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    D&D General Ignoring the rules!

    I don't know if it's 'meta', but since some people like to lay Real World over games sometimes, there are sometimes as people where we might feel we've learned enough that we can handle extra work duties, or handle training others. Sometimes it even manifests as a need or calling to just DROP...
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    D&D General Ignoring the rules!

    I like the 1e paladin restrictions on magic items for encumbrance: The character may never retain more than ten magic items: 1 suit of armour; 1 shield; 4 weapons; 4 others.
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    D&D (2024) Understanding "nostalgia"

    "Nostalgia is our most toxic impulse." -- Judge John Hodgman
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    D&D General [+] Tell me about Greyhawk

    To add to the pile of compliments and info about Greyhawk, I'll add my two coppers: What I enjoyed - and found to be 'new tech' when I was starting out late-80s, was the bare bones descriptions of lands, and they boiled down to things like: Who are they warring with? Who are they friends...
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    A question about Highlander

    I've never gotten around to Sandman, but I've seen that clip through Youtube's knowledge of what I like. Dream yelling at him for presuming they could be friends... only to come back one day and the pub is being demolished. ... I need to go watch that again And it's Hob Gadling, which I...
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    D&D 5E Who tried to end the OGL?

    Don't forget the theory that New Coke was introduced so there would be outrage, and when Coke Classic came back, it would have a new, cheaper sweetener and people would have forgotten the taste of OG Coke. They expected a loss, but would make it back up by the savings. It was then Pepsi...
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    WotC Vecna: Eve of Ruin Player Advice from WotC

    ... which made me think of the videos on Youtube with Thomas the Tank Engine combined with DMX. I'd add a link, but the vocabulary is... growed-up.
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    D&D General Matt Colville on adventure length

    Who knows about inflation, but with the ways people have to play with Amazon's algorithm.... Who knows. http://www.cnn.com/2011/TECH/web/04/25/amazon.price.algorithm/index.html
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    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Guns clear out the security.
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    Use This Ghost To Show Off The World Of Old Gods

    Glad to see this. I just got back from a road trip to Harlan, KY to lay flowers at my boys' grandmother's grave, and ever since the Old Gods stories started coming out, every time I've been back there, I definitely feel how a place like that could be ripe for all that stuff.
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    Spoilers Civil War Movie

    I'm glad to hear it's more about the journalists trying to survive and document the story, and agree that's not the vibe the trailers give it. They could've shot the trailers to feel more like what you'd expect a war journalist movie to be, where it's unnamed so you assume Africa or...
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    Arc Dream Announces Black Company RPG

    What's interesting is I'd have sworn I'd read somewhere Glen had said Green Ronin's version during 3.x was going to be the 'only' one he'd do. Now, it's possible he changed his mind, or the money's too good to not be directly involved. I thought maybe it was in the foreword but either way...
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    RPG Evolution: The AI DM in Action

    I'm old, but I'd have classified usenet groups as social media, given the sheer amount of users that have used them over the decades.
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    RPG Evolution: The AI DM in Action

    I feel, from where I stand now, AI will be a huge asset as a DM ASSISTANT. It's ability to free-think like a human, I have doubts about. We've all had sessions where the DM has to pull random stuff out of his/her/their butt and make it cohesive and 'true' to their world. I can't see AI being...
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    Geek Confessional Thread 2024

    I feel if you take the monolithic juggernaut of D&D out of the industry, we'll be buying rpgs basically on Etsy. It boggles my mind, because I feel if D&D were to bite it now and WotC vanish, who's going to pick up the infrastructure and continue things on the level of Gencon - $75M economic...
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    MCDM Update: The Power Roll

    I respect and like Matt Colville. I get that a lot of this began in the uproar of anti-WotC becoming anti-5e/etc (we won't debate that here). What I am seeing from this video is... it's like we're watching systems be pushed together. As soon as he talked about James saying the 2d6+X roll would...
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    Worlds of Design: The Improv Imbalance

    I think 'read aloud text' can also help in a post-mortem if the players complain about not having any idea about a certain clue, if you can go back and show that this tapestry was absolutely referenced in the text and so they may not have needed as many encounters to realize they needed the...
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    D&D General D&D Luminary Jim 'Drawmij' Ward Passes

    I am thankful for his work and his influence. I love his work. And even in that picture, he looks like The Best Uncle, yknow, the one who secretly taught the kids to play D&D or let them sit in at a probably-age-inappropriate game session when he wasn't sneaking them beers behind the garage at...
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    D&D General Explain Bounded Accuracy to Me (As if I Was Five)

    I had come around to agreeing with designer John Wick about 'balance'. A lot of times, when people complain about balance, what they're REALLY complaining about is spotlight. Of course you seem underpowered and underbalanced if the GM never lets you have the moment to shine or another PC does...
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    James Introcaso talks about the Power Roll, a change to the MCDM resolution system.

    I agree there was no grift. I'm sorry if you thought I was implying there was. My point is that when a designer says it's open to change, but their first design promise is '[they] want to have no attack rolls'. Promise or idea unveiling. It would be equivalent to me as if Wizards when...