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    Best D&D adventures/modules in a desert?

    Don't forget "Khamsa's Folly", an AD&D2 adventure in Dungeon #40. It was explicitly noted as a potential supplement to the DoD supermodule.
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    Crown of Eaerlann Teaser - Hunthorn

    Hunthorn This creature looks like an ugly, brutish human with gray skin, coarse hair, and a rack of stag-like antlers. It has a stooped posture, low forehead, and a piglike face with prominent lower canines that resemble a boar’s tusks. Hunthorn Warlock CR 1 Male hunthorn warlockCArc 1 Often...
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    Fighting with Low Ceilings

    Greetings, For the life of me I can't find rules for 3.5e D&D for fighting in areas with low ceilings. (For example, a dungeon built by Tucker's kobolds.) I'd prefer not to have to make them up. For example, imagine the party is filled with Medium humanoids (most 5-6 feet in height). If the...
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    Which Faerun setting guide?

    I rewrote the Under Illefarn adventure for 3.5e and detailed the Shining Vale. http://forum.candlekeep.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=22682
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    D&D 5E What FR books would I need to have read to run GoDSC?

    Here you go. http://forum.candlekeep.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=22682&whichpage=1 --Eric
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    Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land

    Glad you liked it. --Eric
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    Age of Worms ancient history

    It's a little known fact that phylacteries are attached to the lich/dracolich by a very long strings. However, although long, such strings are finite in length, so they can't be hidden very far away. ;-) All kidding aside, there could be some sort of distance-related motivation for keeping it...
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    Faerunian Kobolds

    The only extensive discussion of kobolds in Faerun is a 1 page article by Ed Greenwood that appeared in Dragon magazine circa #200 - #210. It was part of the short-lived "Elminster's Notes" series. --Eric
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    To Sail the Sunless Sea

    Another idea is "hanging gardens." You could imagine forests of vine-like fungi dangling from a low ceiling. Passage through such areas would require small boats or "icebreaker" boats with large prows that sever/push the vines out of the way. This could be the habitat of albino hadozee or other...
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    To Sail the Sunless Sea

    Excellent thread. This sounds so cool. One comment. Most of the posts have assumed that "light is bad" because it would draw excessive attention. One way around this is to make 'winking lights' common. For example, you could posit one or more species of giant firefly that flit about the...
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    Vestiges and Binders

    It's a different Astaroth vestige. This is a demon lord vestige, not a fallen angel. The article notes the existence of three beings known as Astaroth in the multiverse, two of whom are currently vestiges and one of whom is an alias for an archdevil who became a deity. (My motivation for...
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    Expedition to Undermountain Opinions?

    It's not B1 in hardcover. --Eric
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    Dungeon #148

    Glad you liked it. I look forward to further feedback from you and others. --Eric
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    Do ogres look more like shrek..orcs like LotR?

    The main D&D info I learned from Shrek is that ogres are actually humans with the half-frog template. (Think about it.) --Eric
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    City of the Spider-Queen question (possible spoilers)

    There's a long thread about converting City of the Spider Queen to v3.5e found here: http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=255217 --Eric
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    Demonic Lore II

    http://wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/re/20040308a And another one: http://wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/re/20040329a
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    Dungeon #147

    Nope, someone else. (Identity revealed in Savage Tide outline, IIRC.) --Eric
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    Chaulsin - City of Wyrmshadows

    Details of Chaulsin, City of Wyrmshadows, and an adventure involving the Jaezred Chaulsin are finally posted as Dragons of Faerun web enhancement #3, found here: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/we/20070425a Sorry for the long delay. I hope it was worth the wait. --Eric
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    Demonomicon - after the big 14?

    I urge to you quickly retract any statement challenging the magnificence of Ahazu. You've been warned ... :mad: --Eric
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    Dragon #355

    No, no, no. He's the guy in the snowsuit who can't bend his arms. He's holding a Red Rider BB gun and the caption should say "You'll shoot your eye out!" --Eric