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    WOIN Any one have stats for a helicopter in WOIN NOW?

    Yes, I used the conversion rules in N.O.W. for all the stats. The one exception is ACCEL. Since it's near impossible to find the 0-60 time for aircraft, I had to seek out a formula for that. Which then required me to find a formula for determining power (thrust/lift). Yay, math!
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    WOIN Any one have stats for a helicopter in WOIN NOW?

    Mil Mi-17 Year: 1977 Cost: $2,750,000 Adj: 15,125,000 Quality: Exceptional (+2d6) Upgrades: 14 (6 remaining) Occupancy: 3 (pilot, co-pilot, engineer)/+up to 24 troops SPEED: 17 ACCEL: 9 HANDL: 6 HEALTH: 156 SOAK: 15 DEFENSE: 4 1x Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-23 autocannon (6d6 Ballistic damage, Range...
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    WOIN Hypercorps 2099 is LIVE on Kickstarter!

    Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing the final product.
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    Awfully Cheerful Engine There's a LOT of stuff available in the AWFULLY CHEERFUL ENGINE! Kickstarter!

    You had me at Collector's Omnibus. That's awesome. The Extras card deck is pretty sweet, too.
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    WOIN NPC template

    I made a form-fillable pdf for NPCs. Example...
  6. monster page_image.jpg

    monster page_image.jpg

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    WOIN Great System!

    You can find commentary on judging character/opponent challenge levels HERE.
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    WOIN Is there a Skill for psionics which increases the PP like hardy increases HP?

    But, if you prefer a skill, the list is open-ended. You are free to add a skill called hyperacuity, or keenness, or strong-minded, or whatever you choose to call it, to the Developmental Skills list. Then inform the players creating psionic characters to add those skill dice pool to PSI and WIL...
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    WOIN Is there a Skill for psionics which increases the PP like hardy increases HP?

    In the Venetian sourcebook, The Holds of Vendalyr, there's an exploit called Force of Will that gives bonus psionic energy points.
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    WOIN Hypercorps 2099

    All apologies. I'm sincerely looking forward to this. Curious to see the route you took for the conversion. Best of luck.
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    WOIN Mechanism to directly knock unconscious an opponent or unsuspecting NPC?

    EONS #136 covers Mook and Boss rules. This might be more or less what you're looking for. https://www.patreon.com/posts/24193358
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    WOIN WOIN GM Screen and cheat sheets?

    Thanks. I'm happy to hear it's being used.
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    WOIN WOIN GM Screen and cheat sheets?

    Why thank you, sir. You're too kind. Edit to add: The Screens can be found HERE.
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    WOIN probabilities of success

    It does not include auto-successes. I'm not even sure how to calculate that but it's definitely something I'll look into.
  15. MDP Matrix.png

    MDP Matrix.png

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    WOIN probabilities of success

    I've made a chart for personal use some time ago. I went two digits beyond the decimal for those smaller incremental changes to odds.
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    WOIN Has anyone worked with WOIN/N.O.W. in the WWI era?

    I had it made. I've been working on Job Fair #2, which includes stats for several WWI, WWII, and Modern aircraft plus aircraft weapons. There's also aerial combat rules, which I'm still working on.
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    WOIN Has anyone worked with WOIN/N.O.W. in the WWI era?

    Fokker D VII Year: 1918 Cost ($): 7800 Adj ($): 86580 Quality: Standard Upgrades: 6 Occupancy: 1 SPEED: 12 ACCEL: 6 HANDL: 3 SOAK: 4 (Ablative) DEF: 15 HEALTH: 45 ARMAMENT: (2) 7.92mm Spandau LMG 08/15 machine guns (4d6 (2d6*2) Ballistic Damage, Range 12) Royal Aircraft Factory...
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    WOIN Help looting magically

    Personally, I would allow an Enhance Strength spell to increase the attribute by the minimum score for each d6 increase. So, a +1d6 bonus to strength would gain +1 point to STR, +2d6 would be a +3 bonus, +3d6 a +6 bonus. Failing that, spend the MP for a shrink spell to affect the full area of...
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    WOIN [Question] Venetian Tilts?

    If you put 3 points of PSI into the tilt you gain the tilt for three rounds. 'While the tilt is charged' simple means that for those three rounds the defensive exploit stays active without any thought on the character's part. The offensive exploit requires a successful attack roll and the...