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  1. Rhu

    Best "rats in the tavern cellar" map?

    What did you use to build this map? I am still pretty much using a generic note taking and sketching app w/ half tone grey grid sort of like old school pencil and paper days (I did go through a lot of graph paper back in high school in the 80s).
  2. Rhu

    Best "rats in the tavern cellar" map?

    It more of an upscale dining / best inn in the town, but, working on one right now. You make a good point. While the rats are a way to learn to swing a sword in the 1st place, you do have to find out why they suddenly show up in the cellar (damn goblins digging under the town just stired the...
  3. Rhu

    D&D 5E List of All 33 Races in Mordenkainen's Monsters of the Multiverse

    The first rule in DnD: the DM makes the rules.