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  1. PA_Gamer

    Release The Emissary - An Adventure for Aralsk-7 RPG

    During a visit to an isolated Nest on Rebirth Island all hell breaks loose when government forces attack, with only the lucky few escaping with their lives. But it soon becomes apparent the authorities came looking for someone in particular, and when that someone is finally forced to reveal...
  2. PA_Gamer

    Release Risk vs Reward - An Adventure for Aralsk-7 RPG

    Risk Vs. Reward is a free-form "sandbox" adventure depicting an isolated area of Vozrozhdeniya where assorted dangers - and a few lucrative finds - share the same acreage. With a prospektor's nest conveniently located nearby, the PCs are free to explore, scavenge, and loot at their own pace...
  3. PA_Gamer

    Release Bonanza - An Adventure For Aralsk-7 RPG

    A renowned "old timer" and long-time resident of Vozrozhdeniya has died, and now whatever loot he accumulated over the years is up for grabs. A mad rush is underway by multiple parties to find the old man's hideout and plunder it before anyone else. If the player characters are lucky, they may...
  4. PA_Gamer

    Release Live And Let Live - An Adventure for Aralsk-7 RPG

    A daring foray into the hyper-flourishing outer reaches of the Wish Machine's nesting place uncovers the ruins of a seemingly abandoned facility. But the facility wasn't just abandoned, it was deliberately blown up. Entering as a looter, but likely leaving with a confusing mix of guilt and...
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  6. PA_Gamer

    Release Doublecross - An Adventure for Aralsk-7 RPG

    A renowned prospektor, "Belyaev", is looking to mount an expedition, an ambitious heist that will net him - and any partners who sign on with him - enough wealth that they can retire in luxury. But as with anything, if it sounds too good to be true... it probably is. Doublecross is a 35-page...
  7. PA_Gamer

    Release Aralsk-7

    Demikhov's Legacy, an adventure for the survival and scavenging role-playing game, Aralsk-7, is now available for sale on DriveThruRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/465435/Demikhovs-Legacy News about upcoming projects (and products) are posted regularly on our FB group...
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  9. PA_Gamer

    Release Aralsk-7

    Aralsk-7, Prospectors of Rebirth Island is a mix of classic tabletop RPG and deck-building card game. Loosely based on themes from the novel "Roadside Picnic", "Annhiliation", and the STALKER, Chernobylite, and Desolation video games, Aralsk-7 is set on a mysterious island that, after a strange...