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  1. Gloombunny

    Best Weapon for a Swordmage?

    The spiked shield's entry doesn't say anything about needing other proficiencies as a prerequisite. It looks to me like you just spend a feat on Weapon Proficiency: Spiked Shield and now it's a shield that you're proficient with, so you get the AC/Reflex bonus. (But you wouldn't get anything...
  2. Gloombunny

    Charismatic Blademaster?

    But... what's wrong with a ranger using Cha instead of Wis? I can understand not wanting to let people use their primary stat for something that it doesn't normally apply to, but in that ranger case, the only difference it makes is that he's good at skills like Perception instead of Diplomacy...
  3. Gloombunny

    D&D 4E Alingment Impact on 4e

    One of the paladin paragon paths has a power that works better against evil creatures. That's pretty much it as far as rules effects of alignment go.
  4. Gloombunny

    Dwarven Weapon Training feat question

    Do you think that dwarven clerics getting to save a feat is overpowered but dwarven fighters saving a feat is fine? 'cuz clerics are the only characters who want to use melee weapons but don't get military proficiencies to start with. Well, them and melee warlocks, who also don't seem like...
  5. Gloombunny

    Barbarian is up!!!

    You can go that route, and probably multi into fighter to get Kensei or Pit Fighter bonuses to all your attacks. But you could also pump Dex, pick up Scimitar Dance, and go into Stormwarden for hefty guaranteed damage every round. Both methods are viable.
  6. Gloombunny

    Barbarian is up!!!

    I think the best replacement for Rage Strike would be to add a general rule about rage powers that, if you're already raging, you can forego the lasting-buff part of the power to increase the damage of the attack. You'd still use the damage and effects of the attack as listed in the power, but...
  7. Gloombunny

    Barbarian is up!!!

    I'm a bit concerned that the barbarian doesn't seem to do very much damage for a striker. The extra damage on the at-wills is no more than from Hunter's Quarry, and a barbarian who's not raging only gets it if he uses Howling Strike, which is just a basic attack with the extra damage. A ranger...
  8. Gloombunny

    Barbarian is up!!!

    There's nothing wrong with Rage Strike. It's a necessary patch given the way the barbarian dailies work. See, any other class can just use daily after daily if they think the fight is important enough for it. A barbarian who does that is is losing out on much of the strength of his dailies...
  9. Gloombunny

    AV: Double Sword: Light blade And Heavy blade?

    But the urgrosh description says that one end is an axe and the other is a spear. The double sword description does not say that one end is a heavy blade and the other a light blade. It isn't really comparable.
  10. Gloombunny

    AV: Double Sword: Light blade And Heavy blade?

    It doesn't appear that way to me. I mean, you could decide to go that way with it anyway 'cuz you think it makes more sense, but RAW it seems plain that the entire weapon is both a heavy blade and a light blade. Nothing in the text about double weapons or the double sword suggests otherwise.
  11. Gloombunny

    Does brutal affect magic weapon d6s on a crit?

    I didn't say that the extra dice are part of [W], though. I said that high crit dice are [W]s all on their own, and thus, they receive the same benefits from brutal as the [W]s that come from your attack power. And the FAQ clearly agrees with my interpretation, so nyeah. :p
  12. Gloombunny

    Does brutal affect magic weapon d6s on a crit?

    Brutal does apply to high crit dice, because those are [W]'s and just as much part of the weapon's damage as the [W]s from the power you used. It does not apply to magic weapon crit dice, because those aren't [W]s. Plus, of course, interpreting it any other way leads to silliness when you look...
  13. Gloombunny

    Spiked Shield = win (I think)

    Why would a non-tempest fighter be using a spiked shield at all? Do you really have so many empty feat slots lying around that you want to spend one just so you can spend another on getting +1 damage with your bastard sword? It's not like you're ever going to attack with the spiked shield if...
  14. Gloombunny

    Spiked Shield = win (I think)

    I noted that back when AV first came out, in a different thread, you johnny-come-lately. ;) Nah but seriously, while Tide of Iron is awesome, keep in mind that tempest fighters get a one-target-only version of Twin Strike that they'll probably want to take, but since it's one target only...
  15. Gloombunny

    Spiked Shield = win (I think)

    Hm... normally I'd counter that shield specialization doesn't stack with armor specialization and so being able to take it isn't as much of an advantage as it seems, but since tempest fighters are unlikely to be wearing scale they need 15 Con to get armor specialization, which might be a bit...
  16. Gloombunny

    Drow Cloud of Darkness and Darkfire, one or both?

    Indeed; at some point they'll start scraping the bottom of the barrel of races and have to resort to half-drow and half-eladrin and gods know what else. So writing the other racial feats the same way they wrote the elf ones just makes sense.
  17. Gloombunny

    Spiked Shield = win (I think)

    Two-Weapon Defense is a shield bonus. Doesn't stack with the spiked shield. It does stack with the "defensive" property, though. So a tempest fighter gets a better AC from a parrying dagger or a double sword than from a spiked shield. Which is kinda dumb.
  18. Gloombunny

    N00b question... :)

    When you say "Righteous Brand bonus goes to +6", do you mean the bonus on the roll to hit with Righteous Brand, or the bonus that he grants to another PC if he successfully hits? The roll to hit with Righteous Brand includes the +1 from the weapon, the +1 from half levels, and the proficiency...
  19. Gloombunny

    That low magic progression table?

    That works too. I assumed that anyone wanting to get rid of or severely reduce the prevalence of magic items would feel similarly about the masterwork armors, but I may be alone in that. :)
  20. Gloombunny

    Anyone tried a Fighter / Warlock multiclass?

    A fighter/warlock using a maul and Constitution-based star or infernal powers should work alright. (Since hammers are also Con-based, you can avoid MAD issues. And you want a maul rather than a warhammer + shield so you can quick-draw a wand to cast a spell, then sheathe it as a minor action...