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  1. Nikchick

    Harassment At PaizoCon 2017

    https://twitter.com/Sphynxian/status/882439561237995520 This is the link to the Twitter thread that an eye witness to the events posted. PaizoCon takes place at a hotel. Nicole
  2. Nikchick

    Harassment At PaizoCon 2017

    I have been weighing my response to this comment section since yesterday because first, I was really angry at some of the horrible replies a few people felt were appropriate...but Morrus moderates this stuff well and doesn't need me coming in and mixing it up. And several people have responded...
  3. Nikchick

    D&D 5E The Lost Citadel: a new apocalyptic 5E setting from Green Ronin

    Hi guys, For game support we have the core book designed for 5E, the double-sided poster map of the city, the intro adventure, and the GM screen, with the stretch goal for additional content on martial disciplines still on the table (and an AGE system hack, which was the #1 requested at the...
  4. Nikchick

    D&D 5E The Lost Citadel: a new apocalyptic 5E setting from Green Ronin

    In today's Ronin Roundtable the ultra-talented cartographer Andrew Law shares his process. Lost Citadel: Creating the First Map If you haven't taken a good close-up look at the Lost Citadel map, this gives you an up close and personal look at the fine details. https://greenronin.com/RMXSc
  5. Nikchick

    D&D 5E The Lost Citadel: a new apocalyptic 5E setting from Green Ronin

    Morrus, is there a way to take away XP for a post? Sheesh...
  6. Nikchick

    D&D 5E The Lost Citadel: a new apocalyptic 5E setting from Green Ronin

    Lost Citadel Race: Ghul I promised I would come by to share when the post with an example spread for the Ghul went up but I was in Columbus for Origins when it went live and it slipped my mind. Rectifying that now! You can take a look at the example pages at the following link...
  7. Nikchick

    Industry Great Stewart Wieck Passes Away At Age 49

    Stewart and I met when I moved to Georgia with the Lion Rampant crew to merge with his White Wolf Magazine and form what became White Wolf Publishing. He was unhesitatingly supportive and unfailingly kind to me in all the years since and I was so looking forward to seeing him at GenCon 50 for...
  8. Nikchick

    D&D 5E Anyone looking for a dark 5E setting?

    On the Lost Citadel page at GreenRonin.com we shared a story from the fiction anthology that might help address some of the questions about the tone and feel of the setting. You can find it here: https://greenronin.com/lostcitadel/2017/04/11/lost-citadel-story-teaser/
  9. Nikchick

    D&D 5E Anyone looking for a dark 5E setting?

    Ari's right, the primary game expression for Lost Citadel is 5E, though from the number of people asking for the AGE adaptation, I have high hopes that we'll meet some of the other "system hack" stretch goals along the way!
  10. Nikchick

    LOST CITADEL 5E RPG Coming From Green Ronin

    In fact, I've said elsewhere so I might as well say it here, I want to make the anthology available to backers of the upcoming RPG Kickstarter, one way or another.
  11. Nikchick

    LOST CITADEL 5E RPG Coming From Green Ronin

    Thanks for the correction, Russ!
  12. Nikchick

    LOST CITADEL 5E RPG Coming From Green Ronin

    Hi all, I just wanted to pop in and make a correction to Morrus's summary of the press release above. Although Russ credits Ari and CA with the creation of the Lost Citadel, the third contributor to the creation of the property, Jaym Gates, went unmentioned. Jaym is an originator along with...
  13. Nikchick

    Congratulations to the 2015 ENnies Nominees!

    We've had this conversation with BioWare directly over the years, more than once and not always initiated by Green Ronin. In fact, the most recent time we dusted off our proposal for them, licensing asked US why we "didn't want" to do the game and when we told them we'd be more than happy to do...
  14. Nikchick

    Fantasy AGE & TITANSGRAVE Product Info

    The book is largely focused on the adventures from the show and the aspects of the setting that enable them. It's not a comprehensive worldbook, though that could come afterward. The authors credited for the material in the book also contributed material for the filming of the Ashes of Valkana...
  15. Nikchick

    [Green Ronin] 10-10-10 Sale

    10-10-10 Sale Not only is this Green Ronin Publishing's 10th year, today is 10-10-10. We couldn't let this momentous occasion pass without acknowledgment, so we've placed every in-stock print book for Blue Rose, True20, and Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition on sale! (Those that weren't...
  16. Nikchick

    Dragon's Lair to Host Green Ronin's 10th Anniversary Party

    Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy® Green Ronin Publishing Anniversary: Party: noon-4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 3, 2010 14725 NE 20th St., Suite A, in Bellevue, Wash.; 425.562.2025 Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy DRAGON'S LAIR COMICS & FANTASY-BELLEVUE TO HOST 10TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY OF GREEN RONIN...
  17. Nikchick

    Hackmaster won an ORIGINS award in 2001

    This is extra funny considering that 1) True20 was released in 2005 and 2) Bruce's contribution was to submit one of the winning entries in Green Ronin's setting search contest. Boycotting True20 to get back at Bruce is not exactly the most direct way to make the point. But hey, don't let me...
  18. Nikchick

    Retailer's Stance on PDF Deals

    My response to Marcus was tailored to address Marcus in particular. I've known him for years and we're generally on perfectly friendly terms but sometimes the man needs a serious, no holds barred smackdown to get a message and this was one of those times. He's admitted it to me personally. ;)
  19. Nikchick

    Trouble with Green Ronin site?

    Hi guys, Sorry for the trouble with the websites. We're aware of the problems and working to fix them. Something in the databases got hosed and our webmaster can't get his fixes to stay fixed so we're having to call in the bigger guns to provide some server-side maintenance.
  20. Nikchick

    Did anyone see this? Unreal

    LOL, Piratecat. Good to see you're following along!