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    WOIN [NEW] Psijump - Alternative FTL Type 0 Travel

    In my campaign I wanted the standard form of interstellar transportation to be wormhole style. This seems to be a nicer fit for both controlling access to various locations and for glossing over the hard science stuff while still providing an opportunity to drop players into new and interesting...
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    WOIN Medical skills missing from the WRRD

    I noticed the medical skills mentioned in the errata page are missing from the WRRD (WOIN Rules Reference Document - Skills) and psychology, medicine, genetics, and xenology are listed under scientific skills. Any chance of an update? Have the other errata been fixed in the WRRD?
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    WOIN Meet The Crew of the Starship Murphy

    Did the new starter version do away with the character's descriptors? I kinda felt like the descriptor was the foundation of the character, but I don't see any descriptors for any of these characters. =[
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    WOIN Calibrating Difficulty Benchmarks to player expectations

    I think the real question is how hard you think things like this should be in your world. On TV characters regularly pick locks and spoof video feeds, but in real life these things are much more rare. Would it be super cool and in the theme of your game for your players to regularly create...
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    D&D (2024) Rests should be dropped. Stop conflating survival mechanics with resource recovery.

    Not to mention that nobody ever has to go to the bathroom. =] Generally our group tracks resources like food, water, ammunition, etc. only when it's interesting to the plot. We focus on adventure and storytelling more than accounting. Still, resting up between battles always seems to be a...
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    D&D (2024) Rests should be dropped. Stop conflating survival mechanics with resource recovery.

    At some point in the last 50 years someone explained Hit Points in D&D as an abstraction of fatigue, injury, and even luck all mashed into one. Losing a few HP could just mean you got a little more tired during the fight. (Of course, this could also be from the time when one to-hit roll...
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    WOIN NOW: What to do with CHI gained from careers in a non-supernatural setting that doesn't use CHI?

    I'm looking at p. 14: in NEW 1.2 (Career Creation Walkthrough step 5) It's interesting that they don't mention any restrictions here, but you're right, it clearly says on p. 23 that "Not all races allow this substitution." And I was wrong when I said that it didn't say specifically that you...
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    WOIN Starter Set Playtest Draft

    I noticed this announcement in Facebook first, so I put all of my feedback there sigh. I did want to clarify, though: The new SOAK dice pools - are they supposed to be rolled like a contested attribute check, or are they supposed to remove dice from the damage dice pool? This part could use...
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    WOIN Starter Set Playtest Draft

    Hmm. The guys who invented the .gif file format call it "JIF" like the peanut butter, but that doesn't make it right. Woe Inn. Maybe this rule should have been part of the non-starter versions... =]
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    WOIN Open-Licensed WOIN Starter Set Coming in 2023

    When learning WOIN we did better by starting with the WRRD for exactly this reason. The NOW rulebook has all of the important bits scattered all over, which in PDF form makes it difficult to comprehend cohesively. We spent a lot of time tag-teaming looking stuff up in the book while others...
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    WOIN NOW: What to do with CHI gained from careers in a non-supernatural setting that doesn't use CHI?

    The NEW rules allow you to (once per career) swap out any one attribute gain for a gain in one of your species/heritage/race attributes or an attribute tied to your hook. Does NOW say something similar? (I don't have NOW, so I'm relying on the WRRD for the NOW stuff.) It looks like for Human...
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    WOIN WOIN Switching to New Licence

    It sounds like the Open RPG Creation License that Paizo is spearheading might be a good bandwagon to jump on. Several big names in roleplaying have already signed on and they seem to have the right direction in mind.
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    Starship Sensors Range Inc

    I'm imagining that one can scan and detect some ships on the other side of a system, even if they can't really tell what kinds of ships they are, and then at some closer range they can get more details, etc. Same with planets and their satellites; one can see a planet from a long way away and...
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    WOIN [NEW] 1.2 PDF - Reference Charts & Sheets errata?

    p. 298 has a chart labeled "DICE POOL /n DEFENSE" that looks just like the "Attribute/Skill /n Dice Pool" table above it. Is this supposed to match the chart on p. 63 labeled "POOL /n DEF." giving the average score for the roll or am I missing something? I can't figure out what this chart is for.
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    WOIN [NEW] Scientist's Improviser exploit seems useless?

    Improviser. In the field, you need to improvise. Using your scientific know-how, you can create a crude object or device from your surroundings. This requires a LOG check, with a difficulty value equal to the purchase value of the object, and takes 30 minutes. But looking through the list of...
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    Starship Sensors Range Inc

    I had the same question as Gordon, and I'm not clear on the answer. I think you are saying that the "Range" column should be deleted from the "Sensor Systems" table in both the Starship Construction Manual and the Small Ships article from Eons? Is this some leftover from a previous set of...
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    WOIN [NEW] Starship Construction rules for Class 0 ships?

    Thanks, that's really helpful! I totally don't understand the cargo capacity column, though. Both class 0-I and 0-II have 1% listed, and the instructions don't really have enough words: "Once cargo capacity in tons has been determined, multiply it by the percentage in the Cargo column on the...
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    WOIN [NEW] Starship Construction rules for Class 0 ships?

    I noticed that the interactive starship construction tool has some mS* items matching those mentioned in the Starship Recognition Manual, but I don't see the rules for those in the Starship Construction Manual v1.1 or in the NEW v1.2 base rules; is there a source for these items? How does...
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    D&D 4E UPDATED 6/20/08! kiznit's 4e Fold-over Character Sheet w/ Cards

    I've been watching this space... any chance you could spend a few minutes fixing the bugs where the text fields are shared between multiple power cards? Or let us know how to fix it? (Probably need some purchased pdf software, huh?) Also, is there some way to make the font in the power...