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    WOIN Advancement

    I think the cost is based on the character's total grade rather than grade in one career.
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    WOIN OLD and Magic

    The simplest way to prevent casters from resorting to crossbows is to make sure they have one of the magical attack exploits, like firebolt, arcane bolt, or icicle. Those are from the fire mage, ice mage, and mage respectively. The more combative casting careers have exploits that give them...
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    WOIN OLD and Magic

    I ran a game for a while with the High Magic variant. It makes spellcasters extremely powerful. Contingency abjurations quickly make the entire party nigh invulnerable to creatures of dice pools comparable to the party. Divinations and other utility spells are cast constantly and evocations are...
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    WOIN Question on Fey

    Page 173 of O.L.D. v1.2. It's in the creature type descriptions under fey.
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    WOIN Loremaster and Int question

    I've wondered if the INT requirement might have been a weird holdover from the earliest playtests when intelligence was an attribute. It could have been easily overlooked since the abbreviation still had a stat connected to it.
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    WOIN Monster Bestiary for WOIN

    Are there no plans to make actual books? I backed the Kickstarter, and part of my pledge was for add-ons of physical copies of bestiaries for both OLD and NEW.
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    WOIN Magical patrons and converts

    I've decided to use the gods as patrons material in Appendix A of O.L.D. This has led me to thinking about what would happen if a spellcaster moves into a career with a patron from one that didn't. Like a mage with no patron who later finds faith and becomes a cleric of The Scholar. If they had...
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    WOIN Career prerequisite questions

    Ah. Thanks for the clarification.
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    WOIN Career prerequisite questions

    The secrets are open to interpretation. Transform spirit could do any of those things if the player and GM agree. My interpretation is that spirit is a creature type and not an element. So transform spirit on a door makes the door turn into a sylph, or a ghost, or something. It can make the door...
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    WOIN Career prerequisite questions

    That's an interesting way to look at it. Nature could include most of the elements in the common secrets table though. Limiting it to just unworked versions could be useful. Evoke nature might still be a too broad if you can sling fire, lightning, cold, bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing damage...
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    WOIN Career prerequisite questions

    In looking into some character options I noticed that the prerequisites for some careers differ between O.L.D. and the Rules Reference Document, notably druid, ice mage, firemage, and illusionist. I'm guessing the book is right, is that a correct assumption? If the book is right, what would the...
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    WOIN Any tips for beginners to WOIN?

    Which one is easier for new players is subjective. I'd say it depends on the options included. Magic from OLD is more complex than psionics from NEW, and I think martial arts and chi from NOW is a little simpler than the psionics. Each of those can be played without those options, though...
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    WOIN OLD 1.2 Morrus

    It was removed. I assume this was done to make room for the new material that was added.
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    WOIN Character planning sheet

    That may be the fantasy character sheet by Trechriron. It used to be in the downloads, but it seems to have disappeared.
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    WOIN Do skill requirements apply to upgrade slots?

    Page 75 of O.L.D. says that the quality of equipment is reduced to match the skill of the wielder. It uses an example of artisanal armor being treated as exceptional ,which seems to imply that SOAK bonus would be reduced. Does the same apply to upgrade slots? For example, if a mastercraft...
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    WOIN Magic item pricing

    That was my concern as well. I think that could work as an option for some campaigns. In some worlds a mid-level magic item could cost as much as building a castle. I think for my purposes I'll just go with adding enhancements outside the multipliers.
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    WOIN Magic item pricing

    The section on customizing gear on pages 106-107 of O.L.D. says that you multiply the price of enchantments for the quality of the item being enchanted. The section on making magic items on pages 219-220 does not include the multiplying. Which is correct? I tried checking the sample enchanted...
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    WOIN Question on Fey

    I don't see any mention of cold iron or silver weapons in O.L.D. v1.2, but it's still in the bestiary for some monsters. Was it just overlooked for the book?
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    WOIN (O.L.D.) Health increases

    If you use cinematic mode Health also increases with your Luck dice pool.
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    WOIN A Spell Project

    What game is this for?