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    Digging Into Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk

    My gaming group is composed of middle aged parents, we loved the original campaign. I ran the game with a theme of restoration and redemption. The conclusion to the story was recovering a magical memory gem from the green dragon's hoard. The gem was given to Agatha the Banshee which redeemed her...
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    Sell me on (or out) Traveller

    Your Glorantha may vary is a core theme of Runequest. So it is with Traveller & its many editions & variants. When I search on Drivethrurpg for 'System: Traveller' there 2238 items in the list.
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    Sell me on (or out) Traveller

    If I were to run a Traveller campaign I would use Cortex Classic as that is the preferred scifi system that my group uses.
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    Sell me on (or out) Traveller

    Please forgive me for a quick digression. Traveller is one of the earliest rpgs, the first rulebooks were A5 little black books which gave a rough outline of what a story might feel. There were no starter campaigns like Lost Mine of Phandelver. It was assumed that the ref & players would make it...
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    (Mongoose is Hiring) Games Industry Jobs Can Pay Well Too

    Good luck in your recruitment drive. It is a promising sign that you can pay good benefits.
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    D&D General Deep Thoughts on AI- The Rise of DM 9000

    This is a twitch stream that is AI driven with questions from the chat, answers are given by AI versions of famous people. Imagine you are the DM and you want to add in players based on famous people. How about if you want to play with a group of people based on generic gamers, I want a...
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    D&D General Deep Thoughts on AI- The Rise of DM 9000

    The price of using AI is dropping fast, but when you can go through many conversations over months of gameplay time, API usage of $0.02 can quickly add up. Perhaps a monthly all in fee for the game would absorb the compute costs...
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    D&D General Deep Thoughts on AI- The Rise of DM 9000

    I accept your points on the website and impact on education. I am in my 50s and recall how the marking of exams & papers in the UK was a closely guarded secret. No one wanted to explain how it would be marked, having an AI be able to explain at the root level why one paper scored higher than...
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    D&D General Deep Thoughts on AI- The Rise of DM 9000

    What if the AI could read your mind and then present a story that fit your emotional needs and energy level? A different feel for casual, tactical, strategic, indie storytellers. A different energy level for introverts or extroverts. In case twitter is broken or just collapsed in the future.
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    D&D General Deep Thoughts on AI- The Rise of DM 9000

    This tweet comes from the 14th Feb. It considers the range of reactions to encountering chatgpt. https://thecleverest.com/gpt3-is-just-spicy-autocomplete/ In case the twitter image does not load.
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    Unique British aspects of D&D in the UK?

    If you are interested in a history of roleplaying, please consider Designers & Dragons by Shannon Appelcline. It is US focused but has sections on UK companies.
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    Unique British aspects of D&D in the UK?

    If you want to read and experience UK specific gaming culture then search for UK Fanzines from the 80s & 90s. White Dwarf Magazine used to do a lot of pieces on all types of games. Issue 100+ moved their editiorial focus towards GW product. A lot of UK fanzines, gaming magazines are out of...
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    D&D General Are You Seriously Planning to Stop Playing and/or Running D&D Over The Recent OGL Developments?

    Probably stop buying but if the new media on film, streaming is a success I can see it a drop saved vs an ocean. I imagine there are IP lawyers seeking to reduce all risks ahead of the media launch.
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    D&D General I've Been a DM for 30 Years and I have Zero Imagination.

    I can sympathise with this, Indie games require a lot of emotional energy. Not everyone has the ability to improvise on the spot. There are many actors who need a script and hours of rehearsals to produce their craft. Catch them unaware on camera or even a podcast and they are human and not...
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    Star Trek Picard uses 3D printing as a guide to their set design.
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    D&D 5E A Compilation of all the Race Changes in Monsters of the Multiverse

    What does PB mean? As in "equal to your PB." Is it proficiency bonus? Thanks.
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    D&D 5E Elves As the Ancient Evil?

    In Ptolus, it is suggested that Elves were on the side of Ancient Evil/Chaos but over time they switched to the side of Good.
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    What is the most detailed setting available?

    I wonder whether Glorantha should be considered. 40+ years of publications & the recent boom of fan content in the Jonstown Compendium. The shelf space in my library comes to over 2 metres of work.