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  1. Racegamer

    ICv2 Reports Disappointing Year For Hobby Games Channel: TTRPGs Down, D&D Declines 30%

    Anecdotal... I am 66 years old and I have played every edition/version of D&D since the White Box edition - Didn't do any "Roleplaying" with Chainmail, but did some miniaturs battles with it... I currently run 3 different 5e games, each once a month. I have absolutely no interest in ever going...
  2. Racegamer

    RPG Evolution: When Gamers Retire

    For what it's worth: I'm 66 and currently working - In fact, I often say that I'll be working up until the day of my funeral & I'll probably be late to that... I currently run 2 D&D games per month (@ 6 hours each), play boardgames most Friday nights (and sometimes others), race slot cars, and...
  3. Racegamer

    D&D 5E 23 Different Ways Your Fighter Can Cast A Spell

    I DON'T WANT my Fighter (or many other classes) to be able to cast spells... ...When just about EVERYBODY can cast spells is is no longer "Magic". It's just an everyday mundane tool that becomes as routine as buying a mug of ale at a tavern. All sense of the Mysterious and Fantastical is lost. :(
  4. Racegamer

    Elissar/To Save A Kingdom Welcome to Elissar

    Nice map! What's the scale (per hex)?
  5. Racegamer

    D&D General Goodman Games To Reincarnate Jennell Jaquays' Caverns of Thracia

    Oh, what I would give to see all of Len Lakofka's Lendore Isles ("L"series) compiled and modernized...
  6. Racegamer

    TSR NuTSR Sells Rebound 1E Core Rulebooks For $650 Each

    By "800 attendees", maybe they meant 800 total brain cells were in attendance... ...Even then, I would think that would be stretching it!
  7. Racegamer

    TSR NuTSR Sells Rebound 1E Core Rulebooks For $650 Each

    Well, there is only so much you can do when working in Word 3.0!
  8. Racegamer

    TSR The Full & Glorious History of NuTSR

    "Clarifaction" and "Opioions"... I laughed so hard I sprayed my covfefe out my nose while eating a hamberder.
  9. Racegamer

    TSR TSR3 Blames Widespread Pushback On WotC

    Oy Vey... Might have to change my avatar :rolleyes:
  10. Racegamer

    D&D Movie/TV Check Out Hugh Grant's D&D Movie Costume!

    I think he looks like a member of a prog-rock band from the 70's... where is his flute? :LOL:
  11. Racegamer

    D&D 5E The New D&D Book: Candlekeep Mysteries: 17 Mystery Adventures [UPDATED!]

    I think it’s a step in the right direction... I think D&D needs short one-nighters. I’d like to see a bunch more for levels 2-7ish. 👍🏼
  12. Racegamer

    Heroes' Feast: A Cookbook & DM's Resource

    This is definitely something I will buy... Is this a WOtC product? If not, who is the publisher? ((I don't think it's mentioned in the article).
  13. Racegamer

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Old-School Essentials, Mnemonic, GUN&SLINGER, and more

    I though that the "Complete Curse of Roslof Keep Campaign" looked pretty cool until I got to the extremely gratuitous pic 'Elsa at the hot springs outside of Roslof Keep... '. Well, you lost me there - there's really no need for that. :cautious:
  14. Racegamer

    D30 Overland Travel Mishaps

    "To simulate a d30 roll any die, odd roll 1d20 on the chart and even roll 1d10+20 ..." Unless my brain is not working today, using this method a quarter of your of your rolls will be from 1-10, half will be from 11-20, and a quarter will be from 21-30 - not an even distribution. You would be...
  15. Racegamer

    D&D General Companies Cut Ties With Judges Guild After Owner's Racist Posts

    Dear World... Please understand that these ignoramuses DO NOT represent Americans as a whole. Although our political climate appears to approve of, or even encourage, this line of thought/behavior - it really isn't so! Even though they try their hardest to sound like they represent the majority...