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  1. Undead

    Pathfinder 1E Are people still playing Pathfinder 1e?

    Exclusively. We do still call it dnd though, and when people ask for clarification we say 3.75 edition.
  2. Undead

    Pathfinder 1E As a player, how do you argue your rules interpretation 1) successfully and 2) without being obnoxious?

    If you know in advance you will be pulling a stunt once your build comes online in 3 levels, talk to them about it now and outside the game when there is no rush you can both google faqs and stuff without holding everyone else hostage with immersion breaking metagame arguments. Not being taken...
  3. Undead

    Pathfinder 1E Necromancer Help

    Undead master is very powerful, but most people cannot read. The animate dead spell allows you to control all the undead you can create from a single cast, with any hit dice over your normal controlling limit from previous castings going out of control. If you cast animate dead and raise 50...