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  2. Princelucianus

    D&D General DALL·E 3 does amazing D&D art

    Seven friends playing D&D in a 17th century Dutch house. Style Rembrandt
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  4. Princelucianus

    D&D General DALL·E 3 does amazing D&D art

    I added a scene from a recent Pathfinder adventure I started. I notice a slight Star Wars influence a remote farm lit by moonlight. male hero and his small droid fight a zombie cow high definition digital painting red
  5. Princelucianus

    RPG Evolution: Friends That Slay Together, Stay Together

    When I moved to another city for study, I thought I had to say goodbye to my RPG's... How wrong I was. RPG's have cemented my friendship with three persons from high school. I keep seeing a former colleague and a board game friend, because of D&D. Started playing D&D a few years ago with my...
  6. Princelucianus

    Pathfinder: Lost Omens Highhelm Review

    I love the lay out of the Lost Omen books. Must haves for certain Adventure Paths.
  7. Princelucianus

    D&D General What got you to try D&D?

    I was in the hospital with a broken ankle and a friend of mine gave me a Playboy magazine. Since I had nothing better to do.... I READ THE ARTICLES!!! One was about an American game called Dungeons and Dragons which seemed interesting. So when I got out, I went to the gaming store, where they...
  8. Princelucianus

    D&D General Forced Marriage backstory

    Then they decided in Port Llast to return to Luskan. After that, it somehow became more logical to go to Silverymoon....... Players :censored: Hope to be able to use in the unforeseeable future!
  9. Princelucianus

    D&D General Forced Marriage backstory

    So: I'm going to use an elf-imposter, used by the family to save face. Foreshadow if they go to an inn first (a normal thing for many groups) if possible. Or total shocker if she opens the house she thinks she still owns in Neverwinter, now occupied by the loving couple.
  10. Princelucianus

    D&D General Forced Marriage backstory

    Hi to who reads this. The adventure I'm currently playing is SKT. One of the player's background (elf) is ''Fled from Neverwinter X years ago because my family planned a marriage without my consent. I went to Silverymoon and joined the Lord's Alliance, got a life etc, etc''. Now the party is...
  11. Princelucianus

    D&D General I need help again --- character hooks

    They're young adults :cool: I would say between 16-18 years old. One dwarf, one human and a tiefling. A secret ally is definitely an option. I'm considering Mories vs the 3 kids. Has to be worked out since I also like hearing what the heroes think and incorporate that in the story!
  12. Princelucianus

    D&D General I need help again --- character hooks

    My plan is to make the kids the BBEG but Mories is the lure. The players so far have no clue what is really happening. They think Patrice (see above) is the lich. The players have some allies, but they're not powerful enough to make a difference. At the moment, the families have no idea what's...
  13. Princelucianus

    D&D General I need help again --- character hooks

    LONG STORY...... sorry in advance. If things are unclear or if you have questions.... shoot. A few hundred years ago, a powerful noble (Patrice Zwartwoud) was an instrument in a massacre. While there, he was manipulated by a young druid (Mories) whom he adopted and made a member of his family...
  14. Princelucianus

    D&D 5E Factions and Visibility

    I have a question (I couldn't find an answer for with the search function). I'm going to DM 'Storm King's Thunder' and planned for the first time in my life to use factions. But I'm surprised that any agent with some knowledge, recognizes the agents of the other factions (maybe not the...
  15. Princelucianus

    Coming Aethervoid

    I was discussing RPG teambuilding with a company in the Netherlands and one of their good friends seemed to have been working on an RPG called.... Aethervoid. Æther Void Æther Void is a tabletop roleplaying game that focuses on, and combines, stories of fantasy, steampunk and science fiction...
  16. Princelucianus

    D&D General How Was Your Last Session?

    The last 3+ players session I had was in March. Due to Covid we have it postponed until (?) So, in August I invited a colleague to play together with my girlfriend, since he had never played and one other person in my household seemed okay. We've played 3 sessions and unfortunately Covid cases...
  17. Princelucianus

    D&D 5E Saving throws and monsters

    Until I find another example (unlikely)..........I stand corrected!
  18. Princelucianus

    D&D 5E Saving throws and monsters

    I'm starting to doubt me myself, but on page 287 f.i., it states ''Hydras have advantage on saving throws against a variety of conditions...'' Maybe I was sleepdrunk and getting confused.:blush:
  19. Princelucianus

    D&D 5E Saving throws and monsters

    Simple question: I'm reading ''The Monsters Know What They're Doing'' and I noticed the author assumes that monsters have advantage on saves when they have proficiency bonuses. I can't find it mentioned anywhere though. Where did he get this information from (If he's correct)?
  20. Princelucianus

    Getting Paid to be a Game Master

    It's way easier to attract people/companies by ''We can organize a session of ''Dungeons and Dragons" for you and your colleagues''. Instead of ''We can organize a session of fantasy roleplaying for you and your colleagues''. If I say to my colleagues that I play D&D, I often hear ''I always...