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  1. Meech17

    D&D General Are you aware that the New Edition (5.5 whatever) is a part of the 50th Anniversary of D&D?

    I don't have nostalgia for all of this stuff.. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. Can you have nostalgia for something you didn't experience? But regardless I really enjoy all of it. I've spent a lot of time combing through old books, old Dragon/Dungeon magazines, and old adventures. It's...
  2. Meech17

    D&D (2024) New Dungeon Master's Guide Cover Features Venger (From the D&D Cartoons)

    I really hope there is an alt art cover that follows the PHB one.. But instead features cartoon Venger & co having a long rest instead of the adventuring party
  3. Meech17

    Looking for a Cyberpunk Genre Game

    Thanks for the well thought out reply. I recently watched Seth Skorkowsky's review of Red, and he made a few similar points. Namely the economy being borked. That's really disappointing. I'm going to have to look into these other options.
  4. Meech17

    Describe your last RPG session in more than 5 words.

    Running the party through the Sunless Citadel, in our first session we made it to the point where the party has a parlay with the Kobold Queen. They immediately loved Meepo, which I expected. Every game play report I've read, or the tons of stories I've read all include Meepo and how iconic he...
  5. Meech17

    D&D (2024) New Dungeon Master's Guide Cover Features Venger (From the D&D Cartoons)

    That's kind of what I thought. This tells a story of a whole campaign. From lowly beginnings fighting zombies, to eventually being level 20 and fighting the BBEG and his undead dragon minion.
  6. Meech17

    On Publicly Sharing Paid Content: Legality, and all around Best Practices.

    Good morning EN World. So I started blogging. I want to write, and I need practice. I figured a blog would be a good way to do that. I've mostly been telling stories, and also publishing my Campaign Diaries there. Not only is this proving to be a fun writing exercise, but it's also been a nice...
  7. Meech17

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    D&D 5e. Party is infatuated with Meepo.
  8. Meech17

    D&D (2024) New Dungeon Master's Guide Cover Features Venger (From the D&D Cartoons)

    I like the art. Haaaaaaaaaaaaate the spine.
  9. Meech17

    Looking for a Cyberpunk Genre Game

    What was your beef with Cyberpunk Red? I like the genre, but outside of the videogame 2077, I've never played the TTRPG, or any other TTRPG in the genre, for that matter. I was thinking of picking up Red and suggesting it as the next thing to play once we wrap up our D&D campaign. Also, since...
  10. Meech17

    WotC Apparently an FR fan that also happens to be an investor asked CEO Cox a gew questions.

    This is of course unsurprising, but saddening regardless. The people most catered to by the company couldn't care less about the actual products they're making.
  11. Meech17

    "I'm a [BLANK] kid!"

    My first CD and my first Cassette were the same album.. And I got the CD first. My brother bought me Stunt by Barenaked Ladies. It was Christmas 1998, or maybe 1999. Fast forward ten years or so, and my first car was only five years younger than I was, a 1997 Dodge Neon, and it had a tape...
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  13. Meech17

    D&D 5E Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks Would Like To Explore Kara-Tur

    Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is one of better received sets from Magic's current standard line-up. It was an all around good set. The cards and the mechanics were fun, and the setting and art was all very flavorful. I wonder if they gave up on the MTG-D&D crossover products. I'd buy a Kamigawa book...
  14. Meech17

    D&D General Portrait-oriented DM screens?

    That looks great.
  15. Meech17

    "I'm a [BLANK] kid!"

    My hometown actually still has an operating Drive-In Theater. It's not as good of a deal as it used to be.. It's $10/person now, rather than charging per car like they did when I was younger. But that's still a heck of a deal for two movies. And their concessions are super cheap too.
  16. Meech17

    "I'm a [BLANK] kid!"

    I often think about how I got to live through a really interesting transition period as far as phones went. As a kid I used to have to get off the internet in order for my mom to make phone calls. I remember being able to call phone numbers without dialing the area code. My parents got cell...
  17. Meech17

    How Do You Feel About Published Adventures as a GM?

    I was more clarifying for the sake of ENWorlds large international population.. But yeah.. Isn't it wild that that Borders closed over a decade ago? Remember how back then Barnes and Noble was like the "Big Bad Guy" as far as bookstores went? And now they're like the last bastion of retail...
  18. Meech17

    "I'm a [BLANK] kid!"

    I was a Dexter's Laboratory, PowerPuff Girls, and Ed, Edd, and Eddy kid. Dexter's Lab was the first time media exposed me to D&D. When I was a kid Space Ghost had retired to become a late night host. Then Moltar went on to host Toonami. I was very much a Toonami kid.
  19. Meech17

    How Do You Feel About Published Adventures as a GM?

    This is something I've noticed. A lot of people complained about this with Baldur's Gate 3 as well. The beginning of the game makes it seem like you're on a two or three day clock. I was afraid to take a long rest for the longest time because I was worried about it, only to find out I was...
  20. Meech17

    How Do You Feel About Published Adventures as a GM?

    When I started playing in the early 2000's I didn't know there was such a thing as published adventures. We bought all of our books from Borders, which is a now defunct chain bookstore, similar to a Barnes and Noble. It was cool that they carried these books, but they didn't carry a wide...