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  1. Pierce

    Medallions d20 Modern (Update Wednesday 09-20-06)

    I seriously doubt it. I have the happy task of announcing the birth of YoungDrewId early on the morning of 12/18. Lad by the name of Ethan. The Id family is happy and healthy, if tired. I imagine Drew's time will be taken up in the near future with diapers and feedings and such. Dang life...
  2. Pierce

    Medallions d20 Modern (Update Wednesday 09-20-06)

    *picks jaw up off floor* Glad you got a new job.
  3. Pierce

    Age of Worms - Deadly

    True. I misspoke - he didn't crit; rather he rolled max damage. Still enough to get rid of the beastie.
  4. Pierce

    Age of Worms - Deadly

    Oh, and I started all the characters off with minimum gold. :]
  5. Pierce

    Age of Worms - Deadly

    We started the WC a few weeks back. It's been tough, but no character deaths so far. Highlights: The swarms were pretty nasty. Fortunately, the party took a break between the two and had a chance to refill their oil supply. Lucky (is there any other kind?) crits on both the owl bear and the...
  6. Pierce

    Running Gags

    "Brocolli" = crap roll on Spot or Listen. From way back at the start of our group. DM asked for Spot checks and someone (I think it was me, actually) rolled a 2. So the responses were something like: DM: Roll spot checks Player 1: *roll* 18! Player 2: *roll* 13... Player 3 (me): *roll*...
  7. Pierce

    D20 Modern: Legalities

  8. Pierce


    May I suggest The Exorcism of Emily Rose? The actress playing the title character does a great job with the creepy factor.
  9. Pierce

    d20 Modern - and what else?

    That would be an interesting LARP.
  10. Pierce

    d20 Modern - and what else?

    Agreed. I also recommend any of the Blood & XXX series.
  11. Pierce

    Best SNL skit ever

    First Citiwide Change Bank. ("If you come to us with a hundred-dollar bill, we're not going to give you two-thousand nickels - unless that meets your particular change needs") Eddie Murphy as a White Man. ("Ha ha ha! Silly negro!") Old French Whore, starring Garth Brooks as Coco ("I think...
  12. Pierce

    Ugliest Dog - stat this thing!

    My wife and I were at the Westminster dog show this year and walked past a lady carrying one of these (obviously in much better health). As we passed, I overheard her say, "This feels like I'm carrying a bag of skin!" I love all dogs, but that... well, that's an odd bird. Or hellhound.
  13. Pierce

    DarkMatter D20: Drunk Southern Girls with Guns ... UPDATED - 8/18/05!

    Yes! I love me some updates! Great stuff. For those of you (like me) whose memory gets a little fuzzy past a day or two, here's links to the previous two entries: http://www.enworld.org/showpost.php?p=1288137&postcount=582 http://www.enworld.org/showpost.php?p=1429993&postcount=620 Good to...
  14. Pierce

    Happy Birthday Col_Pladoh

    D'oh, I rolled a 1 on my Init check. Happy Belated Birthday, G-man. Many thanks for filling up my free time with adventure!
  15. Pierce

    Help me brainstorm a fundraiser

    While boring, garage sales tend to make a crapload of money. Also, any left over items may be useful at the shelter (blankets, sheets, etc. are always needed). We've got a guy here at our office who's a bit of a singer/songwriter in his off time. He's playing a fundraiser for T.E.A.R.S...
  16. Pierce

    Medallions d20 Modern (Update Wednesday 09-20-06)

    Woo hoo! My Lots of people's begging finally succeeds!
  17. Pierce

    How Horrible do you like your Horror? How Crazy your Cthulhu?

    What about when the players get all freaked out and scream like little girls? :eek:
  18. Pierce

    How Horrible do you like your Horror? How Crazy your Cthulhu?

    We're pretty much in the "scarred but functional" category. At least for now. I wouldn't put it by our RBDM to push us into the "insane and dying" category. For example, we're in the final climactic battle of our campaign "season" - doing OK, but all of us are pretty beat up. I was musing...
  19. Pierce

    Medallions d20 Modern (Update Wednesday 09-20-06)

    Draco, that's the highest compliment we in the Medallions group can be paid. Thanks and have fun!