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  1. Nijay

    What Mechanics or Systems Do You NEED?

    I need a rules system to be complex enough to be part of the escapism without being overwhelming to the point of being immersion breaking from looking up rulings all the time. I find this usually comes from a deep pool of character options and a moderately robust combat system.
  2. Nijay

    Keys to have good PuG sessions for TTRPG's?

    I'm only aware of in-person Adventurer's League nights at a FLGS. Are there virtual organized play options?
  3. Nijay

    Keys to have good PuG sessions for TTRPG's?

    Right, sorry I didn't explain it. PuG means pick up game or pick up group.
  4. Nijay

    Keys to have good PuG sessions for TTRPG's?

    If we select quick match in a video game lobby, we can expect a different experience than if we join a private lobby with friends. And while joining any TTRPG game is a slower process, I have found it is true that playing a TTRPG with strangers is also a different experience than playing with...
  5. Nijay

    Do TTRPGs Need to "Modernize?"

    It is hard to talk about modernization of TTRPG'S as a single thing across all the different experiences people want from TTRPG'S. When we talk about modernization, we are talking about trends in design. We might say there's a general trend towards reducing the learning curve, or not tying race...
  6. Nijay

    MCDM RPG classes. YouTube video.

    He revealed a quarterbacking class and a class with unlimited teleportation? I get that his game is founded on tactical and cinematic combat, so having a tactician/leader shouting like a Guild Wars 2 paragon and an assassin that bampfs around like Nightcrawler fit right in, and both are in line...
  7. Nijay

    Mythic Bastionlands Into the Odd, Mythic Knightly rpg.

    This game has a lot of stuff that is quite different for me. Instead of characters built out of Lego pieces, it's just, chose/roll for which knight you are, and here's your stuff and your abilities. I am not sure if I like that, as I enjoy spending an inordinate amount of time with character...
  8. Nijay

    Old Gods of Appalachia

    I thought at first you were asking for a character build to prove if it was possible within the system. Now I see you are asking how the rules for character creation allow more variety in builds than the fairly restrictive types offer. So I guess my approach to trying to help with these...
  9. Nijay

    Not DnD - Shadow of the Weird Wizard with Rob Schwalb

    Indeed this seems like a great value. I'm looking forward to checking out the quick play materials. Can anyone suggest a link to get an overview of the Shadows of the Demon Lord?
  10. Nijay

    Old Gods of Appalachia

    I'll take a look through my pdf this weekend (still waiting on the deluxe book) and try to suggest a RAW character build. But since this turned into something of a review of OGoA thread I wanted to add that after skimming through it, I am thinking there's very little content here - for example...
  11. Nijay

    Last Call to Join the Cool Name RPG Adventure!

    I think this approach with collecting player feedback both in advance and throughout the design process and having a team of designers is such a great way to go. For anyone looking into this at the end here I would recommend checking out design journal 4 which I think the one that recaps the...
  12. Nijay

    What's Your Favorite Name for a TTRPG and Why?

    As much as I hate titles with colons, I like a couple of the White Wolf titles. Each evokes the drama your character finds themselves embroiled in. Vampire: the Masquerade. Changeling: the Lost. These titles tell me that the game is about roleplaying within a certain situation. If I can...
  13. Nijay

    A New "anti-D&D" Era

    I think it can be faulty to think that a bunch of new fantasy TTRPG's is necessarily a good thing. What I see potentially happening is a splintering, which could be bad, ultimately backfire and prove a lot of these current efforts to be heartbreakers, leaving One D&D in a similar position as 5e...
  14. Nijay

    A "Why Oh Why" RPG Thread [+]

    Socially, adventurers tend to group up with other adventurers, and in that way they are recognizing their special status. Everyone has a role to play in society and are expected to contribute what they can, typically by doing what they are good at. Strong people do strong people stuff...
  15. Nijay

    Public Playtests Should Be Fully Playable

    Paraphrasing from a KP livestream/AMA that's going now (for PBF): it was a conscious decision to do smaller playtest packets releasing the whole thing is just too much to digest people can be less inclined to propose changes - everything can seem set in stone (with bigger, more complete...