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  2. Emirikol

    D&D (2024) New D&D Edition's Player’s Handbook Cover Reveal

    Interesting they did it as the Pride Flag color palette. Suppose that was by Wizards or a choice by the artist? Left to right it is red to violet with the pink included.
  3. Emirikol

    I need a good non-D&D fantasy campaign

    Warhammer: Dying of the Light The campaign is just long enough and has a lot of variety.
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  5. Emirikol

    What mechanics or subsystems do you use regardless of the game you are running/playing?

    Replacement PCs come in at same xp as last character (retired, dead, whatever). Seems like a house rule because so many systems have "player punishment" as their standard. Fate/Fortune points (bonus die or reroll whatever) - with an "alter the scene" mechanic from COLONIAL GOTHIC rpg. Spells...
  6. Emirikol

    Which do you prefer?

    GM. Being stuck as a player feels demeaning.
  7. Emirikol

    When to be a GM?

    You wont know until after youve gmed about 6 sessions.
  8. Emirikol

    What Licensed RPG Do You Wish Used A Different System?

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. 4th is bleghk. Id take 3e or even 2e again over this awful 4e system. I also wish that THE ONE RING rpg had a more robust combat system and less obsession with downtime equivalent of tax accounting and boring travel rules.
  9. Emirikol

    Virtual Greyhawk Con 4 - Online (Oct 6th-8th) - PLAYERS WANTED (D&D5e, OSR, etc.)

    PLAYERS WANTED! Virtual Greyhawk Con is an online game convention celebrating everything Greyhawk. You'll meet plenty of people and is a great way to try out people for your VTT/online game groups. There are a TON of events again this year including everything from pre-generated character games...
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  12. Emirikol

    horror games that you love (that aren't 'world of darkness' or cthulhu related.)

    Colonial Gothic/Flames of Freedom ALIEN
  13. Emirikol

    How Do I Escape D&D?

    Thanks for the great suggestions. I believe that ONE-SHOT is really the underused tool. Many GMs feel the need to plan out long campaigns and you've got to get players on board. Have some pre-gens and if a player wants to make a character (one of those min-maxer type players) let them have at...
  14. Emirikol

    Best GMing Advice you've ever gotten

    Keep the game moving! Dont bore your players to death.
  15. Emirikol

    Tale of the Comet - your experiences?

    What character levels is this adventure for?
  16. Emirikol

    Blade Runner rpg - having trouble getting sucked in

    Got my set and book. Good system, but thematically I'm having trouble getting sucked in. In fact, I have this odd feeling that something is turning me off. Something isn't sitting right. I keep stopping reading the adventure. Partly, it is the 6 point body text font which is a huge mistake for...
  17. Emirikol


    PLAYERS WANTED! (Lakewood, CO group) Hail, adventurers! Players wanted to round out our established RPG game group. We play Tuesday nights from 7-10pm (3 nights a month). Current players are 35-58 busy professionals with kids. We seek friendly, no-nonsense, new friends to game with! . We play...
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  19. Emirikol

    Hasbro Game Sales Drop Nearly A Quarter (due to MtG and Digital Games)

    So they're doing better than the market in general. What's the deal about everybody losing their minds? GOOGLE: How much has the stock market dropped in 2022? The tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 has dropped nearly 33 percent so far in 2022, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more than 20 percent...