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    D&D General New Interview with Rob Heinsoo About 4E

    My initial response to you was tackling a few particular concepts and attacking them discretely, indexing 4e specifically and D&D generally: * What makes up the who you are as a character? * What makes up the how you do D&D Fighter archetypical shtick? Your response to me above looks to (a)...
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    D&D General New Interview with Rob Heinsoo About 4E

    A suite of features that work in concert to generate a compelling game layer for a class archetype isn't "the reason you're a Fighter." Its not that way in 4e nor any other edition of the game. This is the how you're a Fighter (and more on that at the bottom). The reason (why) you're a...
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    D&D General New Interview with Rob Heinsoo About 4E

    There was zero percent chance this thread wasn't going to be an absolute train wreck. But here is a perfect example of why. ER is 100 % correct (and the analogy is the killshot for your efforts here). Kaiyanwang, your mental model for how athleticism translates to martial prowess is so...
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    The Slave and Her Sovereign

    "...should your prognostications bear true, time traveler...I will spare this mother and her child...and I will see you in the future to repay my debt...: The green dragon recedes into the gloomy bosom of its lair's verdant growth, its eyes like glittering yellow gems disappearing with it. The...
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    TSR TOEE: What happens when the party ignores the Moathouse?

    Can you not just talk to them straight-forward with something like: "Hey guys. Fun gameplay at the Moathouse. It seems like the breadcrumbs I put out there to get you to check out it didn't quite do the work I'd hoped. Maybe poke around and check it out? And if the breadcrumbs did work but...
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    Redeem the Past, Chase the Future. A 4e Story Now One Shot.

    Valak's righteous cause is cemented by steadfastness, piety, and prayer. Avandra's nimbus consumes the form of the corrupted Rakshasa, revealing the Deva that once was. In the radiant inferno, a placid, peaceful smile is found on the soul of what-once-was and shall-be-again...then it passes...
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    Advice for new "story now" GMs

    So I'm not familiar with the Cypher system, so I'll have to defer to your instinct on that. However, yes, a bit like Aspect Invocations and a fair bit like AW's hx and Monsterheart's Strings. Here is what the game has to say about it: So on triggers, temptation frequency, and rationing...
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    The Slave and Her Sovereign

    "Oh," the dragon chides in its silk-tongued, bass-filled voice. "You think me alone, do you?" Eight megafungi animate with long, rotting tendrils! * Skill Challenge continued... * Illumination: The sunlight from the sinkhole opening above, is sufficient to illuminate all squares. *...
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    "The term 'GNS' is moronic and annoying" – well this should be an interesting interview

    Well, you know my position is that "the idea of writers' room" in Blades in the Dark isn't remotely legitimate. Its about as illegitimate a position as one I've seen because the key feature that makes up the formulation just isn't there (its entirely the opposite). And this gets to why I end...
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    "The term 'GNS' is moronic and annoying" – well this should be an interesting interview

    The above might look and play very much like a writers' room, pending how obliging the "live negotiation and honest collaboration" are. Now the upshot of this here above; the purposeful introduction and attendant dynamic-altering of the unwelcome and the unwanted upon play via "system's say?"...
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    "The term 'GNS' is moronic and annoying" – well this should be an interesting interview

    As far as I can tell, what you've done here is the following: 1) You've turned a proper noun (the specific, named concept of Story Before coined by The Forge) and transmuted it into a common noun (story before) that you're now coining for usage of a very general concept. 2) You're...
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    The Slave and Her Sovereign

    Goal: Convince the dragon of its terrible fate and to abandon that course when it comes to it, thus preventing the dark future of the dragon, the mother, and the infant. DCs 16/22/31 2/6 Successes (0 Hard DC available)/0 Failures/2 Secondary Skill Available/0 Advantage) The foliage whispers...
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    "The term 'GNS' is moronic and annoying" – well this should be an interesting interview

    Whether what I've written is what @thefutilist means is TBD (I'll let them agree, disagree, clarify). Its my best inference. However, yes, that is what Narrativist games attend to in their design and their play; focusing on and resolving the game's premise & theme-based collisions of the...
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    "The term 'GNS' is moronic and annoying" – well this should be an interesting interview

    Let me see if I can clarify your post the futilist, because it seems like there might be some confusion on what you're saying. It seems like you're using "emergent narrative" a tad idiosyncratically here. Let me know if I've got you right? 1) "What narrative has emerged from a game" is always...