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  1. Arakhor

    Level Up (A5E) New Conditions: Agonized, Forgetful, Manic, Placid, Vexed

    For what it's worth, I think conditions, being words you reference regularly, should be distinctive and have two or three syllables at most. By those metrics, Annoyed is shorter than Infuriated, but less distinctive, whereas Vexed is better in both regards.
  2. Arakhor

    D&D 3E/3.5 3rd Edition Revisited - Better play with the power of hindsight?

    The simpler way of calculating that bonus would be halving the bonus and adding 2 or 3 (your choice).
  3. Arakhor

    What is your favorite RPG book of all time?

    When I was a teenager, my favourite RPG books (all AD&D 2nd Edition) were Chronomancer, The Illithiad and Drow of the Underdark. They even came all the way to university and back, just so I could enjoy their presence in my room. In my 20s, I got into reading 3rd/4th edition GURPS splatbooks...
  4. Arakhor

    Level Up (A5E) Sunset Riders Fantasy Western! (Campaign Setting thoughts)

    Reading what you wrote about the Halley's Comet analogue and the Cometborn Sorcerer etc., makes me think of a wandering prophet, who mysteriously appears and reappears each time the Harbinger arcs across the sky. Thus, I present: Xanthos Aster, Prophet of the Harbinger Xanthos is a tall...
  5. Arakhor

    D&D 3E/3.5 3rd Edition Revisited - Better play with the power of hindsight?

    I always assumed that the answer was rooted in Lord of the Rings. If you can forge a cool, magical ring, you're clearly a skilled artisan and living up to the power-fantasy of Tolkien's Ring-smiths.
  6. Arakhor

    What is the single best science fiction or fantasy franchise?

    Fighting Fantasy was great too, but Lone Wolf had just one character (with a second  much later on) played across 30 different books, all with a continuing narrative. I'm sure you'll love everyone's favourite Kai Lord. 😊
  7. Arakhor

    What is the single best science fiction or fantasy franchise?

    Doh, I have the Freeway Warrior books on my shelves and I still forgot about them when I wrote that post! Thanks, GreyLord. :) (By the way, if you haven't already, check out the new Definitive Editions of the LW gamebooks that Ben Dever, Joe's son, is producing over at Magnamund.com.)
  8. Arakhor

    What is the single best science fiction or fantasy franchise?

    Two fantasy writers pretty much defined my childhood - David Eddings, who did the Belgariad/Malloreon and the Elenium/Tamuli, and Joe Dever, who wrote the Lone Wolf gamebooks. Dever only wrote one franchise and I even met him once, as opposed to Eddings, who wrote multiple franchises and turned...
  9. Arakhor

    Lone Wolf Game Books back in print!

    Books 8, 9 and 10 have now arrived! (The map is the inside of the cover for Dungeons of Torgar.)
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  13. Arakhor

    D&D General The D&D Memes Thread

    Oof. That one's brutal. :(
  14. Arakhor

    D&D 5E Orichalcum?

    You could simply lean into its reputation for light and/or godliness, by saying that orichalchum weapons counts as magic for the purposes of damage reduction when used against undead, and they deal one extra point of radiant damage at all times. Orichalcum armour, on the other hand, might grant...
  15. Arakhor

    Plot help for a Star Wars campaign wanted

    I can think of three obvious ideas: An ancient ruin housing mystical inscriptions or a long-hidden holocron, teaching a Force-user a lost Force power A secret super-weapon, perhaps in disrepair (or in need of destruction) A lost world, either a bountiful paradise for colonisation or maybe a...
  16. Arakhor

    D&D (2024) What spells should be dropped?

    I renamed Detect Evil & Good as Detect Supernatural Influence. I thought that was much more fitting.
  17. Arakhor

    Starfinder What are the big mechanical differences from Pathfinder 1e?

    I think that the biggest differences are: Armour Class is split into Energy (EAC) and Kinetic (KAC) Armour Class There are fewer skills (Craft, in particular being subsumed) and fewer bonus types Characters have both Hit Points and Stamina, with Stamina being taken first and able to be replaced...
  18. Arakhor

    D&D (2024) What spells should be dropped?

    If the simulacrum has no spells and can only share yours, you've essentially come up with a complicated way to burn spell slots even faster than normal.
  19. Arakhor

    Picard Season 3

    Are you confusing "season" with "episode"? Voyager liked using the reset button, but only within that story, and there was precisely  one episode to my knowledge where it's revealed that we're actually following a different Voyager crew.
  20. Arakhor

    There is now 880 episodes of Star Trek and 13 movies

    I'm fairly tolerant of my TV, provided that it's not gory, particularly sweary, or too dark/quiet to see/hear anything (my senses are not getting any sharper with age!). By those measures, I have far more issue with Discovery's tendency to shoot in gloomy conditions and mumble an alarming...