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  1. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E clunky crit and cover

    If you want simplicity and impact, make crits do maximum damage plus an additional maximum weapon dice (ie: twice maximum weapon damage plus modifiers).
  2. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E Rules are go!

    It was a nice idea to 'simplify' the system - saving throws would just be a variety of skill or ability check. Generally though, more saving throw types mean more power to spellcasters to pick your worst. If they do reduce it again, then I would suggest Fort = Str+Con, Ref=Dex+Int and...
  3. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E Rules are go!

    There are no strength, intelligence or charisma saving throws in Basic. I hope they made an effort for the PHB, otherwise we may as well go back to Fortitude, Reflex and Will.
  4. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E Larger Weapons

    You should explain it to him in Private. Ahem.
  5. Chris_Nightwing

    [Forked from the Escapist Magazine Interview Thread] What implications does E...

    Depending on how organised they were feeling.. Eladrin could position themselves every 25ft between two cities.. and ready actions to teleport.. then in a single 'round' of action, a messenger could teleport (move), drop a message bag into the hands of the next waiting Eladrin (free), who...
  6. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E [Merged] D&D Next/5E Release Schedule Threads

    I think I like the starter set box art most of all. Monster Manual is also excellent. I'm less enthused about the PHB, seems a bit dark and I can't tell what's going on. DMG is fine.
  7. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E Move Attack Move: Issues with The New Standard for Combat

    I wonder how it would play out if you adopted the rules from (for instance, I'm sure there are other examples) the recent XCOM games. In them you get two actions, but as soon as you attack (one action), your turn is over. This would obviously stop the duergar conga line, but would also...
  8. Chris_Nightwing

    Legends & Lore: What Worked, What Didn't

    I'm quite disappointed that they didn't try to evolve weapon powers, but they did end up with the awkward maneuver dice. If the fear was complexity then as many people have said, there could be simple weapons with no powers, or simple options, or unlockable powers. I would personally have liked...
  9. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E Wandering Monsters 01/29/2014:Level Advancement...

    I would rather XP be awarded only for achieving goals. Sometimes that goal will be to kill as many goblins as possible, hence XP per goblin seems appropriate, but if the aim is to acquire some magic doodad at the bottom of an undead crypt, then getting that doodad is what grants you the XP...
  10. Chris_Nightwing

    Legends & Lore: A Few Rules Updates

    I hate to be that guy, but isn't the restriction of 1 extra action per round just a retread of the limit on swift actions from 3rd edition that led to minor actions in 4th edition?
  11. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E L&L December 16th Can you feel it?

    You're right, maybe that spell shouldn't deal damage ;)
  12. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E L&L for November 24th

    Well, he's right that elegance can't be aimed for, but he's horribly wrong when he gives an example of something made 'more elegant' in the current rules. Quite simply, elegant rules make sense. Internal sense, in that they seem in keeping with other rules and follow the logic of the ruleset as...
  13. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E Chris Perkins - D&D Next Game Hole Con Panel

    But which is better? There's only one way to find out.. FIGHT! </britishtvjoke>
  14. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E Dnd Next Pod Cast-info on wildshape and Avenger

    Seems wonky to me that they have a magic hitpoint shield created by their form, although there was always a healing component to changing forms in previous editions. I guess it depends on the range of hitpoints the different forms have.
  15. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E Dnd Next Pod Cast-info on wildshape and Avenger

    The number of hitpoints your wildshape form has should be the threshold to determine when the wildshape is automatically dispelled - the actual damage should still be taken by you, with your hitpoints. A druid with 50HP that turns into a cat with 5HP would revert when they end up at 45HP. If...
  16. Chris_Nightwing

    Legends & Lore: Clas Groups

    They should definitely call them Rogues instead of Tricksters, then stop trying to make the individual class so general.
  17. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E Interaction rules

    The more I think about it, the more I think interaction can fit onto a combat framework. Not directly translating mind you, I don't want to have social hitpoints. I'm thinking more.. do you know the negotiation-with-staff minigame from Theme Park? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtB-cQooZzI So...
  18. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E Interaction rules

    I know some people hate penalties, that was my only concern. It could be worded as a bonus though, but I think if everything was a bonus then resolution would become too swift. The bonus/penalty here couldn't be advantage/disadvantage either, at least in its current state, as most checks would...
  19. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E New D&D Next Playtest package is up (19/9/2013) [merged threads]

    Your proficiency bonus is determined by your total level, ie: the sum of all your class levels, so dipping simply opens up new things that that bonus applies to.
  20. Chris_Nightwing

    D&D 5E Interaction rules

    Agreed that you should be rolling against their Charisma. It would be better if there was a bit of back and forth. How about: - Interaction is resolved cyclically, with the instigator going first. - On your action you can either try to discern information (Wis vs. Cha), project misinformation...