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  1. Eltab

    D&D and the rising pandemic

    It's OK if you don't get my point. I may be an unclear communicator, or I may be addressing a field outside your experience. The snark and condesension, however, are unnecessary.
  2. Eltab

    D&D and the rising pandemic

    Prime Minister Winston Churchill, to the Prime Minister of Japan (who unfortunately was not actually in a position to tell the Imperial Army what to do), December 1941: Are you aware the US can out-produce Japan in steel and oil and other essential wartime resources by 10-to-1 ? We know the...
  3. Eltab

    WotC You want to be a D&D miniature? Hasbro wants to make it possible.

    For sale or rent: One Wizard visage, comes with pair of glasses (to signify book-learning) and fashion-forward moustache (instead of seen-it-everywhere beard).
  4. Eltab

    EN World What you thought a thread title said.

    If you venerate Kossuth, XL Elemental of Fire ...
  5. Eltab

    Star Wars: Andor

    In 1977, I did get the impression that the big-engined speedster was a diplomatic vessel with special protections / privileges (maybe "personal" property that comes with the Senate seat), which Leia was trying to stretch the rules to get away with pulling a fast one.
  6. Eltab

    Worlds of Design: Modern vs. Medieval Maps

    An Arab cartographer (I do not know his name) heard that "The Nile flows down to the sea" so that is how he oriented his map. North is at the bottom.
  7. Eltab

    D&D 5E Is there a spell to control a volcano so that it is permanently active?

    That sounds like an opportunity to visit some sages who know about rituals and incantations (and geology) and such things. You probably will have to write your own "spell". Unless you want to walk into Mordor, sneak into the Barad-Dur, and steal Sauron's version out from under his very nose ...
  8. Eltab

    D&D General Reminder: Spellfire can come out of any body part…

    Imagine being imbued with Spellfire and getting into some poison ivy. A patch of skin on your arm / leg / neck / hand / wherever starts to weep fluid for no apparent reason and ... Bzzap!
  9. Eltab

    DART asteroid impact

    Once the Little Green Men figure out that that was a not-accidental crash, the next space probe to flyby an asteroid will be met with handfuls of rocks and gravel thrown across the 'collision course' paths.
  10. Eltab

    Star Wars: Andor

    IIRC the Star Trek episode was called "Miri". Or maybe that was the leader girl on the planet's name. A disease kills adults and makes teen / adolescence last for decades ... then you mature into adulthood and it kills you too.
  11. Eltab

    There's An Official Monty Python RPG Coming

    As far back in time as Holy Grail is supposed to happen, if you invent a Silly Walk you can BE the first Minister.
  12. Eltab

    There's An Official Monty Python RPG Coming

    If your character cannot afford a horse or even coconuts, can you still travel using Silly Walks?
  13. Eltab

    D&D (2024) RIP, 2014 PHB backgrounds

    Adventurers League figured out in short order how to mix-and-match the component parts of a Background. There is even a thread on optimising the choices to get extra GP. If customised backgrounds are to be the norm, create two dozen that each express a common RPG character, and attach the AL...
  14. Eltab

    WotC Wizards of the Coast Is Moving -- But Not Far!

    Lake Ontario is too big to see the other shore. (Except maybe from atop the Needle?) So it 'feels' like a seaCoast.
  15. Eltab

    D&D (2024) Jumping ahead: Bring back Bloodied for monsters

    raises hand One. I had a pack of carnivores hunting the heroes as they traversed wilderness terrain. A few had minimum HP (indicating near-juveniles). Most HPs were rolled randomly. Two had max HP and were the 'alpha male / female' of the pack.
  16. Eltab

    WotC Wizards of the Coast Is Moving -- But Not Far!

    Locally, one of the "classic three" TV stations, the best news radio station, and the only remaining newspaper share stories back and forth. All of them are part-owned by the same media group. The local coverage involves reporters actually visiting the scene of an event - be it a...
  17. Eltab

    D&D 5E Looney Tunes Acme themed stuff for Ghost busting?

    A barrel full of "radioactive glop" that makes invisible ghosts appear visible. Maybe it also gives the ghosts 'sunburn' (Disadvantage to concentration and Insight rolls due to distracting itch). Spray can of GhostBait that looks like the very old Raid cartoon commercial. "Don't you love the...
  18. Eltab

    D&D (2024) Jumping ahead: Bring back Bloodied for monsters

    My favorite 4e character was a damage-lite Warlock that imposed status conditions on the enemy. In effect I dumped barrels of molasses on them: you are still standing there, but try to do anything.
  19. Eltab

    EN World What you thought a thread title said.

    "Drunken Bard" on Facebook (Actual text: Durnken Bard) As if the Drunken Master Monk was not enough cheese ...
  20. Eltab

    D&D General Finding Stuff in a Bag of Holding

    Turn the Bag of Holding upside down and open it; everything will fall out. You may want to do this while leaning out a second-story window, because you never know when somebody will stash a statue or a small pond worth of water in there (because nobody ever pays attention to the RAW capacity...