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    Chessex Battlemats & Megamats

    Chessex Mats serve a simple but useful function: providing a nice surface for your combat visualization. Description / Criteria for Review: I own the smaller of the two mats, which I bought for $12. The mat is thin laminated organic material, a pleasent beige color. On it is a clearly printed...
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    Incivility on the forums.

    Shouldn't someone complaining about rude posting work especially hard to avoid making personal attacks regarding the subjects of the complaint?
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    Any Python Gurus?

    Post the entire program. Also, in the future, avoid single-letter variables except for use with iterators (1,2,3). Just name the variable according to what it stores, and debugging your code gets a world easier.
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    Kevin Smith review of Revenge of the Sith - Spoiler Filled

    And here's an example of his viewpoint, taken from the second paragraph of his review. He's coming strictly from the fanboy camp ("haters"), and isn't a good point of reference for those who disliked the previous two movies.
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    Star Gate

    I love the non-system stuff in the books. It's superb, and really an excellent resource. I ditched the Clancyesque, Spycraft-based system for something way simpler, though. Seems I'm not alone here, either.
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    (WotC/d20) How many PDFs do you own?

    I dig on the Ronin Arts and Expeditious Retreat Press. Not to say that I buy everything they do (really, who could, with Ronin Arts), but I've really enjoyed the stuff I've bought.
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    want to know more about Arcana Evolved, Blue Rose, or Grim Tales to do D&D-style game

    First, thanks much for the replies. This is exactly the kind of information I'm looking for. You're both right about my Dodge feat question. It's poorly worded. Let me try again: Armor and size-modifiers are easy to remember because it doesn't change over the course of a combat. Hence, a...
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    want to know more about Arcana Evolved, Blue Rose, or Grim Tales to do D&D-style game

    My play group moved on from 3.x to other systems because we grew tired of not getting the game right and combat taking too long. Every combat was a balance between fast playtime with errors, and minutes spent looking stuff up or confirming how things work. Our house rule/reminder document grew...
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    Recap of major RPG events over the past year?

    For more non-d20 news: Hero Games is encouraging direct sales from their website over local game stores. They released Hero System 5th edition Revised, if you like the Hero System, have been curious to jump in, want the errata and updates incorporated into your corebook, or simply want the...
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    Greatest Sentence of All Time?

    "Pinky, I have devised a glorious sentence! Once it is crafted, it will be seen as literature! However, be still and do not hit that period." "Yes, sir." (type type comma type comma type comma) "Pinky, stop shaking. Don't do it--I'm on a roll." (type comma type type comma type comma type type...
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    Xbox versus PS2 for the discerning adult

    Mad love for Katamari Damacy. It both invented a style of gameplay and then dominated it. I haven't enjoyed a console game this much in a long, long time. Flawless victory. -Clint
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    All Flesh Must Be Eaten

    My group has played it and loved it. It's a great system that takes very little time to learn and is a lot of fun to play. And yes, it'll be great for spec ops versus zombies.
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    [C&C] Will there be a revised Player's book?

    Thanks, all. I'm excited to hear how the reprint ends up! :)
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    Who ELSE buys PDFs?

    I buy pdfs. I love having corebooks as pdf for quick searching. I also love buying niche supplements and one-off weirdness. I will not buy pdf at full printed retail price. I will never buy DRM content of any kind. I'm very happy with RPGNow, especially since they eliminated minimum checkout...
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    [C&C] Why the edition wars?

    This is just a guess, but I think that most of the people coming to C&C are coming from 3.x, and make threads saying: "Finally, a lighter version of modern D&D!" Then the fans of 3.x read this and say: "What's wrong with my favorite game? No, your favorite game sucks!" Hilarity ensues.
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    [C&C] Will there be a revised Player's book?

    I thought that I had seen a mention of it somewhere, although I can't remember where. And if it's not called Revised, will future printings incorporate errata and have better editing? The reason I ask is because I've had a craving to do some D&Dish gaming again, and I want to use something much...
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    How would you rate your current campaign?

    I run a game for three players, one of whom is really ill. We wait for him to feel better before we continue playing, but his bouts of illness last for months. It's been over three months since we played, so it's difficult to say how we're doing. We're basically going to be restarting whenever...
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    Your "To Buy" List

    I can't say for sure if I'll get to pick these up, but this is what I'd like to own: These books are already out: Book of Fiends Castle and Crusades Elements of Magic Revised and the new sequel Monster Burner for Burning Wheel All the Sorceror supplements And these are coming up: Blue Rose...
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    A simpler system

    It sounds like you're at the point I was at a year ago. There are many systems out there, but I've had recent success with both Unisystem and Savage Worlds. My group wanted something lighter than d20 but still having tactical combat for the next game scheduled, our Stargate game. To my shock...
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    Well, I might as well ask for some advice.

    I know that this is an old nugget abandoned earlier in the thread, but an underlying concept here needs addressing. Writing short fiction or novels isn't the way to big bucks, either. I say this as someone who loves to write fiction, and who sold a story to a well-regarded publication. 99% of...