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  1. daddystabz

    Any Christian rpgs?

    No, but some Christians believe it is sinful deriving entertainment from the simulation of such acts.
  2. daddystabz

    Any Christian rpgs?

    Does magic in a RPG mean you cannot play it? The Bible forbids fortune telling, speaking to the dead, sorcery, and necromancy.
  3. daddystabz

    Any Christian rpgs?

    Could a Christian play Through the Breach or Castle Falkenstein? Would the magic in CF preclude a Christian from playing? Would the magic and Necromancy in TTB stop a Christian from playing in good conscience? Could changes be made to either that would make them more Christian friendly?
  4. daddystabz

    Evil Genius Games and Netflix Settle 'Rebel Moon' TTRPG Lawsuit

    Cam Banks was making a MotU RPG called Legends of Grayskull, but he now canceled it. I was pretty upset, as I had been awaiting it for a long time.
  5. daddystabz

    Sword of Truth/ Legend of the Seeker RPG System

    I am sooo interested in this and would love to play. Any feedback?
  6. daddystabz

    Who Are The Biggest TTRPG Crowdfunders of All Time?

    It is Monolith Boardgames, not Monolithic.
  7. daddystabz

    D&D 5E D&D in the Grishaverse

    There is a conversion of the Grishaverse for Blades in the Dark and includes Grisha. This could be used as a starting point.
  8. daddystabz

    D&D 5E D&D in the Grishaverse

    This setting is screaming for a TTRPG. That is my quest.....to get something to play this setting in. I hope Leigh Bardugo considers licensing the setting for an official TTRPG.
  9. daddystabz

    D&D 5E D&D in the Grishaverse

    Thanks! I saw this conversion a day or so ago. I don't think it includes anything on playing Grisha, does it?
  10. daddystabz

    D&D 5E D&D in the Grishaverse

    Savage Worlds would be great. Dishonored and Blades in the Dark would be a natural fit for the Dregs (Crows) side of things.
  11. daddystabz

    D&D 5E D&D in the Grishaverse

    I know that Grisha do not cast spells in the D&D Vancian sense of the word, but I'm trying to use the system we already have, with some twinks, to allow play in the world of the books and show.
  12. daddystabz

    D&D 5E D&D in the Grishaverse

    What individual abilities (spells) would each Grisha-type have?
  13. daddystabz

    Cubicle 7 To Stop Publishing Lone Wolf

    Any word yet if another company got the license and is going to put out a new game?
  14. daddystabz

    D&D 5E D&D in the Grishaverse

    Please post this to the public so we can all play in this setting!
  15. daddystabz

    [Gamers Wanted!] DM looking for new 5e/Numenera group Winston Salem NC

    Any folks interested in playing Numenera, especially if you are interested in GM'ing but we do have room for a couple more players as well, please PM me with your availability and timezone and I will invite you to our Discord server. We will be playing over FoundryVTT.
  16. daddystabz

    Now THAT'S Where I'm a Pirate!

    This is not an ongoing campaign but just a one-shot? I own lots of piratey games, including this one.
  17. daddystabz

    Cypher System by Monte Cook Games: what do you think about it?

    It is one of my favorite systems of all-time and I've played/GM'ed nearly everything you can imagine in my over 30 years of TTRPG experience. Numenera is also one of my favorite settings ever. I disagree with a lot of the criticisms in this thread. I have a HUGE RPG collection and have read...
  18. daddystabz

    Temples & Tombs vs. Broken Compass

    There are a couple of new games fresh off Kickstarter recently that both capture pulp adventure action in the spirit of Indiana Jones, the 90's Mummy movies, Nathan Drake, Tomb Raider, Clive Cussler, Romancing the Stone, Tales of the Golden Monkey two-fisted tales. Temples & Tombs by Gallant...
  19. daddystabz

    WOIN My Miscellaneous Homebrew Work (w/ Airwolf stats)

    Also, Airwolf should cost a whole lot more than $5 million with its capabilities and its air dominance.
  20. daddystabz

    Castles & Crusades vs. Old School Essentials vs. Low Fantasy Gaming

    Which do you prefer between Castles & Crusades Old School Essentials, and Low Fantasy Gaming and why?