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    LFG in Park City, Utah

    Anyone around in the area who either have a game I could join or would be interested in starting a new one? 4e preferred...
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    Looking for game in Southern Oregon/Rogue valley

    Must be a gaming desert - not even the local game store answers when I email about groups.
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    Looking for game in Southern Oregon/Rogue valley

    Just moved to the area from Raleigh and I'm interested in a 4e game in the Rogue Valley area. I'm 33, have been playing DND since the red box days. Anyone out there? I'm beginning to be terrified that this area is a desert for gamers...
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    Looking for Group in Klamath Falls, Oregon

    Hey there - I'm moving to the Southern Oregon area soon from Raleigh. Do you head over to that area ever? I know it's a long drive, but thought I'd ask. With SOU I'd hoped there would be a lot of players in the Ashland area but I see there is no meetup and not much posted about it - anyone out...
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    NC Game Day XVI (April 26-27), aka "GenCon Jr."

    might be a dumb question here, but is the event going to be just the game themselves? I'd like to have jumped into a 3e game but Jon's game is full on Sunday. I'm new to the area and would love to have a chance to meet some local gamers and see if I can find a new group.
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    New to North Raleigh, old school gamer

    Graham, Ruined - thanks for the replies. Graham - Greensboro is too far unfortunately. I'll check out the game day and have now posted on the meetup board. hopefully I'll find a good group! thanks again
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    New to North Raleigh, old school gamer

    Live not too far from Lost Goblin games (off Falls of Neuse north of 540) and I'm looking to join a group. Would prefer a 3.5 group that is interested in 4e. Been playing since the early 80s, so well familiar with rules/setup.
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    Raleigh area good for gamers?

    Hey guys...I know Lost Goblin Games is there, but is the area good for gamers - are there a bunch of folks interested in playing? I'm moving to the area from Winston-Salem within the month and I'm hoping to get in a 3.5 game that would plan to transition into 4e (wherever there is sufficient...
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    Orlando DM seeking players

    Where in Orlando are you located? North, South, East, West?
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    Celestial Celerity - a new spell for travelling

    Wait--could you use some sort of Improved Message to send coordinates to a wizard or squad of wizards to scramble and move in on? Tactical warfare, no? Call in heavy air support to bomb an area before your characters move in. ;)
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    Celestial Celerity - a new spell for travelling

    Hmm, great question. I had considered all along that it would be a transmuted form of the caster (or recipient) that was maneuverable (though poorly) - thus allowing some looping and change of direction. It seems you are also hinting at a different feature for the spell too - that it allows...
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    Celestial Celerity - a new spell for travelling

    Version 2.0 Ok, I've done some playing with this to modify its usefulness and to clarify when I want it to be useful (no longer in combat, as the casting time required is now 1 minute). By altering the duration of minutes/round to 15, that makes the maximum distance allowed at 20th level (with...
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    Celestial Celerity - a new spell for travelling

    Hi guys. I've written this spell up for a wizard of mine who is currently sixth level. I've compared it to the spells Fly and Gaseous Form, looked at the maneuverability info in the DMG, and then I did a little basic math to keep the range of potential travel to a reasonable limit for what...
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    Suggestions for wondrous items to craft?

    Hi guys, An Uberlurker here with a question. I've got a 6th level wizard with a little money, a little time, and a hot new feat burning a hole in his robes (Craft Wonder Items)... Any suggestions for a wondrous item to create at 6th level or thereabouts? Also -- what are your favorite...
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    (OT) I was late for my gaming session because I guy in a golf cart gave me crap!

    VC I completely understand your problem. Vice City has proven to be quite the vice for me...I played until I nearly collapsed last night. There's plenty of people who will HAVE to have something negative to say about it just because I'm convinced people think bulletin board posts are...
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    [OT] Quick Vehicle Question

    Just got the head gasget replaced in my 94 toyota. Other than the milky color, and a mayonaise like substance on the bottom side of your oil cap, you can have irratic idling, loss of power, and a few other vague problems. If there are no puddles underneath your vehicle and you are losing...
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    Ad error in this month's Dragon?

    PS This thread is basically dead now, but Jesse in case you reread this I'd like to express my appreciation for the excellent job you guys do. Dragon is as well done as any magazine out there - in artwork, content, and design. You and your people do a fantastic job (I've even brought in Dragon...
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    Ad error in this month's Dragon?

    Wait, you guys get to flog your printers? I've wanted to have that option many times. I wasn't meaning to point fingers or lay blame - I was just curious. I feel your pain in regards to the printers. Throw in some flogging for me too! Just be glad they got the colors correct. :)
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    Ad error in this month's Dragon?

    Just curious if the error that appeared in my Dragon was shared by any of you. In this month's Dragon there is an ad for "XCrawl" in which the headline appears correctly, but the body copy's fonts are all defaulted - i.e. you cannot read the majority of the rest of the words because the right...
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    Sealed Pages in Dragon--Contents inside!

    I'd agree. This has turned into an argument on morality rather than a discussion. I have the mag and read through it during breakfast this morning. I plan on doing what I wish more people did - take what I like, leave what I don't, and try not to sermonize about it. Make a stand, but don't be a...