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  1. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Thoughts on A5E classes from your table(s)?

    In general the buffs the marshall gives to the party at this point (lvl 7, so its the temp HP on long rest + an expertise die on initiative + mark foe +tactics die) are just so wonderful for the team. It elevates the team more than other classes, at the cost of being a little more on the generic...
  2. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Thoughts on A5E classes from your table(s)?

    just wanted to weigh in here and give some more feedback from what i see around the table Adept: player naughty word loves his class. he loves maneuvers and loves how often he gets to pull them out. The one change I made to the class is that we've used maneuver DC instead of focus DC, when focus DC...
  3. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) A thing...

    yo we got CARDS in this!?!? lets go
  4. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Can Mending Restore a Damaged Item?

    Oh wait this is actually brilliant. Morrus said it grants an experience die, so this is how it checks out, with mending being the "ROUGH" repair. With mending being written as it is, I would still allow it to take weapons from Broken -> Damaged, imo, but not damaged -> anything else. Im not...
  5. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Can Mending Restore a Damaged Item?

    personally, I would consider it a "max value" repair type of thing, where it seems a max value is repaired using the cantrip, and with regards to this one: I think its fair to say "specific trumps general" in this case, in that with "persistent" mending, no crack or break or chip becomes great...
  6. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Holdenshire campaign questions

    What i've done in my map is actually plug it into the forgotten realms sword coast, right around the greypeak mountains, so I can do a romp through a few premades that WOTC made but with the A5E system. Im pretty excited.
  7. getquarked

    Gate Pass Gazette Gate Pass Gazette print copies

    Mine just alerted me that its shipping now
  8. getquarked

    Homebrew Made a Vertical Version of the Narrator Screen

    Hey, I made a vertical version of the narrator screen, (with no artwork, ofc, since I lack the skill to incorporate that). If anyone wants it feel free to take it, if the Dev's would rather I take it down let me know. To print, you must be able to use narrow margins, but I think with printers...
  9. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Maneuvers (2nd and 3rd level) - Winners and Losers

    No disagreements here. I think Parrying Counter Should be moved to "Super Winner" because you basically build Duelist fighter around that and the "Parry and Thrust" feature to get 3 off-turn attacks in at level 7 off of a creature that misses you twice. (the balance here is that all these...
  10. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Manuevers (1st level) - Winners and Losers

    Strongly agree with your winners, but going to make a quick pitch for some losers solely bc as a DM I can think of multiple times they would have made a difference: I think Covering Fire is situationally useful, if you have to reach a location in a short amount of time, running through a...
  11. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Classes: Winner and Losers

    So the overall winner of A5e is exploration based campaigning, i.e, travelling between regions. So on that note, I'd say over O5e, the ranger is the winner. If you don't have exploration in your campaigns, then yeah hes weak, but in a campaign where you track supply and things are a little more...
  12. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Crafting and Enchanting Items

    Ah man I had a similar question to this last month, this was my math https://www.enworld.org/threads/question-about-crafting-magical-weapons.684079/ Basically what I think this boils down to is, "If we have the base-item (a fine or masterwork item) for magical item crafting, does it reduce...
  13. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Hunting Snares are well designed!

    This, PLUS you have to actually be near it, being that you gotta set it somewhere then stay in the area, bc if its out for too long its gonna get robbed. The hunting traps (fishing traps, hunting snares, hunting traps) are excellent.
  14. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Need Help Understanding Extended Journies

    So I think your question is more mechanical than narrative, however, if your players are aware they would run out of food, they wouldnt all just go out on that activity, which means the narrative would impact the mechanics. I would rule that the narrators and players have a duty to realize...
  15. getquarked

    Homebrew Level Up Official Character Sheet (Color)

    Hey any chance we can get one thats in Black and White, i.e without the background so it doesnt kill my printer?
  16. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Memories of Holdenshire in other settings (and VTT maps?)

    are you asking if someone placed this adventure in FR? cause I totally just did, I actually explained it as a magical event that occurs before the story of holdenshire, where it just gets plopped into it since its pretty unpopulated as an area. (apparently this kind of thing happens in forgotten...
  17. getquarked


    Hey just wanted to check, is the "ROB" Journey activity incorrect? it reads as follows: The adventurer gains 1d8 silver per week of travel. When this journey activity is done in fewer than 7 days, the adventurer instead gains half as much gold (minimum 1 gold)... Im assuming that the "Silver" is...
  18. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Question about Crafting Magical Weapons.

    I think that my issue here then, is that a Composite Bow, which costs 200gp, only costs 500 gp to have the +1 version of, while the longsword is 20, costs 500 gp to have the +1 version of. Getting a "Fine Compound Bow"costs 225 gp (200 for materials, 25 for the production cost) while a...
  19. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Steps to making a weapon +1

    (pst: hey you dont answer this, you're who Im talking to on the reddit LOL) but I literally just asked this too, so if the dev can answer it would be great
  20. getquarked

    Level Up (A5E) Question about Crafting Magical Weapons.

    I'm going over a few things in the reddit, but I'll post it here since it might get an expert answer: Abbreviations: AG = Adventurer's guide, TT = Trials and Treasures Hypothetically, Lets say I want to make a +1 Longsword. I need a fine longsword, to start, since +1 weapons are uncommon, and...