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  1. i_was_like_you

    Planescape Enhancing Turn of Fortune's Wheel

    It's a very on brand quest for Planescape, though. It really captures the Mad Hatter's tea party logic of the setting. In the Great Modron March, for example: Plus about another half dozen steps I'm drawing a blank on... Dammit, Planescape. 😤😤
  2. i_was_like_you

    Coherentizing the Timelines of all the D&D Worlds in 5E (and Ed Greenwood's current year)

    I found this post while looking to see how at least Greyhawk and the Forgotten Realms timelines might line up, after having read through Rime of the Frost Maiden and its possible outcome of a timejump to -341 Dale Reckoning, the Year of Chilled Marrow (six months prior to the city of Ythryn's...
  3. i_was_like_you

    D&D General Is Spelljammer really that bad?

    We shouldn't consider  Spelljammer in a vacuum... While we shouldn't necessarily consider any part of the 5e product line as separate from the core books, we definitely shouldn't consider The Astral Adventurer's Guide separately from the Spelljammer Adventures in Space (A thrilling space-based...