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  1. Li Shenron

    D&D 5E Which classes have the least identity?

    I agree, but other people have a different definition of "identity". I'd go with the Wiktionary definition: "The difference or character that marks off an individual or collective from the rest of the same kind; selfhood; the sense of who something or someone or oneself is, or the recurring...
  2. Li Shenron

    D&D General What is the right amount of Classes for Dungeons and Dragons?

    I would not worry too much about fulfilling specific roles, but rather at enabling enough variety. More precisely, I would first of all provide more classes than the expected number players so that a group doesn't end up in a situation where two players need to play the same class or players...
  3. Li Shenron

    How Do You Feel About Published Adventures as a GM?

    The value I am looking for in a published adventure is the shared experience. It's the possibility of meeting other people and asking "Oh, you've played Ravenloft/ToEE/KotB too! How did it go for your group, did you beat it or failed?". It is similar to sharing opinion after watching the same...
  4. Li Shenron

    D&D (2024) Deborah Ann Woll and Matt Mercer consulted on the 2024 DMG.

    Even though I don't watch critical role, I've seen a couple of episodes in the past and I think Mercer is a very good DM who could certainly give good advice on a DMG. Let's see if WotC consulted him in order to actually take his input into account, or only to be able to put his name in the...
  5. Li Shenron

    D&D General [+] Tell me about Greyhawk

    I always liked the Temple of Elemental Evil adventure, in fact it's been one of my favourite adventures ever, and I replayed it several times across editions. It's not a very creative or innovative adventure, in fact for me it's one of the best examples of a very traditional or "standard"...
  6. Li Shenron

    D&D (2024) How Does Greyhawk Fit In To The New Edition?

    That was precisely my point. I don't have all DMG of the past, but they haven't done it right in any of those I've seen. It's not like a DM can't use any map and high level descriptions as a starting point, it's that such high level stuff itself doesn't really teach worldbuilding, while at the...
  7. Li Shenron

    D&D (2024) How Does Greyhawk Fit In To The New Edition?

    So now people are more motivated to buy the revised DMG because of Greyhawk? How much did it matter to the 2014 DMG that Forgotten Realms was more or less the default setting? The last time Greyhawk was default (3e), it impacted the core books by... listing the Greyhawk deities, and pretty...
  8. Li Shenron

    D&D (2024) 75 Feats -- not nearly enough

    I agree. We use PHB and XGtE feats, and I still see more or less the same 5-10 feats taken all the time. It's a sign that the offer is lacking. The total number might seem high, but when players start going through the list to pick a new feat, they quickly realize 90% of them are neither...
  9. Li Shenron

    Which table concerns do you consider the most significant?

    Well yes, "personality" is a much wider concept, there are certainly other ways to have a personality conflict at the table that have nothing to do with someone having strong opinions on how to play the game.
  10. Li Shenron

    Which table concerns do you consider the most significant?

    Mostly yes, I said that I see an association or correlation between having strong opinions on the game and causing playstyle conflicts at the table, and a possible causality from spending too much time thinking or analyzing the game (without/before playing) to coming to the table with already...
  11. Li Shenron

    No More Massive Tomes of Rules

    I would certainly prefer concise books, or at the very least a better organization of the material. For example, there is common rules of the game, and there is character material, which is also technically "rules" (every spell has its own) but you don't need to know them unless your character...
  12. Li Shenron

    Which table concerns do you consider the most significant?

    No. And I don't get by what logic you arrived at this conclusion from my comment, or what I am supposed to read from the second part of your post.
  13. Li Shenron

    Which table concerns do you consider the most significant?

    Well I was looking for an option "none of the above" because I normally have zero problems at the table, the only problem I have is the excessive time I still spend (probably without reason) as a DM to prepare before the game. But since I wanted my vote to affect the statistics, I votes...
  14. Li Shenron

    D&D (2024) Greyhawk Confirmed. Tell Me Why.

    Forgotten Realms has Baldur's Gate 3 and the D&D Honor Among Thieves movie in people's recent memory. Greyhawk has what? I understand the hommage to Gygax, but from a marketing perspective I would have chosen Forgotten Realms as a sample fantasy setting, or no sample at all.
  15. Li Shenron

    D&D General When to know a rule?

    It sounds to me that you enjoy mystery and they enjoy mastery. Just don't play with them.
  16. Li Shenron

    D&D 5E How would YOU nerf the wizard? +

    To stay within the rules, I would start by not letting them find any scroll to learn additional spells ever, limit magic items that cast spells in treasure, and not allowing any potentially useful option from supplementary books. Going into rules changes territory, I might instead require a...
  17. Li Shenron

    D&D 5E The woes of creating high-level pregens

    Well I finally got around DMing Ravenloft as a one-shot, except that of course I failed to make it really finish in a single session so we'll need at least a second evening. To my defence, we had planned to have 4-5 hours for the game, but between being late to start and then having kids wanting...
  18. Li Shenron

    D&D General Re-Loring Monsters

    Usually, I have half-orcs as a completely separate species from humans and orcs. Many reasons: the rape-oriented "traditional" background of half-orcs sucks big time on many levels half races are generally lame many players think of WoW-style orcs and want to play them, while others think...
  19. Li Shenron

    D&D (2024) What Should D&D 2024 Have Been +

    Three things: - stark improvement in the layout/organization of the core books (mainly the DMG), explanation/presentation of the rules, and emphasis on how the game can be played to different playstyles by treating most things as optional - steps towards fulfilling the original promise of a...