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  1. Ethalias

    The playtest has begun

    Procedure followed, inbox watched with growing anticipation. Exciting times!
  2. Ethalias

    Backdrop: Moonshae Isles

    I've been looking forward to these articles since they were announced. Most of this month I've been waiting impatiently. Fortunately I was not disappointed. Moonshae campaign here I come! Also, here's hoping the map in the end of month compilation is stuck together! For now, there's selotape.
  3. Ethalias

    Keep on the Chaos Scar

    I second that. Lots of points of inspiration (for me at least), which means the potential use per word is high. Love the maps, glad to see crazyred getting his stuff out there. Anyone who hasn't seen his versions of Fallcrest (for both player and DM) should check out his blog D&D Doodle...
  4. Ethalias

    Recommend good podcast?

    I second all of these. I also listen to "Radio Free Hommlet" and "Power Source" Podcasts, though they've not been running as long as some of the above, and aren't *quite* as slick, they have some USPs. Admittedly these all tend to focus on 4E, but there's some handy, more generic stuff, to take...
  5. Ethalias

    [Exalted 2e] Chosen of the Second Age

    ARGH! Cliffhanger.. More please. And soon. :)
  6. Ethalias

    Where is the Psion?!

    Thanks! I hadn't quit out to the splash screen.. I've been reading the powers on the compendium, and first glance I like them. It's like having 2 "half-encounter" powers OR an encounter power, with greater choice from the off, and a kewl mechanic to call your own. Exciting times!
  7. Ethalias

    Where is the Psion?!

    Repair? Where?
  8. Ethalias

    BBC4, Gaming and Image

    Remember Rule 0.. Make sure you all have fun and, frankly, you can't go far wrong. Good luck, do us proud :)
  9. Ethalias

    New Acquisitions Inc. Podcast on the way

    I saw that too! Huzzah!
  10. Ethalias

    Garaitha's Anvil: Can someone fill in a gap for me? WARNING: SPOILERS

    I've been reading through the latest Scales of War and, unless I've missed something, they've omitted to detail where the PCs (can choose to) arrive when they teleport to Garaitha's anvil. The adventure implies that they can attempt to be stealthy or attempt a full frontal assault, and whilst...
  11. Ethalias

    D&D 4e + new players = PURE WIN!!!

    Sounds like awesome fun. I'm going to be running a game for some first-timers in a couple of weeks, so it's a great relief to hear an account of people picking up the rules easily. I had suspected that to be the case but the few people I've played with before have more of a background of...
  12. Ethalias

    Ampersand: Debut and Exclusive Content (Assassin Class)

    Regarding the "beyond" level 30 topic: I would be concerned if they brought out *hyper-super-epic* type rules. I didn't get that impression from the column; I imagine it would more be surrounding extended level 30 play. After all, there's no need for it to be roughly 10 encounters as with...
  13. Ethalias

    WOTC D&D June Editorial Calendar is up!

    Definitely feels light. First time I've actually been severely underwhelmed. We definitely need more adventure material in Dungeon, perhaps a few single encounters, brief one-shots. Also, it appears the DM-focused articles have yet to make their move to Dungeon. Really hoping that this trend...
  14. Ethalias

    D&D Podcast: MM2

    There'll be another double page spread of Myconids in the Underdark book.. They've further improved (their words, obviously) minions in MM3. Solo's now have less HP and more dynamic powers.. Lots of very frank self-appraisal of where they feel they dropped the ball and are working to improve it...
  15. Ethalias

    PHB3 cover!

    Methinks you might be right. The Dragon & Dungeon annual is apparently not enough. Seems a shame. Still, there's at least ONE new race in the book (who's name was the subject of much debate: Wilding/Wilder/Wildtastic..). PH3 is the first book that I'm getting mixed feelings about.. Still, I...
  16. Ethalias

    PHB3 cover!

    New stuff mostly I'd guess. Not sure what design space there is, I guess we'll have to wait and see.. Perhaps there are more than 4 psionic classes and only one or two primal and divine. Am I the only one who's thought when seeing the minotaur was "What, MORE?"? DDI already has a racial write...
  17. Ethalias

    DDI Changes - PH3 Previews! New price

    It didn't seem like a big hike to me either.. Nothing to write home about anyway..
  18. Ethalias

    [Exalted 2e] Chosen of the Second Age

    In terms of reader knowledge, I've read the core rules through, but the info about surrounding regions was helpful in refreshing (quite a large world after all). Keep up the good work! :)
  19. Ethalias

    Monk Preview

    Nope, Dex primary, Wis is secondary along with strength for another build (as yet unpublished). :) I like it a lot. I like that the powers don't seem tied to one build through bonuses but just use stat mods for secondary benefits, meaning one can choose to be balanced down the line in terms of...
  20. Ethalias

    Best map maker?

    I'm in a similar position to the OP: Would love custom made gorgeous maps, but lack art skills and the time to develop them. Are there any keen gaming cartographers out there hungry for a new project? Collaboration FTW!