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    Shining A Spotlight On RPG Patreons

    Heroic Maps is another map maker https://www.patreon.com/heroicmaps
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    Defeating a Great Wyrm Force Dragon

    Vorpal only works on a Natural 20
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    Mini n00b needs info please...

    For the WotC D&D Minis, the size is 1 inch per 5' of facing So a med char has fits in a 1 inch square, while a large is 2 inches by 2 inches (actual mini bases tend to be a little smaller). Some minis overflow the base quite a bit. Most battlemats have 1 inch squares (or hexes) Chessex makes...
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    Trouble with feat selection for a human ranger 11/beastmaster 1

    What about Greater Manyshot Or if you switch your animal companion to something you can ride, go with the Mounted Archery feats. There was also a feat at the WotC site that gave you an animal companion, could take that and have 2 companions.
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    Summon and Effects

    I know that spell effects end when the summon creature goes away, but what about other effects. If a summoned creature (such as a monstrous spider, scorpion, ...) poisons something but dies before the secondary poison save occurs, does that save still need to be made. (Does death of the...
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    Propane tanks and lightning...

    If it is 4 feet away from your house then odds are that the lightning would hit your house not the grill (as your house would be taller). Depending on where the tank is on the grill (mine is underneath) even if the grill is hit the tank may not be effected. (The electricity is trying to go to...
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    What do you do when your players refuse to succeed?

    You sure that some of the d20 were replaced by the kind that are 1-10 twice (or is it 0-9 twice). Had someone make that mistake once.
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    Coolest Dragons...

    Shadowrun had some cool dragons The rainbow serpents Lowfyr (a western dragon) ran a megacorp Dunkelzayn (sure I goofed the spelling) (a western dragon) was a celeb and ran for president (and won, but got killed)
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    Price this Magic Item for me

    MIC has several items that allow communication Sending Stone (1400gp) allow 1 per day sending to whoever has the other stone. There are a few other items but I don't recall the names. So if you have the MIC may want to have a look.
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    So I've hit the damage roadblock on an Archer

    Scout As mentioned above Scout/Ranger w/the feat the allows the levels to stack for skirmish and favored enemy is nice. Then you get improved skirmish for more skirmish damage. Then take multishot and greater multishot (which for some reason is hidden in the XPH - check out the srd if you...
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    Duskblade Build Help

    Practiced Spellcaster would only help if you took levels in another class. Also remember that the spell list is on page twenty something (end of the duskblade description). The list at the end of the book is only the new spells.
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    Wizard helping fighter from being grappled

    Dimension Door or Teleport Ray of Enfeeblement on the monster (not so good if monster has SR)
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    Fast Wildshape

    No You can wildshape as a move action that would leave with a standard action. With the standard action you could move or attack, but not both. However there is a feat that lets you wildshape as a swift action (requires the wildshape as a move action feat). I think it is in Complete Champion...
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    Is there a feat that makes KNow skills class skils

    I think Educated does that - may be an FR feat
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    CR on a boat?

    With a grapple of +44 it can easily take the -20 penalty to grapple with just 1 limb and thus grapple many opponents. +24 is still a good grapple check but at least there is a chance of beating it.
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    Good PrC for a Dragon-riding Gnome Wizard

    I recall there being some Forgotten Realms book with a PrC that dealt with mounted magic users. May have been for the Zhentarim. Perhaps that will jog someone elses memory.
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    Goodman Games THREE DOLLAR SALE

    Just got me some books (9 of them)
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    Anyone here ever bought a refrigerator?

    I got my side by side a little over 2 years ago I don't recall the brand Just that it was a slightly dented model which made it much cheaper And all but one small dent is on the sides which you can't even see the way my fridge is positioned. So if you may want to see if there any such deals.
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    Ultimate healer

    Augment Healing There is a feat in one of the FR book - Magic of the Land? Need to make a Know(Nature) check and if so the spell heals some HPs as well