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  1. Xenophon223

    D&D General What is your personal Appendix N?

    This is a super fun topic. Let's see if I can keep the list reaonsable: Literature: Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and Mouser Books: These are my absolute favorites. The combination of swashbuckling fun and weird world building is my favortie kind of fantasy Neil Gaiman's Sandman Comics: The world...
  2. Xenophon223

    Campaigns inspired by songs

    I had a multi-night adventure arc based around The Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson. One player had offened the Crimson King, who is the soverign of murderous fae and had to travel to his court in the Feywild in order to work out a truce. The party ended up having to convince his...
  3. Xenophon223

    D&D General D&Difying History

    At GenCon this year I spent a bunch of money on Nations and Cannons, a American Revolutionary War Era 5e setting. I initially picked it up the firearms rules, but the more I talked to the designers and read through it the more I really like how they implemented non-magic abilities that mimicked...
  4. Xenophon223

    D&D General Appendix EN - What one book/series inspires your D&D?

    Thank you very much! No, "Best Served Cold" has some excellent callbacks to the First Law trilogy that will have a lot less impact if you start there. I'd start with the first book in the series, "The Blade Itself." It is excellent as are the next two books in the trilogy. The characters in...
  5. Xenophon223

    D&D General Appendix EN+ :. What movies, books, and comics inspire your for D&D?

    TV - The Magicians - Our current campaign is centered around the Royal University and I'm very inspired by this show's vibe. It's very much, American Harry Potter in grad school with everything that entails. TV - The Musketeers - Possibly my favorite retelling of Dumas. Dashing sword play...
  6. Xenophon223

    D&D General Appendix EN - What one book/series inspires your D&D?

    I've been looking for a reason to join and start posting, this seems like an excellent opportunity. I agree with everyone endorsing the Black Company books they are excellent and present a realistic idea of what fantasy warfare would be like. In a similar vein, I'd add the books of the First...