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  1. gamecat

    Born of the Three Thunders + Spells w/ durations

    Yeah, that's why I posted - I don't think the designers had spells with durations longer than instantaneous in mind when they wrote this. As to showing up when cast, I imagine the caster's lightning appearing with the three thunders energy, not disappearing with it, but it looks like we're into...
  2. gamecat

    Monk's AC bonus? Dodge? Deflection? Other?

    I think it's explicitly unnamed for a reason - it can stack w/ anything else.
  3. gamecat

    Born of the Three Thunders + Spells w/ durations

    Someone in my group pointed that wording out. And it's this I hate as it feels like we're just mincing words - couldn't one just as easily argue that it's the conclusion of the casting of said spell that brings this thunderclap about? Personally, if turning the WAHOO factor of this down it's...
  4. gamecat

    Sudden Metamagic from Complete Arcane question

    I'm a fan of the sudden metamagic feats - not the most powerful, but for a prepared caster they're nice to have up your sleeve as a just-in-case and they scale better than a rod that is capped at a certain spell level.
  5. gamecat

    Orb spells vs anti-magic?

    If I remember correctly, they were printed as evocations in Tome and Blood.
  6. gamecat

    Born of the Three Thunders + Spells w/ durations

    Born of the Three Thunders, as printed in Complete Arcane, gives a damaging [electricity] or [sonic] spell the ability to stun and trip those who fail additional saves, at the cost of dazing the caster for a round. With the iconic Lightning Bolt or Shout, it's fairly cut and dry - damage, ref...
  7. gamecat

    Versatility is trying something new

    Hm, I'll bite. I personally like fighters. I don't think they're all that weak, either. My gamut of house rules runs along gestalt and feat-every-level lines; and players still find fighters irresistable. I think it's how many feats a fighter packs in early on; to build a gestalt with any other...
  8. gamecat

    [Tome of Battle] New Maneuvers

    Indeed! I love Bo9S - it's made being a sword guy as fun as being a magic guy. I didn't even think of blistering flourish. Being one round, that's a counterpoint, but consider that 1 extra fire damage is nigh negible later on and blindness is far worse a condition than being dazzled (rogues can...
  9. gamecat

    [Tome of Battle] New Maneuvers

    Having just made a White Raven Warblade, charisma is never mentionied in any of the official White Raven maneuvers.
  10. gamecat

    [Tome of Battle] New Maneuvers

    Well, here goes. I'll do desert wind first. A Thousand Birds Seems fine. Crescent Flame Seems a bit situational, given that it only punks those who flank you, but the single attack roll and fire damage on successful touch offset this fact. Fine the way it is. Dancing Flame I don't know if...
  11. gamecat

    Arcane spell Failure + Spellcraft skill?

    Doable. I'm not sure how I feel about ASF; it seems in the third/third-and-a-half edition of D&D they kept ASF around as an artifact of previous games and never let it off easy - they never wanted to give it away for a feat.
  12. gamecat

    Female gamers: Weal or woe?

    Perhaps it's a sign of how stagnant my social life has become; but I haven't met any female gamers in some time. The last time I did have a female gamer in my group (it was seven years ago, in high school), she created a crepuscular silence in the game, as the whole group (myself included)...
  13. gamecat

    The All Minion Game

    I was thinking PC's versus strictly minons; It'd be a matrix-reloaded style style burly brawl.
  14. gamecat

    D&D 3E/3.5 New 3.5 Custom Class, need opinions

    Im not big on the alignment requirements (perhaps non-lawful would be better), but otherwise, I'd greenlight it - it's indeed an interesting triangulation of barbarian, fighter and druid. Nice class!
  15. gamecat

    Changeover Poll

    No change for me. I adore 3rd edition, even what other players call its shortcomings. Perhaps it's just because it's been almost ten years since I first beheld with wonderment things like "Monsters have ability scores now?" or "I can multiclass however I feel like?". Perhaps I'm being...
  16. gamecat

    Multiclassing, gestalt, and you - a population sample

    I'm not sure what forum to put this in, software, rules, or general. Please move this thread if need be. I'm writing a piece of software here, to automatically generate 3e Gestalt characters (completely random - click a button, get a full-functioning, formatted HTML character sheet). So, In a...
  17. gamecat

    A pair of magic weapons

    Blazeblade Blazeblade is a longsword made of brightly polished steel, with elaborate flame-styled leafing of gold and copper. It grants the wielder fire resistance 2, and on the first round of combat of any encounter, at the wielder's option, the blade will automatically cast a burning hands...
  18. gamecat

    Homebrew knight feats

    As far as feats go, perfectly fine. Where I you, I'd make a few more - these are a great way to create the stereotypical Knight of Hyerdahl - a fighter gains eleven bonus feats over the course of his career...
  19. gamecat

    Rogue / Necromancer combo feats

    Balanced, perfectly fine. This one seems extremely powerful, when contrasted with practised spellcaster (+4 cl w/ one class). When you say "spellcasting level", do you mean caster level, or the whole thing (caster level, spells known, spells for day)? Powerful, but RP requirements and...
  20. gamecat

    Now that 4e is out, are you into it or sticking with a prior edition?

    No hate for 4e, but no love either. 3.X D&D has been my favorite RPG system since I first played it and will likely stay the same.