Store In Town

    Morrus: I am not sure if I'm just mis-reading the internet or if you genuinely have serious hostility towards me. I'm going to play it safe and assume I'm just imagining it. Regardless, when I said "Regarding your success or failure at..." I should have perhaps said "Regarding the overall...
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    There's A New Online Gaming Store In Town

    GMSkarka: We had to keep everything quiet for various reasons. Bill is Bill Webb, of Frog God Games/Necromancer Games., and Matt is Matt Finch, also of Frog God Games/Necromancer Games. I'll let Matt/Bill respond regarding the paper options but if you've seen any of the higher end Frog God...
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    There's A New Online Gaming Store In Town

    Jefferson Jim: This site has nothing to do with DriveThru and is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. I'm not sure what level of PCI compliance DriveThru has (if any). https://www.shopify.com/pci-compliant
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    There's A New Online Gaming Store In Town

    Morrus: As you probably already know, this isn't just MY store. This is a partnership with Bill and Matt. The difference between the stores is that TableTopLibrary focuses MOSTLY on 5e products (initially) and has several big-name publishers that I was never able to convince to join my store...
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    There's A New Online Gaming Store In Town

    TableTopLibrary is a Shopify store, just like my other store. It uses the "Liquid" markup language.
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    There's A New Online Gaming Store In Town

    Hey everyone! John Reyst here. I also run the d20pfsrd.com store (aka http://www.opengamingstore.com) and I'm one of the partners behind this new option. I'll leave the big questions to my partners to respond to but regarding any technical concerns or comments I can attempt to address those...
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    GMs Day 10 Books for 10 Bucks at the Open Gaming Store!

    Just popping in to let everyone know that the GMs Day sale is ongoing now at the Open Gaming Store. There are two crazy 10-for-10 bundles (one for Pathfinder and one for 5e) PLUS almost everything in the store is on sale at 30% OFF! Hop over to...
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    The Day Has Come! It's An OGL! And A Store To Buy & Sell D&D 5E Products!

    The 5e Online SRD is now available at http://www.5esrd.com/ Note that it is extremely "raw" right now, meaning a lot of work needs to be done to clean it up and fix/add links but here it is to start! Any questions or if you want to help, just email me at jreyst@gmail.com to get edit access!
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    What's a Freelance RPG Writer Worth?

    Just noticed the reference to the d20pfsrd store and reference to the site. I'm happy to say that the consistently best seller in the store is the publisher who has more content on d20pfsrd.com than any other, Dreamscarred Press. They themselves routinely either ask me to add new content, or...
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    Sale [d20pfsrd.com Publishing] 50% off sale to support medical expenses fundraiser Read more: http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?2377-d20pfsrd-com-P

    Thanks to your support, either via purchasing the Help Joe fundraiser bundle, or purchasing any d20pfsrd.com publishing products from the d20pfsrd.com store, or RPGNow or Paizo, at the end of February d20pfsrd.com will be donating (as of NOW) over $1000.00 to Joe's GoFundMe. Here is how that...
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    Lot's of Mutants & Masterminds SRD Updates

    Hey everyone! Some MAJOR updates to the Mutants & Masterminds SRD located at http://www.d20herosrd.com in the last couple of days! We've now added all of the Open Game Content portions of the following products: Mutants & Masterminds Gadget Guide: Alien Tech Mutants & Masterminds Gadget Guide...
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    13th Age Exclusive Bestiary Preview: The Naga

    The OGL says you have to designate what is product identity and what is Open Game Content. Just having an OGL in a product isn't designation of anything. Without a statement saying "This <x> is declared as Open Game Content" then the product is not compliant with the OGL. You don't have to...
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    13th Age Exclusive Bestiary Preview: The Naga

    That preview, while certainly awesome, appears to be missing its OGL-required Section 8 Declaration of Product Identity/Open Game Content. Morrus could you contact whomever sent that to you to let them know? For now it APPEARS to be non-compliant with the OGL (unless I'm missing it?)
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    Swords and Wizardry Complete PDF to go free

    A LINKIFIED version of the Swords & Wizardry Complete Rulebook PDF is also available at http://www.d20pfsrd.com/extras/downloads/Swords-and-Wizardry-Complete-LINKED.pdf LINKIFIED means that the keywords (mechanical terms) within the PDF are linked to the Swords & Wizardry SRD at...
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    Oh my! It's only a 13th Age SRD!

    Thanks Ahnehnois! I'm working hard on getting everything all purty-like and fully linking content where I can. I've also gotten permission from some content creators to add their 13th Age stuff to the site but I need to determine the best place for it before I do. Today/tonight I spent a...
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    Oh my! It's only a 13th Age SRD!

    13th Age SRD by the d20pfsrd.com Gang Hey everyone! Check out http://www.13thAgeSRD.com to see a continually growing and improving 13th Age SRD put together by the same people responsible for the worlds most popular SRD, http://www.d20pfsrd.com. If you'd like to become an editor on the new...
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    Pathfinder 1E Join the Fans of d20pfsrd.com Facebook Group

    Hey all, if you like to chat with other Pathfinder players via Facebook, the Fans of d20pfsrd.com Facebook group now has over 1300 members, with hundreds of posts per day (at least!) We'd love to have you stop on by and chat about either d20pfsrd.com, open gaming in general, or Pathfinder...