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    Announcing The Table Talk Show livecast

    In late June through mid July I put up a post asking for input on a survey. Based on the results of the survey myself and a few others have taken the idea and turned it into a reality. We'd like to announce The Table Talk Show, and would like to invite everyone to come watch and participate in...
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    RPG Live Stream show: Seeking input from fellow RPG gamers

    For the past several years at PAX, "The Art of the Table" has been a popular panel. Some of the people that have been involved with that panel are planning on creating an online live stream show that has been inspired by it. If you haven't attended any "The Art of the Table" panels, there are a...
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    What are your favorite games?

    Dragon Age: Inquisition, Skyrim, and some casual WoW on the computer. Going more old school, SimCity (like SimCity 2000 version), and some of the old PopCap games such as Bejeweled.
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    What are you listening to?

    Selections from The Danserye by Tielman Susato arr. by Patrick Dunnigan and early period music courtesy of online radio station Ancient.fm
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    D&D General Welcome Thread

    Hi all. Long time RPG player and veteran GM. Finally decided I should create an account here and not just lurk. 13th Age is my current favorite system, however I've played and collected several systems.