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  1. Leatherhead

    D&D 5E Should Explicit Monster Roles Return?

    All monsters are already designed with a role in mind. You aren't using a Wolf as an sniper without some heavy houseruling. Listing the role up front just gives guidance to DMs, making their burden lighter. This goes double if the DM is looking to change what the monster is doing! You already...
  2. Leatherhead

    D&D (2024) Understanding "nostalgia"

    Yeah, I'm nostalgic for some of the things from the 80s/90s. But man, I did not have a good time in the 00's over all.
  3. Leatherhead

    D&D 5E Which classes have the least identity?

    I'm one of the people who hated the lack of Archer Fighters. There are two reasons: It was the most extreme example of Fighter Erosion (where they just cut off parts of what could be the fighter to give it to another class) we had ever had. Every other Martial Power Source using class had a...
  4. Leatherhead

    D&D 5E Which classes have the least identity?

    That turnaround is enough to give anyone whiplash, from the bottom of the list strait to the top. Anyway, I voted for Cleric. Mostly because it's 13+ radically disparate concepts shoved into a straitjacket with no common through line, and no reason to have similar toolkits other than said...
  5. Leatherhead

    D&D 5E D&D is a drag race, think of climbing as a cantrip, and the rogue would be better at lock picking if it could only pick a few locks per day.

    You picked the worst example possible, Knock has been the bottom of the barrel option for picking locks since 4th edition, when they triple nerfed it into oblivion. Even just bashing down a lock is better most of the time.
  6. Leatherhead

    D&D 5E Homebrew: How to modify Shield spell?

    That's entirely the point of the change. It's isn't actually a nerf to the spell itself, it's an innate limiter to prevent it from stacking out of control (which is the entire reason the spell is a problem in the first place). It also opens up design space for an Advanced Shield spell or proper...
  7. Leatherhead

    D&D 5E Homebrew: How to modify Shield spell?

    Instead of +5 AC, make it inflict disadvantage on the incoming attacks.
  8. Leatherhead

    D&D (2024) 5e Aasimar are in the Players Handbook − what should the flavor be?

    I agree with turning them into somewhat luminous beings. Perhaps having them be translucent or having a high sheen to them.
  9. Leatherhead

    D&D General The thread where I review a ton of Ravenloft modules

    I've always thought the best way to include Van Richten in an adventure was posthumously, by having the players stumble upon one of his books in the game world while opposing the appropriate monster. Naturally, the books would be outdated and slightly misinformed, but they could at least count...
  10. Leatherhead

    D&D 5E Composite Long And Shortbow Conversion?

    Any weapon that splits your accuracy and damage out over two stats is going to be strictly inferior to standard weapons. A bow that is modified to use STR instead of DEX for both accuracy and damage will, at best, provide a decent ranged backup for heavy melee characters, and be downgrade for...
  11. Leatherhead

    The "G" in RPG

    I am apparently in the minority of people who prefer the G over RP. Then again, I always preferred the tongue-in-cheek "beer & pretzels" style of game nights over trying to write a drama or living out another life (as it were). So the actual game parts of the game are what influence what I am...
  12. Leatherhead

    Is it time for a new ENWorld demographics survey?

    Discord is primarily a Voice/Video application, that also has text/picture upload functionality. They are working on making the text part better.
  13. Leatherhead

    Is it time for a new ENWorld demographics survey?

    Discord is really bad for for discussions with more than 6 active participants and/or longer than 45 minutes at a time. Any more people and you get buried under the responses, and any longer will inevitably cause someone to be forced to rehash the same talking points as the server filters in...
  14. Leatherhead

    D&D 5E Level = Challenge Rating

    4e monsters were never meant to be equal (emphasis) to a PC of X level, only to dish out the appropriate DPR for their position in a single encounter. They are not interchangeable parts and were not created using even remotely the same rules. The math of CR aside, using a different terminology...
  15. Leatherhead

    D&D 5E Level = Challenge Rating

    There are already too many disparate uses of the word "level" in the system. Not only is it for characters, but also spells which are on a separate 0-9 track no less. Adding monsters into the mix can only make it more confusing, doubly so because that would imply that a monster is equal to a PC...
  16. Leatherhead

    D&D 5E How would YOU nerf the wizard? +

    I will second this method. Mostly because it's the only actual nerf I would consider for changing the class (and it's something that needs to be done before touching anything else anyway). All other changes would be a massive redesign and not necessarily a nerf.
  17. Leatherhead

    D&D 5E The Magical Martial

    The take away from these types of threads (and they happen a lot) is that people treat "magical" as a pejorative when used to describe a character, and the power of perpetual pedantry is why we can't have powerful martials.
  18. Leatherhead

    D&D General A Class's Spell List Should be Listed With the Class Description.

    It's been such a long time since I used the books directly, I had forgotten they dedicated an entire line to that, instead having be a single cell, like it is on D&D Beyond.
  19. Leatherhead

    D&D General A Class's Spell List Should be Listed With the Class Description.

    Now that I find hard to believe, you have never looked up a spell, only to have a different spell on the same or opposite page catch your eye?